The server has a cold

@Shanthi The cold returned. :sweat_smile:

I meant to check on this (at least) twice yesterday, and forgot both times. Fixed now. (And yet another tweak made…I do miss the days when I could be pleasantly surprised by races being run all by themselves.)


Thank you for fixing things, yet again @Shanthi. It must be very frustrating for you that it keeps misbehaving.


Thanks Shanthi! :heart::heart:

Thanks Shanthi!

Thank you for your patience Shanthi!

Races ran! And the server still has 60% free disk space! :tada:


Congratulations on figuring it out! That was quite a puzzle!

I’m not declaring full victory yet, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


Looks like the server is having a relapse.

Everything I have tried in the past 15 minutes, is coming back with the infamous ‘404 Not Found’ error.

Okay, looks like it is working again.

I’m not sure what its deal was, but I’ve restarted it just in case.