2025 Clicker Lab - NCh. Space Chips

NCh. Space Chips


  • Dark bay stallion, 16.2h
  • Dirt specialist, steeplechase winner, stakes winner at age 2 to 4, no injuries
  • By WCh. Nightfight, Chef-de-Race (B/I), sire to NCh. Enyo, ICh. Fightin’ The Smoke, NCh. Nightwatchman, NCh. Fight The Twilight, ICh. Devil’s Walk, WCh. Sponsored, NCh. Lovers’ Duel
  • Out of Hey Toots, Reine-de-Course (I/C), dam to Ch. Reveille, NCh. Call To War, Ch. Native Rhythm, Ch. Hey Good Lookin’
  • Leading Freshman Sire
  • Nominated for the Breeders’ Cup
  • Live Foal Guarantee

His first 2yo’s made him a Leading Freshman Sire in 2024. Space Chips was already a stakes winner at that age; won Gr. 1 Futurity Stakes and Gr. 2 Saratoga Special. He also finished 3rd in Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. He ran 16 races as a 2yo. Currently, 45% of his foals are winners.

His first born son Aufeinander won the Rainbow Quest Breeders’ Stakes, in which his half brother Hans finished 2nd. Earlier in their 2yo year, Aufeinander finished 3rd in the Gr. 1 Del Mar Futurity, behind Hans. Hans later won Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, becoming a millionaire.

Space Chips foals do earn good money at auctions; his filly SpaceFinalFrontier earned $1,001,000 for her breeder Starfish Stables, at their auction. That was quite a bidding war between Littlefield and Generous Bloodstock! Later on, unraced filly Balanga, auctioned by Clicker Lab, went to Starfish Stables for $1,500,500. They won the bid against Generous Bloodstock.

Space Chips also has a few allowance winners: colts Easy Sun, Space Opera, and fillies Irrtum, Frozen Planet, Peu à Peu, Space Odyssey, Tschüss, Verrückt.

Bookings - stud fee: $6,000

02 Feb 1 … Ch. Opulent – Clicker Lab

02 Feb 1 … Ch. Deadly Devotion - Black Storm West

02 Feb 2 … Ch. Puede Que Haya – Clicker Lab

02 Feb 2 … Etched Sunshine - Desert Wind Farm

03 Mar 1 … Ch. Lointaine – Clicker Lab

03 Mar 1 … City of Gold - Generous Bloodstock

03 Mar 2 … Flying High - Black Storm West

03 Mar 2 … Abstract Escape - Allegro Thoroughbreds

03 Mar 3 … Peacefully - Tall Oaks Estate

03 Mar 3 … Fine Trick - Sakura Springs

04 Apr 1 …

04 Apr 1 …

04 Apr 2 … Ch. Sugar ‘n’ Spice – Clicker Lab

04 Apr 2 … Bellagio’s Girl - Generous Bloodstock

05 May 1 … Ch. Tiger Stripe – Clicker Lab

05 May 1 … Daisy May Care - Tall Oaks Estate

05 May 2 … Front Page Edition - Generous Bloodstock

05 May 2 … Ch. Diamantina Lakes - Allegro Thoroughbreds

06 June 1 … Ch. Ireland – Clicker Lab

06 June 1 … Crystal Gold - Darkwood Stables

06 June 2 …

06 June 2 …

07 July 1 … Elven Star - Tall Oaks Estate

07 July 1 … Frostbite - Tall Oaks Estate

07 July 2 … Fremantle - Generous Bloodstock

07 July 2 … Dipped In Flowers - Allegro Thoroughbreds

08 Aug 1 …

08 Aug 1 …

08 Aug 2 …

08 Aug 2 … Ch. Argelian – Clicker Lab

Could I get a Feb 2 for Etched Sunshine?

If I’m allowed to be greedy, please could I send four ladies his way?

March 1 - City of Gold
April 2 - Bellagio’s Girl
May 2 - Front Page Edition
July 2 - Fremantle

Thank you :blush:

Can I please have a March 2 slot for Flying High?

Updated, thanks!

Oops, one more! Earliest slot for Deadly Devotion, please.

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Could I get these slots please?

March 2 - Abstract Escape
May 2 - Ch. Diamantina Lakes
July 2 - Dipped In Flowers

Added, thanks!

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May I please get a Mar 3 and May 1 slot, not sure on mares yet!

Updated, Nicole!

Space Chips is having a great end of the year as a sire; his two sons just finished 1-2 in Rainbow Quest Breeders’ Stakes for 2yo. Ch. Aufeinander, the winner, will hopefully have a full sibling next year, born at Clicker Lab. Ch. Hans, already a millionaire, finished 2nd.
Meanwile, a Space Chips filly SpaceFinalFrontier earned $1,001,000 for her breeder Starfish Stables, at their auction. That was quite a bidding war between Littlefield and Generous Bloodstock!


Thanks Hilda, Im still figuring out who will be visiting but will update when I have plans in place :slight_smile:

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Good luck to Littlefield with the filly. Disappointed to have lost out on her but I’m looking forward to a few of my homebred Space Chips babies (and glad to have saved myself a few $ :wink:)

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Could I possibly get the March 3 spot for Fine Trick?

May I please get both July 1 slots for Elven Star and Frostbite please, Im also going to use my Mar 3 slot for Peacefully and my May 1 slot for Daisy May Care!

All updated! NCh. Space Chips has two Champion sons now, and one millionaire. Both performed great in the Breeders’ Series. I own both dams of these colts; Ch. Crownette (dam to Aufeinander) is now silver ranked, and Ch. Opulent (dam to Hans) is a gold ranked Reine-de-Course (I/C). Crownette is in foal to Space Chips again, and Opulent will be bred to him next year.

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Can you find a spot for Crystal Gold ? she is due 04/09/2025

Do you want June 1? I could move my mare Tiger Stripe, but May 1 could be too early for you?

June to be on the safe side, too many of my mares like to keep me waiting!

May I please get a Apr 1 slot for Soft to Touch ?

I didn’t update his page as he’s now on a first-come, first-served basis; looks like his April is already taken. June and August are still available.

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