We have liftoff!

Hi all,

I know I’ve been largely absent for…years now :frowning_face: …but I haven’t been completely idle!

My main blockers have been 1) lack of time 2) complete lack of interest in touching the largely-20+ year old code that is hard to work with. I’ve previously tried large-scale rewrites, but that’s usually a recipe for disaster. The lack of time is sorting itself out (slowly…I’m still working on work/life balance :grinning: ), but I think I’ve sorted out #2.

I’ve figured out a way to write new code that will hook up to the existing database, so my new plan is to replace bits of the code with the new version, but keep the existing database updated, so that the rest of the code doesn’t fall over. :slight_smile:

Now, don’t get too excited. So far I’ve just migrated over users and stables, so that people can register on the beta app. However, horses are my next step. :slight_smile: Also I’m happy to consider feature requests as I go, since I know there are a lot of features the game is currently missing.

Anyway, to register to use the beta, you should see a Game Alert on your stable page. Click that, and (if all goes well) you will link to your account on the beta website. In order to login there you’ll need to use the reset password functionality to set a new password. If you don’t get a reset password e-mail, give a shout, as it might because an old e-mail address is set on your account. (You will be able to change your e-mail via your profile on the beta site.)

Once your accounts are linked, the current game navigation should have a link to the beta. I will be replacing navigation elements on the old site as they get migrated over to the new one.

:crossed_fingers: I am hopeful that this will be the best of both worlds, allowing me to work on bite-sized pieces as I have time, but still getting the “win” of having the new functionality useable as soon as it’s ready. :slight_smile:

I have set up a few categories for the beta:

  • announcements (this one) - I will post here when new stuff is available
  • feature requests - feel free to suggest things, discuss ways current features could be improved, etc
  • bug reports - for anything that’s broken on the beta

Can’t wait to check it out! I did the password reset and now it says, “Your account is not activated yet.”

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Ohhhh! This is all so EXCITING Shanthi!!

I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s all set up!

Thanks so much for all your hard work :heart:


Oh exciting!

It’s sent me a link to reset my password and now says I’m logged in on the beta site but I can only see a Green banner at the top, no stable page or links to anything (I’m not sure if I should be able to see anything else). Using Safari on an iPhone if that makes a difference.

Like I said, it’s not too exciting yet. :grinning:

Ooohh how exciting!! This is great, can’t wait to see how it progresses!

I only get this.

I’m getting the same thing (also safari on iPhone)
But this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see how it all looks!

That’s the view you should get if you’re not logged in. (If you are logged in, “current user:” will show your username.

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Apologies if this is a silly question then but how do I login? I had the link to reset my password and it let me do that but now it just takes me to the page as pictured above - there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to login.

That menu in the top right corner should expand and give you login link. I’ll have to look into that.

The raw URL for login is: Final Furlong

Yay! I think I did it!
Super exciting, I hope this game will live forever :smiley:


I’ve been trying to tweak the navigation so that it works on all size devices, with mixed results. It will seem like it’s working and then I put it on the server and it stops working. :roll_eyes: Hoping to get that sorted in the next couple of days though. I’ll post here when I think it’s fixed.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!


All right, I think things are fixed! :crossed_fingers:

On laptops/computers you should see Login and Join buttons in the top right of the navigation bar.

On smaller screens you will see this:

You need to click the 3 bars in the top left to show/hide the menu (including the login link):

(“Main App” in the menu means the current FF)

Nothing too exciting other than that:

  • Your stable page shows the date you joined (in real life, I’m swapping dates as I migrate stuff over so eventually FF dates match the real world rather than being 4 years ahead)
  • Stables will show all the active stables in the game
  • Horses doesn’t show anything yet :stuck_out_tongue:

When I click “my stable” I get alert “You are not authorized to perform this action.”, no join date.

Working for me so far :+1:

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Also, I love the tiny tractor icon :smiley: