How'd you do?

I thought I would start the thread now that I have maxed my pony limit…

First up was [color=blue]Diligent Trick.  The three year old colt is by Diligence out of Down South Trickin, a generated pedigree.  He caught my eye as in his only start he came in second beating one of my favorite starters, Dixie Time.  I considered him a steal at $1,000.

Next to join the barn was [color=red]Liquid Asset.  She is a three year old filly by Black Gold, who has a nice list of MSW, SW, and SP foals to his name, out of Ebony Fires.  Asset has two respectable 4th place stakes finishes to her name this year and was bought for $1,000 to race for at least a year or two and as a nice broodmare prospect.

[color=red]Clever Kisses came next, also for a mere $1,000.  The four year old mare is another generated pedigree by Afternoon Deelites out of Clever Caress.  In four lifetime starts she has wins on both surfaces at short and classic distances.  I’m very excited to bring her along on the track and hope she eventually turns out to be a nice broodmare as well.

Next on the trailer was [color=blue]Gilded Star.  The six year old son of Gilded Time out of Hills and a Star has a wonderful record of 15–4-7-4.  Never off the board (knock on wood) in his two seasons on the track, he has won short and long, on the dirt and turf.  I really like the Gilded Time’s (my colt Dixie Time is also one), even though they are all created pedigrees they seem to be consistant performers on the track.  Another steal at $1,000.

The last one just arrived and actually cost a little money.  [color=red]Go Button just stepped off the trailer for a tidy $10.5k (still a bargain!).  The SP four year old is a daughter of Full Throttle out of Dream On.  She has a decent record of 14(2)–1-1-1(1)-3 and her SP this year gives me hope of her improving her record and eventually becoming a nice broodmare.

So I didn’t do too bad at all, bringing home 5 of my top 7 choices (Gloridied and Duchess II got away) for way less than I expected to!  I was thinking I’d be up near the $100k limit!  If only I could bring home more :slight_smile:  How’d (how’s) everyone else do (doing)?

I managed to get five horses for $16k. Not bad at all!

Beautiful Flight This is the only mare who might be sort of iffy for me, as far as racing goes. She’s five and hasn’t placed in any starts this year, but last year she seemed to enjoy the longer distances, so I’m going to hold out for some low-grade endurance races to test her mettle. She only cost me $1000.

Big Spender I was happy to get this guy. He’s a gorgeous 17hh dapple grey colt by Strike The Gold who has already won 2 of 5 starts this year. I’m hoping this one will be a nice consistant runner for me for the next couple of years at least. I paid $6000 for him.

Blackfoot I liked her name. :slight_smile: A 2 yo, she’s got a generated pedigree and has yet to be raced, so who knows what the future holds for her. I paid $6000 for her; she and the colt were my two most ‘expensive’ purchases.

Brazen Success This mare is a beautiful blood bay; I love her coloring. By Brazen Remark out of Sudden Success, she’s a 1/2 sib to SP Image Of Success. A 4 yo, she ought to do all right for at least another year of steeplechasing. Another ultra-cheapie for only $1000.

Bus Seven Survivor A 3 yo filly by Secretary out of Belle De La Sud. I’ve heard good things about Secretariat-influenced bloodlines, so I’m happy to take a chance on her. She’s the first foal to race out of her dam. I think I’ve got some room for tinkering with her. For $2000 she just may be the biggest bargain I got…we’ll see.

So, um, yeah, I had a lot of fun at this auction…hope everyone else did too!

I paid $100,000 for Glorified. Ok so maybe not the best deal, but she is a full sister to MSW Camelot and has placed in a G1. I think she may have a successful future as a steeplechaser, but we’ll have to see.

I was really torn between just buying Glorified for my max spending limit or going with five cheaper horses that are mostly unproven/created. I ended up with just the one. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

Good luck to everyone else and I hope you guys got some bargains!

Like the last auction I got what I came for. I was looking to buy some more Gilded Time babies, but decided on some other promising horses.

First up is [color=blue]Aces Again by Gilded Time out of Salzach. I love Gilded Time, i don’t know why, but eve since the 2yo auction I’ve just loved him. So Ace is 3yo, and been in two races. I think he’ll prove to be a solid allowance horse, even if it’s just placing. I’m also a sucker for roans ;D ($1,000)

Next is [color=red]Exit Stage Left. She’s an unraced 2yo, and i need to get her back in shape. Though lucky me when I gave her her first work out she loved her equipment. I think she’ll prove to be a nice filly.($2,000)

Number three. [color=blue]Five Star Jingle is so cute i couldn’t resist. he’s a 4yo with only two races under his belt both in the money. I think he’ll be a neat horse to play with, And guess what…Another roan ::) ($1,000)

[color=red]Pocketfullofposies was a suggestion made to me by Edea. Still can’t believe i managed to get her :astonished: but she’s an unraced 2yo, and next to bringing her fitness up i think she’ll do well. She a nice little filly, and I’m glad i got her.($40,500)

[color=blue]Khepri! I still can’t believe I got this one either! I’ve had my eyes on him for a wile now, but i didn’t think I’d actually get him. He’s in the first crop of his sires foals so we don’t know how well he’ll turn out until next year. ($16,500)

I got all the horses I’d set my eyes one, well not all i had quite a few in mind but with a limit of 5 horses i had to choose. I’m pleased with the outcome of this auction. My grand total was a bill for $61,000. I think this is the most I’ve ever spent in a sale/auction so far.

So much fun!  I hope everyone has had (and is still having) a great auction! So far I’ve only come away with one horse, but I’m hoping a couple more come home soon!

Raceaway Stables is proud to own it’s second broodmare, Fog of Time, who is by Guilded Time.  She’s bred to Harvard Bound for 2011, and that will be her first foal, so it’ll be fun to see how that turns out.  She was a relatively good purchase at $11,000, expecially considering what non-auction broodmares are going for.

We are also in love with our new yearling filly, Souvenir.  (Souvenir was recently renamed Bandia an Gaelach.  It roughly means “Goddess of the Moon” in Gaelic. If anyone speaks Gaelic and knows if this is correct or not, please tell me!).  She’s a great looking light bay, Moonover Boy x Bitter Sweet.  She’s 1/2 to MSW Prince of Thieves and SW Sweet Starz.  I’m also developing a thing for Moonover Boy, so I liked this filly from the moment I set eyes on her.  I probably paid more than I should have allowed myself to pay for her, but I think that she’ll be a good runner for me next year, and at the LEAST, a really nice broodmare prospect. 

I did have my heart set on a certain Secret of Love filly, but Lover’s Lament got away from me.  I’m sure she’ll be great, so congrats Holly on a great horse!

With one potential still outstanding:

Clear Enough - I snagged this Alydar son primarily because I own his dam, Crystal Clear. His three year old season has seen six races, and six finishes on the board, so he’s not without promise. Her two year old, Nibori, is also showing potential. I probably paid a little more for him than I might otherwise, but hopefully he’ll earn it back.

Denim Silk - This filly caught my eye primarily because she’s a daughter of A.P. Indy, whom I’m inordinately fond of. She doesn’t have a great record as yet, but is a half sister to three winners, and I was mostly thinking of her as a broodmare anyway, so…

Serenity - So sue me, I’m a fan of a certain TV show and just had to snag her. She had one win on the track and quite a few on the board finishes. She’s also by Dixieland Jazz, sire of a useful three year old I own. And she arrived in foal to Almost Home, sire of Stakes winners Harvard Bound, Almost A Star, Home Free and Almost Heaven.

Tora - I’m desperately short of 2009s. Picked up this filly for virtually nothing mostly because I liked the name. She’s by Red Sunset, who is yet to throw a really good horse, which is probably why I got her for 1k ;-).

Not a bad haul ;-).

Ha ha, I had my eye on her for a while for that very reason. :wink:

Not Bad for me either…I have Mintano to thank for 4/5 of these horses (I was gone  :smiley:)

[color=red]Triple Dare Stepped into our barn 1st, this yearling by Backseat Driver may just prove to be a champ in the coming years. We are expecting a foal by Backseat Driver next year.

[color=blue]Band Trick a 5 yr old stallion has yet to prove himself on the track but has a bright future as a gelding!!!

[color=red]Dare To Be Nobleis a 3 yo who has the same sire as my up and coming 4 yo filly Louie Can’t Dance and has become the new star to be of the barn.

[color=red]Cryptotrick was the last so far to come into the barn this yearling by Mazel Trick may just be a blessing in disguise!!

We are still battling it out over [color=green]Spectacular Fox at auction…

[color=red]Cheersfromthecrowd is a pretty 15h light bay broodmare with lots of chrome.  On the track she showed plenty of potential, as she is a multi winner.  Her 6yo year was the best of all, so this tells me that she would have been just an awesome racer had she started out earlier (her first season was as a 5yo).  She is currently in foal to Red Sunset for a 2011 foal.  $20,000

[color=red]Ch. Pleasant Surprise is a broodmare that I am glad to have in my stables now. This pretty 15.2h dark bay mare is a stakes placed horse.  She did very well as a 5yo, with a nice 6yo season also.  She didnt do so well at 2 or 3, so her babies may also be late bloomers.  Pleasant Surprise is in foal to Point Given for an April 2011 foal.  At just $20,000, I think this mare was a nice steal.

[color=red]Poppy Fields is a 4yo, 16.2h chestnut mare by Crimson Lad.  I had wanted a Crimson Lad foal, and that is why I picked her up.  I think she has potential, she did well as a 3yo but as she was owned by FF, her race record this year needs help.  She seems to be an all surface kind of horse, so we’ll try and get her to Ch. status and then breed her.

One more filly, previously named Brocade, was renamed[color=red] Royal Affair.   I almost wanted Royal Scandal, but it didn’t sound as good :wink:  This pretty light grey filly will stand 16.3h when fully grown.  Her sire, Satin Romance has only 16 foals on the ground. 2 of the 6 foals to race are stakes winners, 1 is a stakes placed, and 2 more are winners.  Her dam, Noble Innocence, has foaled Stakes Placed Majestic Dancer and multi winner and consistent money earner Rialla.  I know this filly will bring home some good consistent cash.  I need more horses like that, I tend to have finicky stakes horses and finicky allowance horses :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I 'am baby sitting North Wind for Sarah. She left me with no specific instructions as far as the auction was concerned. So I looked around the stables an noticed a dearth of feminine charm, and yearlings  :stuck_out_tongue:  :wink:

[color=red]City Lights 2000 Broodmare Citation x Hearts Aflame  $2,000 - I believe this lady has potential. She only raced 5 times - with 1 win & 4 shows (has a free breeding to Sneak Peak if she wants it)

[color=red]Colors Waving 2004 Broodmare Hoist The Flag x Peaceful Sky $7,500 - Another lady with potential. She’s brought home the money in 14 of 17 races (has a free breeding to Seattle Sorcerer if she wants it)

[color=red]Keep the Kitty 2009 Yearling Cross Roads x Terlinga’s Kitty  $3,000 - Yup another lady. While Cross Roads needs no introduction Terlinga’s Kitty had an undistinguished racing career, and her first foal starts racing this year. Terlinga’s dam is Opening Act. Act has had 6 foal on the track 5 of the 6 are stakes placed or better. So this girl has potential on and off the track.

[color=blue]Wayfaring Stranger 2009 Yearling Wayfaring Minstrel x Hooligan $4,000 - A colt ::) but a yearling ;D Wayfaring Minstrel is retired from FF and was little used while here. He did not meet the games best mares, but 5 of his 10 foals are SP or better and another 3 are winners. So Stranger should have a good if not great career ;D

So I hope Sarah likes her new horses, but if not they come with a grantee: If she doesn’t want one of them in 6 months when they can be sold I’ll buy it/them for double what they cost. :wink: 8)

I assume you mean Seattle Sorcerer:wink:

Yup fixed it thanks. That’s what I get for having multiple windows up at the same time :wink: I’m getting to old to multi-task :stuck_out_tongue:

I picked up 3 new horses yay!

1st, Easiersaidthandone she’s a 2yo half to SP Make your Move. Decent Got, Her sire is Easy Goer, I have some good luck with his line, specially the fillies. I’m looking forward to getting her fit, and seeing how she runs.

2nd. Risk Away. I’m really liking Whirlaway as a BM sire, so I picked her up. She’s in foal to Red Sunset, who is her Dam’s sire, so the baby is a touch inbred. We’ll be crossing her with Easy Goer’s line next year :slight_smile:

and 3rd
Beauty Affirmed. 4yo Multi winner who is half to MSW Worth the Wait and MSW Rising Storm. This mare was my 1st pick, so i’m very glad to have won her! She’ll be retiring to brood the end of this year.

spent $81,5

Last Fling is a 1998 bay broodmare. She’s in foal to Highland Magic for her second foal by him. She’s due January 1st but I hope she holds out until after the first. She only cost a thousand dollars so she was a real deal. Hopefully she’ll produce a stakes winner.

Lil Miss Lucky is a 2001 chestnut broodmare who is in foal with her first foal by Mr. Townsend. She never raced but she has good Real Life bloodlines. She’s the granddaughter of a great-granddaughter of Secretariat. She cost only a thousand dollars like Last Fling. She’s due to foal in April.

Well, we weren’t planning on getting any since our barn is huge, but it’s an auction, so we couldn’t resist.  :wink:

A Separate Peace is a 3yo son of Gallant Fox and Golden Princess.  His dam has thrown only winners, and is 1/2 to MSWs Irish Flyer and Always A Princess.  We love Gallant Fox, so this was an easy decision.  :slight_smile:  $30,500

Call of the Wild is a 4yo son of Lonesome Glory and Wildflower.  He’s 1/2 to MSW Dunatos, and has yet to try jumps, so we think there’s a good amount of potential.  (Plus, we have no older boys to race :wink:$1,000

Celeris is a 4yo son of Black Legend and Rising Star, making him 1/2 to MSW Western Star and SW Eye of the Tiger.  Since turning 3, he’s only been off the board once in 17 starts, so we’re hoping he turns into a solid runner for us.  :slight_smile:  $1,000

Effortless is a 2yo son of Spectacular Bid and Favorite Lady, making him 1/2 to MSW Avalon.  He’s by Spectacular Bid, whom we love, and he’s a blood bay, which is prettyful, so we couldn’t resist.  :slight_smile:  Plus, our 2yo fillies outnumber the colts by half a dozen or so, so we had an excuse, really!  :wink:  $50,500

Not too bad…4 racehorses, 3 of them 1/2 to MSWs, for $83,000 :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve had my eye on several horses but these two in particular. I’ve managed to snag one and the other I’ll still have to see.

Fleet Street is a 2000 stallion by What It’s Worth (making him half brother to many MSWs including Gunningdownromance  :astonished:) and out of Fleeting Moment (And there are some more half sibling MSWs). He’s a stunning performer and I’m positively thrilled to have won him.  ;D I paid $60,500 for him.

I’m also hoping for the yearling filly Delaware Market. I really want another gal in the barn and with the possiblity of Tricky Victor being retired from racing to be a brood after this race season I won’t have any racing mares/fillies. I’m crossing my fingers for this little girl. : 8)

Officially he’s only “half” to the foals out of Fleeting Beauty.  He’s by the same sire as Gunningdownromance.  Studs have far more (nice) babies than mares, so having a horse that’s out of a nice mare is worth more than a horse who’s by a nice stud.  Hence limiting 1/2 sib, 3/4 sib, etc to horses related through the female line.

Congrats on getting him…I bred him, and he’s a very nice stud.  :slight_smile:

As the van pulled into the stable yard…

The first off the van was Hermione, a lovely dark bay 3 yo filly By Almost Home, sire to the MSW Harvard Bound & Almost A Star & SW Home Free & Almost Heaven, and the first foal out of Barulla… Hermione was one of my original horse that has found her way home… She will be raced through her 4 year old year then retired to brood… she has come home to stay… $17,000

Next off the van was Beyond Imaginationa very nicely bred bay 9 yo broodmare by Omaha and the first foal out of Swan’ Hope, She is bred to Storybook Farms Cross Roads (one of my favorite stallions) for a March 2011 foal, and will visit Highland Laird for her 2012 foal… $19,500

Next off the van was Natural Talent a stunning Bay 5 yo daughter of Planet Hollywood who needs no introduction, and sadly has recently retired, out of Natural Disater making her 1/2 to SW I Will Survive… I’ve been trying to get a Planet Hollywood daughter into my barn… and was elated when the gavel fell making her mine… She will finish out 2010 as a SC’er and retire in Dec. giving her a couple of month off before she visits What It’s Worth for a 2012 foal… a steal at $30,000

Last off the van was Pleasant Dreams a darling bay 2009 filly by Foolish Pleasure and out of Dream Maker making 1/2 to SP Minor Infraction… I wanted to breed to Foolish Pleasure, but since he was retired this year that was not going to happen… I feel very fortunate to have one of his daughters… Dreams is happily froliking in the pasture with our other yearling filly Patriotic Sunset… we are looking forward to racing her next year… a bargian at $4,500

Battle Hill did very well and came away spending only $71,000

Semiahmoo did decent enough. It was so hard to pick which ones i wanted!

My first purchase was Boundtobebeautiful a 15hh black yearling filly by GCh. Harvard Bound and out of Botany. Her sire is a bit unproven because his first set of foals are 2yos, so they are just now running. Theres a few winners though. Her dam only ran once and placed 2nd. She has 3 foals running, one is a SP and the other two are winners. I paid a small $11 000 for her.

next I bought the yearling colt Citizen Kane. He’s a 16.1 bay colt by NCh. I’m A Classic and out of Rosebud. His sire has sired many great runners all of which are only 3 yrs old. He’s 1/2 brother to the great colt MSW NCh. What’s Your Point (who by the way I also own… So I HAD to get Kane!). I paid a bargain price of $20 500 for him.

And I bought Special Effect, a BIG 17.1hh grey yearling colt. He’s by ICh. Highland Pride and out of In Effect. His sire has some great bloodlines, had fantastic success on the track and has had HUGE success in most of his foals. Specials Dam was a decent runner and has had some success in her foals. Special is 1/2 to SW Love Among Ruins and Mocashment. I paid a TINY $5500 for him!

Lastly I bought Up to No Good. A cute 16.2 hand bay yearling colt. He’s by No Duplicate and out of Lady Be Good. His sire has had decent success in his foals, only has 9 runners, 2 are MSW,  1 SW, 1 SP and the rest are winners. He is also 1/2 to MSW Chief’s Lady. I paid a tiny $1000 for him

Always In Trouble 3yo Citation stakes placed filly. She’s 1/2 sib to NCH My Style and has 2 other SP Sibs. $20,000
Death By Chocolate 3yo Gimme A Shot filly. She hasn’t done much a the races. Hoping a little equipment can make a difference. She’s 1/2 to a couple SP racers and 1 stakes winner. For
$1,000 it’s tough to go wrong.
Enlightened 7yo Broodmare by Theatrical. She’s in foal to Highland Mystery. He stands for $25,000 so for a purchase price of $31,000 she might be my best bargain.
Lucky Number Seven Hope To Succeed Yearling out of Lady Luck whose 6 foals have yielded 4 stakes winning or stakes placed racers. Long time to wait, but for $1,000 I think he was well purchased.
Secret Blossom 4yo mare by Unbridled. This mare has earned $106,000 in 19 races. A couple of things caught my eye…one, the auction was getting very competitive at the end and prices were rising. I figured mares of the most limited consequence go for $50,000 minimum on the open market. Usuallly more. Also, looking at the GOT (yes I actually did that) and it said she’d be a great chaser. $43,000