Spending past the limit

I was wondering, what happens when someone spends past the $100,000 limit?
If I recall correctly, then one of them goes back into the sale. How is that one choosen?


In order of bid time.

Whenever a horse reaches the time limit, the auction checks for 2 things:

  1. Whether the high bidder has enough money available to purchase the horse (both in their budget and their auction spending limit)
  2. Whether the high bidder has not yet exceeded the horse limit (if applicable)
    (3. Optional - if multiple people bid the max amount, it checks this for all of the high bidders, and randomly picks one to get the horse)

If those things don’t check out, the auction resets the clock on the horse (so that it won’t sell for 12 more hours), and deletes the high bid, so the next highest bid (if applicable) is the current high bid.

Regardless of this, please be reasonable when bidding, people. The auction is smart enough to handle stuff for you, but thanks to the limitations of SQL (the database end), it can’t easily handle a bunch of sales at once, hence letting a stable spend $120,500 total in the auction.

I don’t want to go in and unsell horses by hand, so please don’t go bidding on 30 horses just because you “can”, or go spending $800,000 just to try and win a bunch of horses.


Yeah, I noticed it too. Some people are $50,000 over the limit. :?

I’d noticed this as well and while I can understand people bidding on multiple horses, maybe not expecting to get all of them, it certainly is frustating when you are the underbidder on a horse when you can clearly see the highest bidder is already way over the 100k limit.

What do you do? bid up to become the highest bidder even though you are bidding against someone who’s bids wont count :roll: clearly thats a silly option.

My suggestion would be that the horse sells to the next highest bidder straight away without the clock resetting as that person has bid in good faith and shouldn’t have to wait another 12 hours.

All this does is give other stables a chance to trump the bid … if they had wanted the horse originally they would have bid in the first place.

Just my 2 cents worth.


That isn’t fair to other bidders who might’ve been willing to outbid your bid of, say, $10,000, but weren’t willing to outbid the invalid bidder’s bid of $40,000. Also, it could screw people over by selling them horses that they weren’t factoring into their bidding plans anymore because they were outbid. (If you went and bid on 5 more horses after getting outbid originally, for example.)

I know it’s not over quite yet, but looks like it will be a very succesful auction. Lots of interest in most of the horses available, which made them a bit pricier due to the demand. I’m very happy with my purchases, though I was hoping to spend a little less and get another horse. I got 3 horses by Chef-de-Race stallions Cross Roads and Planet Hollywood. I definately needed some yearlings, so I could have some 2yo’s to run in 2010. Anyway, I hope everyone else got something they wanted and that everyone is happy with their purchases. :smiley:

Argh…silly me! It’s $100,000, not $200,000. This is what I get for playing two games. However, I don’t think I’m over…yet.

Of course, this is after losing all the horses I wanted yesterday because I forgot about the auction and tried to do my paper instead (which is what I should be doing right now). Silly, Cat. Second time this has happened.

If thats the case Shanthi then the system should not allow people to have more than $100k of bids in then, the 40K bid you use in your example should have been deleted straight away.

You know the horse I’m speaking about (which strangely has changed names) that auction ran down from nearly 9 hours without another bid (ample time for others to bid imho factoring that were all in different times zones etc) yet now has been reset with some else bidding on it!

Surely it not hard for everyone to add up so they know how much they can spend or have available cause all this has done was stuff up the auction for others?

I disagree cause surely the invaild bid should be only $500 above the previous bid, so if others wanted to bid the price was current.

No, in the example I provided, the invalid bid was $40,000. After that bid is invalidated, sure, someone could bid $10,500 if they wanted to, but only if the bidding clock resets.

It doesn’t harm anyone/anything if the clock resets, and it does potentially harm people if the horse just sells automatically…therefore, the clock will reset after invalid bids are taken care of.

Well in this case it has harmed me :roll: I had bid up to 20,000 but as I could see I was wasting my time running up an auction against bids that weren’t valid. Anyone else could have bid in those 9 hours but didn’t.

Now since the clock reset someone has :?

Yeah, and in the remaining 3 hours when valid bids could’ve been accepted, someone else could have outbid you.

If you’re mad because you won’t get the horse, fine. But if you’re mad because someone’s outbidding you…tough. It’s an auction, that’s what happens. And I’m sure you’d be complaining even more if you had another horse that you wanted more, and you’d just automatically gotten this horse when you weren’t expecting it due to an invalid bid, and thus couldn’t buy the other horse.

I don’t have any problem with people bidding over the limit. Several have in this auction and they ended up up getting 1 out of the 3-5 horses they were bidding on. The only way to be sure of getting what you want is get in early and bis 100k. Jason was the first person I saw practice that and there were several more this year.

Cheq - A lot of this discussion revolves around a stable holding a bid at $100k but also bidding on another horse :roll: they were always going to get the one at $100k

Well have to agree to disagree Shanthi, still I believe it’s something that needs looking at for future auctions.

btw - not mad, more annoyed and frustated over this horse when I’ve let others go I could have easily bid on :wink:

I don’t mind entertaining the idea of only allowing open bids that total up to the spending limit, since this does make logical sense (don’t bid what you can’t afford).


No auction is ever going to go perfectly smoothly and make everyone happy. We used to “live” auctions in the chat room, but that made people who couldn’t make the time upset.

So, we’ve got the best we can going and we’ve got about 20 projects that are ahead of auction overhaul on our to-do list, especially since the auction’s already been overhauled at least once.

I personally enjoy the way the auction is set up. Yes it’s frustrating when you can’t get the horse you have your eyes on. Yes it’s frustrating when you’re new(re) and can’t afford as much as other people. However, the way the auction is set up, it’s fair (more so than real live auctions) and it’s easy to use. I think we should be glad for even the opportunity to purchase a new horse.

What about the stables that got all the horses they bid on spending over 100K? Just curious, I got the horses that I wanted, but there is one stable that bought 4 horses for $111,500. The auction has already ended on them and they are at the bottom with the sold horses. I don’t want to post a name, but I can pm you. I don’t want to be rude or sticking my nose where it doesnt belong.

I looked at the auction and the stable that it happened to I’m sure did not intend for that to happen. A couple of the horses would have been processed very close together. And The Lit De Justice mare was sporaticly being pushed during the bidding Sunday.

Shanthi has asked us to be careful because she has to fix these by hand. so I’m sure when she gets time she’ll fix it.