Rebellious Racers 2016 Foals

Well, it’s the new year, and with the new year comes foals! Two bouncing baby boys have joined our family. :slight_smile:

NCh. Lasting Spirit(S) x By A Nose (Almost Home)
8.1h Dark Bay colt

He’s the second foal of his dam and is the spitting image of her! We’re hoping that he’ll be a nice SC’er when he hits the track two years from now.

ICh. Sleipnir x Childish Dream (Worth The Wait)
8.2h Dark Bay colt

Also the second foal of his dam who was an SP on the turf. Don’t know what to expect from this boy, but we’ll see in a few years. His name comes from Danish folklore of the Helhest, a three legged horse associated with death and the goddess Hel.

[color=blue]2 Colts/ [color=red]0 Fillies/ 0 Stillborn/ [color=green]17 Mares Due

Congrats on your new arrivals :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch! We’ve got  a few more to announce:

[color=red]Powers Taken
ICh. Take Me Away x Ancient Powers (Sir Barton)
10.0h Dark Bay filly

Powers Taken is the first foal of her mother and of her sire’s third crop, so we don’t know what to expect from this leggy filly.

[color=red]The Queen’s Fool
FFCh. Foolhardy(S) x NCh. Queen(G) (Highland Rogue)
10.0h Dapple Grey filly

One of our most anticipated foals this season,  we know this tall filly will live up to her Gold plated pedigree in two years time. I’m really excited for this one! :smiley:

And unfortunately early this morning, we lost a foal. Our mare Reminiscent is a bit depressed, having lost her first foal, but is fine otherwise.

[color=blue]2 Colts/ [color=red]2 Fillies/ 1 Stillborn/ [color=green]14 Mares Due

Sorry to hear about your lost foal :frowning:, but congrats on two lovely fillies!

Sorry for the lost baby, ad congrats on the others, Phantasm was a name I had in my head too! :slight_smile:

Sorry for your loss, but congrats on the others. The Queens Fool looks very exciting.

Thanks a lot guys.

The Queen’s Fool has been renamed Winter Queen.

Aaaaand, we have exciting news! Sweet And Spicy finally gave birth to a live and healthy foal after two years of stillborns. Introducing:

[color=red]Ignorance Is Bliss
FFCh. Foolhardy(S) x Sweet And Spicy (Created)
10.2h Blue Roan filly

This is Sweet And Spicy’s 3rd foal, but first live one. We don’t really know what to expect from this filly since her dam’s side is created. All we know is that she’s gonna be HUGE! Which is why I tried this combination.  :wink:

[color=blue]2 Colts/ [color=red]3 Fillies/ 1 Stillborn/ [color=green]13 Mares Due

Cute foal! Glad she’s healthy. :slight_smile:

Love all the fillies

Thanks Shanthi, I couldn’t have asked for more. :slight_smile:

Another foal decided to say hello today, Groundhog’s Day! Introducing:

[color=blue]Fighter Pilot
WCh. Nightfight(G) x GCh. Pennyisacutie (Secret Of Love)
9.0h Bay colt

Second colt and foal of Penny. He was bred by Railbird stables, but we’re really excited for this boy nonetheless! Hopefully he’ll follow his parent’s hoofsteps. :slight_smile:

[color=blue]3 Colts/ [color=red]3 Fillies/ 1 Stillborn/ [color=green]12 Mares Due

Love the name… nice colt…

Cute colt, but there’s already a Fight Club.

Darn, and I was trying to avoid that. (named him Shadowfax at first until I realized there was a user by that name)

Uh… any suggestions?

Secret Battle
Silent Fight
Fighter Pilot
Dark Warrior
Peace Train :wink:

Fighter Pilot it is! Thanks Shanthi.  ;D

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Love Secret of Love lines, love Nightfight and love the name  :wink:

Nice foal, sorry I spoilt your first name choice

Haha, don’t worry about it Shadow. It’s aaaaall good~ :slight_smile:

Have another baby to add to our ranks today! Introducing:

[color=blue]Turkish Delights
A.P. Indy(S) x Slew’s Sweety (Seattle Slew)
9.1h Dark Bay colt

Third foal and second colt of Sweety’s. I’ve bred and kept his two siblings, so we’ll know just what they’re made of when his sister runs in April. Also tried my hand at line breeding, so here’s hoping that it doesn’t mess him up.

[color=blue]4 Colts/ [color=red]3 Fillies/ 1 Stillborn/ [color=green]11 Mares Due

Love the name and the candy as well… very nice colt…