Trained Horses Tank to F/F Energy & Fitness

So…I think this is a bug? Not sure if anyone else has experienced it. I just went and manually trained my horses, and lo and behold they now all say that they have F in both fitness and energy when they were at A/A before doing their workouts. I don’t think my workouts are that grueling. Lol.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t noticed any issues from auto training. But with only 1/2 - 3/4 of my herd actually training, I might not be noticing any E/F crashes. I did notice ALL the horses I had boarded were back to A/A after just 5 days, and I know some of those ponies are too lazy to bounce back that quick (especially when you board 6 horses and they all bounce back at the same rate).

Yeah, I’ve moved to manual training because the other day only 4 actually showed up with the auto-training, and I should have 60-ish horses training at any given point right now.

I saw this and noticed that everyone was back to A/A in my string, which they weren’t before. So I experimentally did one workout and sure enough, he tanked straight to F/F, so this does seem like a bug?

I just tried and all my horses that were not entered in races were F/F except one - Klarinette, she was A/A, so I trained her manually and now she’s F/F too. The workout assigned was 3 miles of canter at 70% energy, with wraps and no whip (not her usual equipment). Her workout history says that she trained at 100% and with no equipment.

I tweaked the code that calculates the grades yesterday and might have broken it. I don’t think the underlying energy/fitness values will be affected though, just the letters.

(Still need to investigate properly though.)

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So, just an update on this. Checked my horses this morning. They’re still stuck on F/F. Doesn’t look like energy and fitness scores are updating visibly at the moment.

and they haven’t today :confused:

I haven’t had a chance to investigate, so nothing will have changed.

As I said above, unless something is super broken, the horses’ actual energy/fitness values should be updating just fine, it’s just the letter grade calculation that is broken (because that’s what I updated the other day). Hopefully I can investigate this week though.


OK, maybe something did get super broken. :laughing: No racehorses had any energy/fitness value at all, so I’ve set everyone to 100% for both and will monitor from there.


Just did training manually. Energy and fitness look normal now. Thought I’d let you know. Thank you!


I ran manual workouts out yesterday (feb 15) and I noticed that my horses all still have the same Fitness/energy ratings today (feb16) as they did after I ran the workouts. Not sure if there still might be a bug that is affecting the display or the actual levels.

Fitness and Energy levels haven’t changed in days. The only thing that has changed is raced horses drop to F. Fitness and energy levels have remained the exact same for any horses that have worked. My horses that raced on 2/17 have not started gaining energy either. (they are either at home or the boarding farm)

I haven’t kept close tabs on it recently, but I think you are right, it does look like energy, at least, may be stuck again. Unless Shanthi changed the algorithm to make them regain energy slower or something.

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So, I am 99% sure that energy levels are not regenerating normally at this point. I shipped my horse, Arcane, to the track on the 24th. Trained him yesterday (the 25th) and his energy dropped to B. No big deal, it should rise at least a bit after a night’s rest (or that’s what it used to do), but this morning he is still sitting at B energy. Horses that are entered in races and thus are not training don’t seem to be regaining any energy either. It looks like sending them home to the farm might help them regen, but they are not naturally regaining energy anymore it seems.

I have had 5 horses boarded since the 20th and all 5 are still at F energy. Some horses I manually trained yesterday had B or C energy after training, so I entered them for tomorrow, and they’re either at the same energy or some even dived down to D.

Ok, so I’m not completely crazy at least. Lol.

Yeah, I have some horses who have been sitting at home for the past week and all of them are still at F-- even a few that last raced on the 17th

Plus I did a couple jump trials a handful of days ago, and those horses still haven’t recovered back from the B or C they fell to

Mine haven’t been gaining either, 3/4 of my herd are at home lounging on the farm until this gets sorted. I might scratch all my runners for the next few race days too. Ponies arent running well without workouts.

I’m hoping to get a chance to dig into this this week - new job is a bit full-on with a deadline coming up in a couple of weeks so that’s left little time/brainpower for FF code.