Previous Requests

So I checked out the other Feature Request board, and decided to link a few that I really liked, instead of posting completely new

Retirement incentive: Retirement incentive - #2 by Wolfhound

Broodmare Filter: Filter System for BMs?

Send Home: "Send Home" Button

Assign Workout schedule to multiples: Assign workout schedules en masse


I will also add Option to relocate.

I had mentioned these previous but it would be good to see implemented with the upgrades.

Extended upcoming races The ability to program out a horses program further than the current month, maybe to 3 months?

At times I find myself having filled up any suitable races in that next month and still have ponies who could then be planned further out.

Maybe even allow a horse to have two future entries in it’s program also.

Shipping The ability to select multiple horses and destinations who require shipping and have a single ‘ship now’ button which sends the string selected to the various destinations.

The current single shipping can be very time consuming when you are moving multiple horses.

Either way - exciting times! :slight_smile:


To tack on to Andy’s idea: I would love to be able to do future entries but with the ability to select how close to the raceday horses will auto work. Currently once the future race shows up on the Enter Races page, a horse stops auto-working because they don’t work while entered in one of the two “active” racemeets. I’d love to be able to enter a horse (for example) for September 3rd and select a “work up to” date of September 1.