Lack of Activity


My house got robbed last night, so the next few days I’m likely to be running around trying to get things settled again (they stole my car keys but not my car, so now I have to get my car re-keyed, etc).  So, don’t expect very rapid response on FF bugs and such for a few days.


oh no thats horrible, at least you are ok and were not there to get hurt or anything , i hope they find the jerks, good luck with the key thing, you’re in my prayers :slight_smile:

Eeeeek, that’s horrible! I’m so sorry to hear that. :frowning:

Actually, I was there.  I was asleep, and my roommate got held at gunpoint and driven to her bank to empty out her bank account for them before they brought her back here and drove off with her vehicle.

They tried to steal my car, too, but couldn’t drive stick shift.  >:D  They did steal my work computer and my car keys, though, so I can’t  drive my car either.  They were all set to steal my tv but apparently decided not to eventually…they were very random/inept/young robbers, apparently.

Wow that horrible to hear glad your ok. hope you get everything sorted with a minimum of fuss and trouble.
lucky no on was hurt thats really scary take care

OMG, that’s even MORE horrible! Your poor roomie. :frowning: Jerks. I’m glad you’re both okay.

Shanthi that’s horrible! That’s something out of a movie-I can’t believe that happened to you! I’m so glad you and your roommate are safe, I hope they catch them-good thing they were morons.

OMG!! Shanthi… I so happy things didn’t go from bad to worse… people are just crazy now days… They will get stupid and get caught… Take all the time you need to settle all this ang get your heart rate back down…

I’m just glad that things didn’t get worse than they could have… there are some very horrible people in this world and I hope that you’re roommate is doing ok as well.

Here is to things getting back to near normal as soon as possible!

That is horrible. Hope they get caught and you get all your stuff back.

OMG thats horrible!  :astonished: I hope your roomie’s ok and you get everything back. (and thank god for stick shifts. lol :wink: )

Wow, I’m so sorry this happened to you (and your poor roommate). Hopefully they catch those who did it.

How awful! :astonished: Especially for your roommate. But hopefully the robbers will get caught (if they’re young they’re likely to do something stupid lol). Glad to hear that you’re ok!

OMG… That’s SO AWFUL!!! I’m so sorry to hear/read that… I hope you and your roommate are both doing okay, and that you somehow get everything back to some semblance of normalcy. :S I’m really, really sorry… Argh! And I thought I had it bad with this whole crazy computer thing… I really hope everything works out okay somehow. Take care of you both. Very glad you weren’t hurt!!!

Oh my God, Shanthi, that is so horrible! I’m so glad that you and your roommate didn’t get hurt. I hope all of this gets settled…

You’ll be in my thoughts. Good luck to you and your roommate.

WOAH!! that is terrible!! Some day those guys will pay! I am glad it wasn’t U they held at gun point, that would have been even worse. I hope everything comes back together for you and your roomie!

How awful for you both. I have only ever been robbed once (thank God) and I wasn’t home at the time, but I remember how violated I felt then. It must be hundreds of times worse for you both, especially your roommate. It’s at times like these when you think that the Muslims have the right idea - somebody gets caught stealing from somebody else, they have their hand(s) cut off.

That’s scary! Glad you weren’t hurt. Hope those idiots get caught real soon!

wow, what a horrible experience for both of you to have gone through. I am so glad that everyone has survived. I won’t say okay, because no one is okay after an experience like that.

Take all the time you need getting yourself together.

You’ll be in our thoughts.


Wow that really sucks Shanthi. :frowning:  I hope you get everything straightened out without much problems.  I know how you feel.  Some people just have nothing better to do. -_-’  What is up with humanity?!