Rainee Thoroughbred's 2016 Foals

A bit tardy but all is well.

January 10 - Contemptable Dream foaled [color=red]Midnight In Paris (tentative name as of yet), a beautiful dark bay filly by Robin Hood. I think I’ll manage a better name for her, but I like this one too.

This morning (January 29) I was thrilled (that’s putting it mildly) to see that after three breedings and two lost foals Smooth Charm finally had a beautiful black colt by Chivalry that I have named [color=blue]Thrice A Gentleman.

2 Foals
1 Filly
1 Colt
18 Foals Still Due

I like Midnight In Paris. :slight_smile:

Congrats on a healthy colt, too. :slight_smile:

I like Midnight in Paris too! Cute name.

Congrats on Smooth Charm producing a healthy colt!

Fitting name for Smooth Charm’s colt too

Nice names for both,congrats

Thank you all! And as you have all liked Midnight In Paris, then the name stays.

This morning Turnitupanotch had a lovely liver chestnut colt, [color=blue]Coureur de Dot(which means Fortune Hunter) by Joyeux Oiseau.

3 Foals
1 Filly
2 Colts
17 Foals Still Due - Next Due 2/5

Congrats on your Joy colt! Love the name  ;D

Thank you!

Today we had an early surprise! Exit Stage Left foaled a handsome dark grey colt, [color=blue]Risky Business, by Cool Thief.  I was rather surprised no one had taken the name yet!

4 Foals
1 Filly
3 Colts
16 Foals Still Due - Next Due 2/5

Nice name! I’m also surprised it wasn’t in use.

Lol it would have been she beat me to it. Lol congrats! I’ll cross it off my list.

Nice colt

After much debate over a name I can finally announce the birth of Steel Magnolia’s (MSW by Twin Oaks) lovely dark bay filly [color=red]Celtic Rose, by Celtic Star. We’re pretty excited about this little lady!

5 Foals
2 Fillies
3 Colts
15 Foals Still Due - Next Due 2/5

I’m surprised that name wasn’t taken! Congrats

I was too! Thank you!

Nice filly,

Well along with every season has to come sadness. While we have luckily avoided stillborns thus far, we lost Accountess today, our first mare death in four seasons. She foaled a large & healthy filly, fittingly sired by Unabridged. We’ve named her [color=red][b]Unabridged Edition/b] (Though we may change it to UnabridgedAddition or Abridged Addition; but I kind of like it as is).

6 Foals
3 Fillies
3 Colts
1 Mare Lost
14 Foals Still Due - Next Due 4/5

Sorry for the loss of your mare but glad you have a healthy filly from her.

Sorry to hear about your mare. :frowning:

I like Unabridged Edition best.

The loss of a mare is always tough. Here’s hoping filly does her dam proud.