Rainee TBS 2017 Foals

Since our January has been so busy personally I decided to just make one post for the whole month. Here we go:

We started off the year right with the birth of [color=blue]Float On on Jan. 1st. This colt is by Black Light II and out of Double Bubble who is to be bred to Unabridged for the 2018 season.

On the fourth, [color=blue]Boxcar Poet, a son of Unabridged and out of Heart Shaped Box (who is to be bred to Hidden Destiny for 2018), made his way into the world.

The fifteenth saw the arrival of [color=red][url=http://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=24922]La Danseuse

Congrats on the healthy DTB and LLTK fillies!

Love the name Float On

Congratulations on the healthy Unabridged colt! I absolutely love his name.  :slight_smile:

Love all the names. :slight_smile:

Lovely foals :slight_smile:

Thank you all!

I seem to have so many late due dates this year. So since I don’t expect any more February babies, I suppose it is finally time to introduce our newest arrivals:

Minister’s Daughter (Deputy Minister) delivered a healthy and beautiful filly, [color=red]All The Lost Souls, by One Lucky Soul. I can’t for this little one to hit the track. I think she’ll do fantastically.

This next colt is no slouch for potential either! [color=blue]Steampunk is by Long Live the King and out of Steel Magnolia (Twin Oaks).

7 Foals
4 Colts
3 Fillies
11 Foals Still Due

Love the names. :slight_smile:

Love All The Lost Souls

Love the names!

Love the names. Good luck with the King colt!

Thank you all!

We’ve hit our second wave of foals! I’m a bit behind posting them. Finals week in school. There are plenty more to come though!

May 2nd brought [color=blue]Just A Ride, a nice liver chestnut by Witness and out of Fleet Launch (by Fleet Street).

May 7th arrived with a Gilded Saint colt, [color=blue]The Futurist, out of Dancing Forbidden.

[color=blue]Ramblin’ Man joined us yesterday. He’s the smallest of the four newest foals, but his mamma is small too. He’s by Doodles and out of Collinsville Times.

Today brought [color=red]Wild Country, a lovely filly that looks almost exactly like her dam Red Sand (who has become a Reine de Course. She’s by Red Wind). Wild Country is by Eighteen Karat.

We have a few past due and a 7 left to foal!
11 Foals
7 Colts
4 Fillies
7 Foals Still Due

Congrats on your Witness colt. He’s a cutie!

I like the name wild country

Congrats on the saint foal :slight_smile:

Lovely foals.

I’m surprised to see that while Sunset Beach is not RDC, three of her daughters (thus far) are–Red Sand (B), Dayatthebeach (B/I), and Fleeting Beauty (B/I).

Thank you all. And Cat that is really surprising. She just produces good broodmares I guess.

Here are the most recent additions to our future:

[color=red]Babel arrived on May 18. She’s by Demand the Best and out of our starter mare Dardanelle, whose first foal hit the track this year.

May 30 brought [color=blue]Under The Gun into our world. He’s by Black Light II and out of Sim Salabim.

I finished reading Looking For Alaska* by John Green just before logging on today to find that the Blue Smoke foal out of Lad’s Lady had arrived. Naming her[color=red] Alaska seemed appropriate.
*If you’ve read the book, you may understand the name; if not, it’s a good book. A young adult novel which is a good break from the college lit while still being interesting.

14 Foals
8 Colts
6 Fillies
4 Foals Still Due

Today Moon Goddess delivered a healthy colt by Eighteen Karat. He’s been named [color=blue]Now You See Me.

Three more to go!

15 Foals
9 Colts
6 Fillies
3 Foals Still Due