The server has a cold

It seems as though our lovely racing game is under the weather. I would give it some chicken soup, but that task falls to Shanthi.

404 Not Found 2021-04-17 13-01-54

I can access my stable page now.

Races are stuck at 45, too. But at least I can see FF!

Once again, Shanthi to the rescue.

Looks like she must have given the server it’s vaccine as it appears to be working fine, now.

Thank you Dr Shanthi.

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It appears the G3 Derby Trial (race 45) is only showing my horse, Memorial Castle, as having competed. While I hope he actually did win it, I also want to make sure other people’s horses weren’t completely left out. Haven’t seen this error in other races.

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Thanks Dr. Shanthi!

I was wondering why I didn’t see it on the list. That makes sense. Dreyfus (View Horse: Dreyfus) was entered in & the entry fee is still there for race 45, but he forgot to wake up on time :wink:

Ugh. So I guess the server ran out of juice midway through saving the results for race 45. :frowning: I have basic info for the race, so I’ve re-created it, but the running order/margins are wrong since I didn’t have that breakdown. (Finish order is correct though.)

Now I’m going through and updating race records/budgets…might be a while (my home internet is also acting up, because why not?)


Thanks Shanthi! You’re amazing and seriously need a few hundred gift baskets and salary for all you do in FF.


That poor server! It took a day off from running races.

I hope the server’s doing okay, I can’t get into the FF site at all :sweat_smile: It keeps giving me 404 error pages

Looks like we’re back!

I really wish I knew what it was about race day that eats up all the server space…

At least this time it got through a whole race before dying. :slight_smile:


Looks like races broke the server again :sweat_smile:

And again today.

Fixed again. I may have found one of the culprits :crossed_fingers:


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s having a moment again


Sorry @Shanthi, it looks like the server’s had a melt down again.

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And it’s back!

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I made another tweak to the server settings, but still likely haven’t solved the root problem (whatever it is).