✅ Workouts not running

Looks like auto workouts are not running; for example Der Blaue Engel, or Lonesome Moonbeam have schedules and are at the track, but their last workout is 12/29.

I noticed that yesterday but thought maybe it would have gotten fixed with the workout page fix that Shanthi did yesterday.


So, as I’m working to get caught up on all my records after my computer died over Christmas, I’m noticing that some of my horses that should have been working out (all are set to auto-workouts) are not actually being worked.

As an example, Bell River has been away from the farm since 12/29/24. She shipped from Aqueduct to Gulfstream on 1/17 and was set to arrive 1/20. She has not trained since 12/29 (which in and of itself is odd since it says she should not have arrived at Aqueduct till 12/31).

Unless there is something I’m missing, I think she may be glitched. Will have to see if there are others with odd training issues.

Edited to Add: It looks like a large majority of my horses are not auto-training. The first 3 I looked at haven’t trained since December.

I’m having similar problems, after the December/January crash all my workouts were re set to the first set of auto workouts so I went through all of them re setting to what I wanted. when I checked a horses workout page many of them had not run since December, some had some are using their auto work outs some are only doing some of their workouts and not others… there is a lot going on with them. I am waiting till the end of the month to have a good look through what is happening as a lot of them were resting over the new year and I want to see if there is a pattern.

I’m just going to add something onto this thread rather than start another one, but let me know if I should start a new thread instead.

In an effort to get my horses training, I decided to run things manually today, and I just noticed that it looks like the training schedule changes are not talking to the actual training page. For instance, I have a 2YO at Aqueduct, Napoleons Spirit, who has a training schedule, but when I go to run workouts manually, it says he has no schedule and I have to enter his workouts manually as well.

I think there are multiple problems with training. I re did all my auto training schedules at the start of the month but most if not all of my horses have either trained sporadically or not at all since December. I decided to manually train them today (takes too long to do so I never use it) Alas my newly re entered racers have taken a huge energy and or fitness hit and i may have to scratch them all :frowning_face: Normally I only enter them at A/A and they normally change very little between entering and racing even when using auto entry for weeks ahead.
I was going to only mention it at the end of the month when I could check a good run of problems to see if there is a particular pattern with them but thought it might be useful to say something now as it may be widespread. I feel bad about adding to the problems Shanthi, as you must be thoroughly fed up of them by now. I thank you for all you do to keep this game running.

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I also noticed a strange issue… Wiry Feeling hasn’t worked in a while, and I wanted to work her manually but she’s not showing up on the training workouts page. She’s not in transit or anything.

Some of mine are being trained by the auto training script but some aren’t.

For example All Hallows’ Eve is at the track and has a training schedule allocated but isn’t training. She only shipped to England (from the farm) on Monday so it shouldn’t be a lack of energy that’s preventing her training.

I’ve checked my stable workouts for this week (1st Feb onwards) and only two horses have worked even though all of my horses at the track have schedules assigned. I’ve got a small number entered to race or are low on energy but there’s a dozen or more that should be working via the automated schedule.

Let me know if you need specific examples.

Yeah I think some of my horses aren’t working out as scheduled. Since the crash I haven’t fully gathered all my marbles (grad school excuse again) so I’m behind on most things. I’ll come back if/when I have actual info. I’ve just noticed but not recorded it.

I’m going to say this is why they have all face-planted out of the gates for the last three weeks. Probably.

I tried running Training Workouts manually, but half of the horses scheduled to work didn’t. It shows that all scheduled horses whose names start with the letters “A” through “P” did a workout, but none of those whose names start with “Q” through “Z”. did.

This is a known issue, I need to rewrite the workouts page to handle horses better.

Auto-workouts may be working better now (as of tomorrow, when it runs again) thanks to the code update. :crossed_fingers:


I’ve only had four horses work since Monday, 3 on Monday and 1 on Wednesday so I still don’t think it’s running correctly.

Based on this morning’s data, I’ve got 27 horses at a track with schedules that have A or B for energy and aren’t currently entered to race so they should be working out.

Mine haven’t worked automatically since January…

I’ve been manually running my workouts (most days) since the year started to make sure they’re all working.

Not sure Shanthi if you’re working on things.

Today I noticed everyone was at A/A energy & fitness including the 2yos that havent even shipped to the track. I ran workouts and now all those horses are F/F.

I’ve had very, very few horses training automatically since December. Part of why I’ve been trying to narrow down my herd. It takes a lot more time to go over everything manually.

Exactly the same with mine but at least I have realised how to not train race entries

I’m wondering if future entries are putting the kibosh on workouts the way active entries do? Most of mine aren’t working out either but I do have a bunch of them entered in future races.