OK, so my current project is to finish up automating nominations. I have the basics setup, though the form to actually nominate specific horses for specific races doesn’t work yet.

However, if you’d like to see what races will require nomination, and what the fees will be, feel free to check here: (Note: you must be logged in first.)

Unless there are reasonable/realistic alternatives, nomination fees that are listed will remain final.

Feel free to comment/etc.

These nomination fees seem

extremely high, if you have two or three nice horses that DESERVE to run in the race that is

over a million dollars in the case of the DWC

Any others have comments. Just my two cents

i could be way off.

I think the nominations for

the yearlings and weanlings are very fair. The only thing I think that could be thought

about is since this is the first year of having to nominate horses maybe we should be given a

break on the 2 year old and up horses. Pretty much if this is how it were in the beginning

we would probably nominated the horses that are worthy of the races as weanlings or

yearlings. I know that I am planning on nominating my crops. But I feel that fees over

75,000 should be reconsidered for the older horses that missed out on being nominated as

foals since this is a first year thing.
But other than that I think this is really neat and

awesome work on the nomination page. :slight_smile:

Ok, i’m a little


First I didn’t know that there were these large nomination fees for

racehorses in RL…but that shows how much I know :wink: I also didn’t know that besides the

Breeder’s Cup they nominated them so far in advance. How did horses like Funny Cide (and

others like him in simliar high profile races) wind up int he Kentucky Derby(or otherwise)

since his breeding wasn’t anything that would show he’d win the Derby? Did they just pay

the late nomination fee?

Second, so say you have a horse you somehow get the intuition of

knowing he’ll be good enough to run in the Santa Anita Handicap one year…but the race says

its an annual nomination fee…so you nominate 3k when he’s a weanling…10k as a

yealring…25k as a 2yo and so on etc.?? Or is it 3k each year since you nominated him as a


Other than that nice system you have there! Nice form! :slight_smile:

Jade, if you click on the

race itself, it pulls up a list of all the horses that are eligible to be nominated. The

form allows you to nominate for up to 3 years at a time (assuming the race allows multiple

runnings…obviously the Kentucky Derby, etc. is a one-time deal). So for weanlings, with

the Santa Anita Derby, you could nominate them for 2012 (4yo), 2013 (5yo), and 2016 (6yo),

all for the weanling price. However, in 2016, if they’re still racing and still worthy of

running in the race, you’d need to pay the full late fee for them to run in 2017. (But

that’s pretty doubtful, so it is possible to get by pretty cheap on the annual nomination

races if you do it when they’re babies).

Sorry, Dan, you didn’t

propose a reasonable/realistic alternative to “way too high”.

Obviously these fees are a

bit higher than real life racing. (Though, Dan, you yourself said that late nominations are

usually 9% of the purse, and these races are 10% or less…). However, there are roughly 500

stakes races total over the course of the year (just a random guess, there are probably

more)…and nominations are required for 34 of them, plus the BC and BS races. There are

plenty of Grade 1 stakes races that you can run in without nomination. If you feel a horse

truly “deserves” to run in the Dubai World Cup (and you notice it’s JUST the DWC, the other

Dubai races will be non-nominational), then you’d either be sure s/he’ll get 4th or better

and pay you back, or s/he’d better have earned you a bunch of money so that you can afford

to lose 750k, if no one ended up nominating him beforehand.

Oh, and Jade…nominations

aren’t this high in RL. Usually you can nominate a horse to a race for anywhere from

$500-$5,000. However, $500 to FF is like $0.005 :wink: so I had to inflate

a bit.

For example - the Derby nominations start at $600, jump to $6,000, and

then to $150,000. You’re also required to pay a $15,000 entry fee and another

$15,000 to start in the race. The purse is


So if you nominate early, you can

get by with 4th place or better, but if you nominate late you really need to win. Same story

here…though I’m nice, so late nomination of 10% of the purse + entry fee of 5% means you

can get by with 2nd place as well (20% of the purse). :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and for this year, I

will probably set it up so that horses who would qualify for late nomination would get the

next highest fee instead. Not quite the discount you asked for, Holly, but still a very

significant one (i.e. Dubai goes down from 650k to 150k, and most of the 2nd-highest fees are

50k or less).

Does that sound fair?

That would be awesome and

totally fair until these nomitations become in full rotation. Then if someone hasn’t

nominated a horse for a race till a month before and they have had their 2 year old, 3 year

old+ years to nominate then it’s very fair.
But now what about these 2 year old races

this year, like the triples and such. We will be aloud to pay yearling price, right? And

then that way there will be no exceptions for our now weanlings and yearlings and they will

get the full blow of BC Nominations.

Hope i’m making sense of my self. :wink:

Yes, any horse that would be

nominated for a race to be run this year can be nominated as if it were last year. So for

the Dubai World Cup, you can nominate a horse for this year’s running at 150k, instead of


And yes, any horses that would be nominated for future races would pay the normal

price. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that some of the

fees are a little… well… um yeah…

At the same time I think it is awesome because now

we’ll see a better quality of horses winning the better races.

One thing though, I’m not

too happy about Aussie’s richest and most recognised race’s purse being chopped by more

then half… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and when can we start nominating?

Oh and also, when will the

rest of the schedule be likely to be posted? I don’t wanna register just yet until I can get

some sort of target races arranged! Yikes, too expensive to make mistakes! :slight_smile:

I’m planning to post Feb

later on today…the rest of the months haven’t been done, except for the stakes races.

Ok I get it now :slight_smile: Definitly

doesn’t make sense to have nominations fees as low in FF as they are in RL!! Now whom to

nominate… :wink:

Jason, deal. You’re lucky there’s Australian racing at all. I

converted all the Aus. purses into US $, and yes, I did trim a few of them beyond that.

There’s no way I was/am going to add 50 multi-million dollar stakes races to the schedule.

Sorry I wasnt more specific

before, i was going to post about the derby only 600 dollars but u already did. I totally

understand your logic behind this and I understand.

One question, willwe still have to

pay entry fees for these races.

Yes, just like real life,

entry fees are separate from nomination fees.

scratches head Are we

allowed to nominate now? Or is this still in a non-working state?

Sorry for asking the

obvious, tired from traveling all day…

Nope, I need to finish the

last bit of coding for nominations. I’ll post here when they fully work. :slight_smile:

And Jase, if you count the

Derby as the US’s biggest race, then it’s purse is also only half of what it is IRL now,

since they bumped it up to 2 million this year :wink:. Deal.