Mare bred, showing as not in foal

I have 4 mares that are showing as not in foal, but when I click on their pages they show in foal with due dates.

Rose Will Do
Regal Kiss
Crimson Dahlia

I’m having this issue with Painted War (19898). She’s showing as not in foal under stable alerts however she’s currently in foal on her page with a due date of June 2nd.

Same issue with Heidi High. She’s due in April, but at the moment she’s listed as “Not in Foal” on her own page and on my stable’s main page.

I am also having this problem with Windy Ghost, Gladd Tidings, and Pharaoh’s Daughter. I bred them all, but they are under the stable alerts page for not being bred this year.

Also just got one of these: Super Tunes is showing as not in foal even though I just bred her to Gang of Thieves. System does seem to recall her breeding when I click on “breed this mare” so hopefully that means it all recorded well.

I’ve reset the breeding info for some mares, so that you can try again. I’ve put in some logging to try and figure out what’s going on.

Fendi and French Resistance were reset, but when I click Breed This Foal it goes to a 404 Error page and nothing happens.

Try again, there were typos in the logging stuff I added. :woman_facepalming:


That worked!

Down to just these 3 weirdos:

Filly from Chile who shows as in foal for 2026, but apparently there’s nothing in the database. Shows up as unbred on Stable Overview and it gives me the option to breed for her 2027 booking.

Lovers’ Duel and Annapolis do NOT show up on my Stable Overview as unbred. They are unbred on their personal page and it gives me the option to breed for their 2026 bookings, but when I click Breed This Foal it says they’re already in foal.

Ered Luin is doing the same as Lovers’ Duel and Annapolis.

so the breedings for last season were completely deleted? Are we supposed to pick new studs and breed or ? Im confused as to whats happening with these mares ?

I just bred Unbridled Miracle,and but she is still under the stable alerts page for not being bred.

Nicole, I believe this is for people trying to breed their mares this year (for the 2026 breeding season). I don’t think any breedings from last season are affected.

Send Me Flowers is showing on my stable home page along with two other mares who definitely aren’t in foal. She hasn’t foaled yet and isn’t due until May. She shows as in foal for 2026 on her individual page.

It seems she was affected by the same issue last year: Bred Mares On Not In Foal List - #12 by Madison

So far, she appears to be the only one of the four I had affected last year that’s got an issue this time.

I have three mares with similar issues.

All three show as not having been bred on my Stable Alerts page. In addition, all three show as Last Foal: No Foal and Next Foal: Not in foal on their individual pages. When I click on their View Foals button, however, all three show as In Foal, YOB 2026, with a sire name and due date. They are all three due between March 5th & 10th.

It looks like I have one mare affected by this. Antares is showing up in my not in foal list, but on her personal page she shows as in foal to Tense Imagination for May 1st.

My mare Heidi High shows as due 04/05/26 on my broodmare list, but “Not in Foal” on her individual page and on my stable’s main page.

Stable Overview: Mayfair 2022-01-07 23-42-12

Im not sure because the mares that I posted in the origial posted didnt have any 2026 bookings yet but their 2025 foals have now been erased. They are showing as not in foal, so maybe its for both 2025 and 2026?

@Shelbie Lovers’ Duel and Annapolis are both in foal for 2027 already, hence not allowing you to breed them and not showing as unbred. LD is Straticus and A is Von Lichtenstein. If these are the studs they were going to in 2026 I can shift the foal dates back.

@Firefly same with ED, but her foal is by Ablative Armour.

I’ll take your word for that one. This is what her page looks like atm.