Just say NO! (Or, they could say it for me ;))

Okay, it’s official…I’ve spent too much time in front of a computer screen.

(Note: I fully blame Andrea for this…:wink:)

I found a mare today that looks really awesome. (Note: While I am asking for reasons NOT to buy this mare, compliments are welcome, and “stealing” this mare from under me is not so welcome :wink:).

Charming Heiress - Pedigree
Picture 1
Picture 2

Plan (Hypothetical)

[]Check/vet/meet the mare
]Buy/ship the mare
[]Breed the mare - spring '06
]Re-train the mare for eventing - spring/summer/fall '06
[]Sell the foal - summer '07
]Sell the mare - summer '07 (?)


[]Good conformation
]Good price ($1,500)
[]Big(ish) (16h)
]Presumably sound (60 races in 7yrs)
[*]Good bloodlines


[]Far away
]I already own a horse :wink: (though possibly not for long)
[*]Could be unsound/unbreedable

So…more cons? Comments? Smackings and telling me I’m out of my mind?

Yes, I know, I’m totally evil suggesting you buy the awesome mare and offering to drive up with you to look at her :wink:.

60 races in 7 years? Are you sure she’s sound? I know my mom’s horse only raced for 2 years, was injured, and it still plagues him today… and the initial injury happened over 15 years ago. (Her horse is almost 20). I like her pedigree, she has some pretty good sires in her background like Mr. Prospector, although if you were looking for a breeding mare… I’d keep my eyes peeled for a mare that has nice® bloodlines on both her sire and dams side. There is something in her conformation in the second picture that I don’t like. She doesn’t look balanced, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

Well, that’s just my thoughts. :smiley: Hope they come in handy.

The trainer/owner claims that she is sound. Presumably, if she had soundness issues, she would’ve been retired and sold years ago, rather than being kept as a racehorse until she’s 9. If she were a gelding, I’d question her soundness more, but there’s incentive to retire a mare sooner from the track than a gelding, so presumably since that didn’t happen, she’s got strong legs.

Regardless, if I am insane enough to continue pursuing this, it will include a thorough vet exam.

Well she’s definatly cute!

And I agree that if she’s been racing for 7 years without major problems then she’s probably fine in the leg soundness department. Very few racehorses continue racing at that age, if they are it’s because they have a good set of legs. She looks like she has a super long neck but she is stretched out… Hard to say. She’s got a nice hind on her too, i like her. Do note that they are holding her in a lipchain though. This may be minor to you, i’m not sure. Just a heads up that usually racehorses are only held in lipchains if they have a tendancy to be flighty, if you dont mind that then go for it

While you’ve already asked my two cents… I’ll give you two more…:wink:
You’re obviously not going to know much more about this mare unless you go see her… Important things like movement, personality and even conformation are hard or impossible to tell from a photo. She is from solid lines, be it racing or for sporthorse purposes… In terms of soundness: When Denny Emerson stood Loyal Pal, one of the things he said drew him to this stallion is that he was race 124 times. He finally cracked a sesamoid during his 8 y/o year, in his final 124th race, only six days after his 123. Soundness is not a negative ‘breedable’ issue if the horse holds up to that much stress…
In addition, what we would consider appropriate development in terms of musculature (being most of us are sporthorse people) will be somewhat different than that of a horse who’s been on the track for seven years…
Something I didn’t realize when I told you before… Her mare line descends directly from La Troienne… She appears in the 6th generation; the dam of Baby League. Much like Smarty Jones actually…
She has a 1/2 brother by Saint Ballado…hmmmm
So if you do happen to buy this mare and breed the next superchamp, can I at least come vist you and sit in the box seat a the derby? :smiley:

She’ll be sound… :slight_smile: Any horse that runs in America till they are 7yo/60 races proves they’re sound. However, if she was Australian, then we wouldn’t know yet… :wink: Hehehe…

Buy her Shanthi, she looks BEAUTIFUL! :slight_smile: Bargain price too… Mr. Prospector in a mare’s linage will aid her ability to throw off something decent I presume.

If I bought/bred her, I’d be breeding for sporthorse purposes, not for racing. So bloodlines matter, to an extent, but not really as far as making the ideal racehorse. I don’t like the idea of breeding a baby and selling it off to be raced once a month (or more) by people I don’t know and can’t trust to treat the horse well. (So in other words, unless I become rich and can afford to race the baby myself, it ain’t gonna happen :wink:)

Good point, though I chalk that up to the fact that she is an active racehorse. :wink: My OTT TB mare never needed a lip chain, but I got her when she’d been off the track for a year and she certainly wasn’t what you’d call “sleepy”.

If I happen to get rich, breed a TB superchamp, and decide to race it, everyone in FF can come cram into the owner’s box with me at the Derby. :wink:

I was kinda looking for something more than “she’s pretty, she’s cheap, go buy her” (since you’ll notice I listed that in my post :p), but thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m going to call her trainer/owner today, so hopefully I can find out more info on her. This may turn into a moot point if she’s already sold, or not sound for breeding.

Well, yay (?) for me, she’s already been sold. :wink: (And :frowning:, too)

Wow, she sure went fast!

Well, maybe. I don’t know when she was originally listed for sale.

But I can’t imagine a 9yo TB mare who’s sound would last long for $1,500. :wink:

We’ll have to keep tabs on her via the pedigree query… I’d love to know who her future babies may be…:smiley:

Yeah, and once I don’t own my bratty filly, maybe I’ll try finding another OTT mare to play with. :slight_smile:

So I’m at it again… actually going through the process of buying this filly. She’s a granddaughter of Runaway Groom, a great-granddaughter of Raise A Native, and a great-great granddaughter of What A Pleasure (full pedigree).

Anyway, yeah…:smiley: Just need to finish selling my current filly. :wink:

Oh, but she’s very pretty. I can see why you would be smitten if you like greys. :wink: I’m afraid I won’t be any help at all in discouraging you there. :wink:

Yeah, I’m a total sucker for dapple greys. :slight_smile:

Nice! Though I’m a bit biased, since my horse is a grey I tend to mostly love any grey I see!

From what I can see, I love her conformation, her legs look clean, she has a nice head, and a kind eye…which is always a bonus.

So you’re buying the gray filly? :smiley: She’s gorgeous, I love the dark gray. (I have a thing for grays haha…) Is thoroughbred what you’re looking for? Let me (or all of us) know if it falls through with this filly. My aunt and uncle breed quarter horses, and appendex quarters, they have some awesome bloodlines.

Yeah, she’s got really nice conformation, especially given that she’s racing fit and most horses look like total crap in that condition. :wink:

Bluewolf :roll: trying to get business for you aunt and uncle? But her uncle does race some of his and they really are nice animals. I hope to get a filly from him next summer to do jumping with and maybe some dressage or whatever I feel like trying. :smiley:

I like the gray filly, very pretty. How old? Whats the backround? do you plan on doing breeding and doing eventing with this one too?