Yes! I've reached my goal!!

I’ve been playing the game around a month or two, and I’ve finally reached my $1,000,000 in winnings goal! Yay! I mainly have to give credit to my favorite horse, Blackfoot! :slight_smile:

Congrats on reaching that goal so quickly. :slight_smile:

Oh. I didn’t realize I got it quickly. Cool!

What is with all these new players x.x lol You guys are on fire!!

I’m only at $1.3mil earnings for 2011… and only $3.2mil for LTE (I’ve been here since May 2009).

Congrats!! :smiley:

Oh, and believe it or not, you’ve actually been playing (or at least in the game) ~4 months. Time flies, yeah? haha

Haha. No worries. Some move fast, and some take their time.

P.S. Time sure does fly on this game. It’s definatly the BEST racing game I’ve ever played on!(And I’ve played on about 12 automated ones).

A huuuugemongous congratulations to you!

I know what it’s like to make goals like that on this game… A little while ago, I made a goal to get my horse, Colors O’ War, to champion status–and when it happened, I was like “YES!” There was much bouncing up and down for joy too. :wink:

Things like that on this game make it so much more worth playing than a lot of other games–and the fact that the community is small enough that you can go “OH YEAH! I know them! I’ve seen them around! That’s the one who did this and that and whose horse did this and that, etc.!” :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just always been one of the things that makes this game great.

Good luck to you and your horses! Here’s hoping there’s a lot more goals you fulfill and a lot more time left to fly on this game! ;D

Wow, thats a great accomplishment! Congrats and keep up the good work

Well done - an awesome achievement in so short a time!!! Thats what I like so much about this game, there is always something new to aim for. Hope you reach your next goal soon  :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

My goal since joining has always been $5million because 5 is one of my lucky numbers, with 3 being the other lucky number. I was very excited, although didn’t realize until I hit $3.1LTE. Hehe. But ditto what everyone else said. I go through many cartwheels, victory laps, and drinks playing this game because I get so excited (drinks as in, I’m holding it and I throw my arms in the air or I hit the glass and spill it on… my keyboard. rofl. Poor keyboard…)

Bam - I’ve actually thrown a drink up into the air and it hit the keyboard too! But, besides the fact that you have to buy a new keyboard, and get a new drink, the things FF can do for you are totally better. Unless of course, you have no money. Look at me. I’m babbling again. Heh. I do that sometimes.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha nope. This is I think… the second keyboard? This computer has had, and it’s like six years old haha. I get REALLY lucky and usually the drinks fall on the top of the keyboard around the F# buttons that I don’t use :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA! I’m on my second too! And my computer is a 98’ model. Not too mention we have dial-up. SO, I have a golly fun time on the internet.  >:( Heh

:astonished: '98?! Holy hell rofl. That’s OLD. I’m the only one that uses mine, which is good and bad. Good, because I have no worries of anyone snooping. Bad because then it’s definitely my fault if it crashes lol  :stuck_out_tongue:

Dial up? -twitch- I haven’t had dial up in YEARS. Upgrade, nao! lol haha.

Actually, we can’t upgrade to Broadband or DSL because we live out in the middle of nowhere. We do have two laptops, but I get stuck on this computer because sim games are ‘scams’, or at least, that’s what my parents say.

Ah, yes. I’ve heard SIM games referred to as scams before! Back when I was seven, my mom told me I needed something to do on the computer (bad idea). She signed me up for my first SIM and it was alright.

My dad now refers to them as scams, and now they can’t get me away from the computer :smiley:

I have over $700,000 earnings and I’ve been playing for over a year. Hitting a million in 4 months is AMAZING! Go you!  ;D

Bam - I came across my first game while Googling horse pictures. I thought it looked neat so I joined.

Freedom - Well, most of my credit goes to Nan for selling be Blackfoot. I got super lucky because Blackfoot wasn’t doing so hot on the flat, and I was interested in Steeplechasing, so I changed her over. Now, she’s winning just about every race she’s in!
Plus, I still don’t have alot of money. I only have at $400,000 something now because I spend tons of money on entry fees. And plus, I’m an Compulsive Buyer, which isn’t a good thing at all. :slight_smile:

Congrats!  But as another newbie, I’d like to know how you did that so fast?  Did you race mostly in stakes races?  Did you handicap?  My horses aren’t doing terribly, but I’m nowhere close to $100K let alone $1M.  And I’ve been earning money handicapping too…

Any advice would be great!

Hm…I’m not sure what advice to give you. The only reason I got to the point I’m at is because of pure luck. Also, there’s always that horse that’s not doing good that catches your eye. Once you change up its racing a bit, you may just have yourself a winner.

I have a medium sized barn now. With about 11 horses, I have a variety of racing options, although I own a Steeplechase barn with no flat racers. Make sure that you race your horses often, but the minute there energy starts to decrease, give them a week or two off. That way, you can make sure that they will put their all into a race. Also, if a horse isn’t doing too well, try different tactics. I’ve learned with my horses that pitiful flat racers can turn out to be outrageous steeplechasers.

Patience is key. I have some horses that were placing dead last in Allowance but when they got to Ungraded stakes they’d win just about every race.

Anyways, my advice is not the best because I’m not sure what to tell you. I actually have bad luck, and I guess all of the good is catching up with me. I think the most important key to this game is about just having fun. Win or lose. That’s what I always remember when my horses come in dead last or even win a big race.