How To Train

To access training, click the links from your stable overview page.

Training Schedules allows you to save schedules for your stable/horses.  If your horse has a schedule selected, they will train on that day unless you delete their schedule.  (They will be auto-trained, if you do not login and train them…see below).

Workouts allows you to select the workouts for your horses, and have your horses workout.  You can select up to 3 activities per workout, as well as a jockey, level of effort, track, and equipment.

Each stable may have up to 5 saved schedules for their stable.  Each horse may have 1 saved schedule at a time - either a stable schedule or their own personal schedule.

Training Activities:
Walk: 1/2 mile - 2 miles
Jog: 1/2 mile - 5 miles
Canter: 1/2 mile - 5 miles
Gallop: 1/2 mile - 3 miles
Breeze: 1 - 6 furlongs

Effort Levels:
20% - to use when recovering from injury, etc
50% - holding the horse back significantly from its normal pace
70% - holding the horse back slightly from its normal pace
100% - letting the horse run at its normal pace
110% - urging the horse beyond its normal pace (breezing, etc.)

Track Options:
Flat horses can train on dirt or turf.  Steeplechasers can train with jumps (they will only jump if galloping or breezing) or without.

Horses may get injured while training.  Several factors will go into whether a horse gets injured, including maturity, energy/fitness, track (if muddy or they’re jumping), etc.

For now, all horses will train at the track where they last raced.  Once shipping is in place, horses will train at whatever track they are stabled at.  (Training will not be available if horses are at the farm.)

Any results from workouts done at a breeze will be available for all members to view.  Horses that train on the same day/track will be ranked in order of time (per furlong).

Even breezing, horses may or may not achieve the same speed that would occur in a race.

Gate Tests:
To be added later…
2-year olds (and/or any unraced horse) will need to pass a gate test before they will be allowed to race.  Gate training will greatly improve your horse’s chance to pass a gate test.  Gate tests may not be done more often than 2x/month.

2-Year Old Training:
2-year olds will not be allowed to train for distances longer than 2 miles (total for the workout).  2-year old gallops will be limited to 8 furlongs.

Horses will like/dislike their workout.  This, in turn, will affect their mood/confidence.  When they race, the average of all of the workout results since the last race will be used to determine the horse?s mood going into the race (i.e. better workouts will mean a happier horse, who may be more successful than normal, and vice-verse).

If you are unwilling/unable to login frequently to train your horses, they will be trained for you if they have a schedule saved.  This training will be much more limited/less customized than doing training yourself, as the program will not know/care that the horse hated 8f last time out and should try 6f this time.  (If you go in and change that by hand, however, the program will train the horse at 6f until further notice.)  Auto-training will select random values for jockey and track (dirt/turf or jumps/no jumps), and all horses will train at 100% effort level with no equipment.

You will be able to select from the available jockeys to exercise your horse.  Each jockey/horse combo has 2 factors: happiness & experience.  Happiness indicates how well the horse/jockey get along together, and experience indicates how well they know each other.  A horse paired with a jockey it likes and knows well will likely perform better, both in training and in races (and vice-verse).

The jockey will give you feedback after a workout.  It will vary for each workout, but could cover pretty much any stat the GOT provides.  However, jockey feedback is strongly correlated to how much experience that jockey has with the horse (see above), so take their feedback with a grain of salt!  (They also give feedback on how experienced they are with the horse, to give you a guide on how trustworthy/knowledgeable they are.)

Recommended Training:
It is recommended to vary your horse’s training (either by hand or by frequently changing the schedule settings).  Not only will this keep your horse happy/interested, but it is more likely to improve their overall condition and ability.  (Consider a weight-training program - doing the same exercise over and over gets very boring, and your body gets used to it and no longer responds very well.)

It is recommended that for every 7 day period, your horse gets 3-4 days off/non-speed workouts (i.e. rest, or 1mi jog), 1-2 speed workouts/breezes, and 1-2 non-speed distance workouts (i.e. 3mi canter).

Features to add:

  • Track condition updating daily
  • Ability to edit stable/horse schedules
    - Ranking of horses (based on times for breezing, grouped by track)
  • Option to view all workouts from a given day
  • Gate training/gate tests
  • Jump trials

Also, on each (race)horse’s page, you can click “View Workouts” to view their workout history.  At this time, I anticipate that workouts will be stored for ~6 months, but that may change depending on space needs.

I’ve got a question about workouts. I work at the track and typically a horse will workout every 5 days (or so) unless they are running in which they will run about every two weeks then get 3-4 days off of training. I was just wondering if the time line for training horses is about the same or is this something we figure out on our own, kinda like trial and error

The latter…each horse will need something different, depending on their age/energy/fitness/possible injury/etc.

Rankings have been added.  :slight_smile:  Rankings will be created for all breezes.  Rankings are based on total time to run the distance, and grouped by track and dirt/turf/sc.  (So if 2 horses breeze over 4f at different tracks, they will each be ranked separately, similarly if one breezes on dirt and one breezes on turf.)

Rankings will not be created until the entire day has passed, so that all horses can have a chance to workout before getting ranked.

This may be my total undoing :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t a clue. Is there anyplace I can find general information for training?

Auto-training has been updated to NOT train horses if they are entered in a race.  (This is based on the assumption that if you’re racing your horse, you’re happy with their energy/fitness levels.)

Note: This will not prevent your horse from doing their regularly scheduled 3 mile gallop the day after they race, if that’s on their saved schedule.  Stables may want to create some sort of lightweight/maintenance schedule that they can use for horses coming off of races.

Is the same margin of error applicable to the energy/fitnees ratings on the workout page as the training summary page :wink: I figured it would be but I just wanted to check.

Yep, it’s the exact same code.  :slight_smile:

Wow, Shanthi!

Well, I have NO idea what I should be doing, but it’s fun anyway! Thanks for another awesome feature Shanthi!

Wow, I love this feature, thanks so much!  I have no idea what I’m doing, either but it’s really neat to play around with it and try to figure out horses and jockeys.  One thing I was wondering though-

Mistico Cigano’s GOT says he’s ornery.  Neither of his jockeys have seemed to have loved him- one stated that he didn’t get along with him and the other hat he just didn’t know him very well.  Should that reflect his orneryness, or is it just a fluke?

Jockeys won’t love a horse until they’ve trained with them a LOT.  (Same with how well they know them.)

Ok this is a heads up for EVERYONE–Horses CAN BREAK LEGS in training sessions!!

They can also have heart attacks and die.  (That’s true of races, too, but to date it hasn’t happened.)

Scary!! So I should retire this horse right?? no sense in trying to let him heal for a year…

Well, if you give him a year off, he will likely heal.  However, if you don’t want to wait a year (or pay taxes on him for a year when he’s doing nothing), then go ahead and retire him.

OK so I’m not so stupid then…well I’m gonna give it a try then…

have any horses-in RL on in FF- recovered from a broken leg and successfully raced again??

Real Life: Tons, including Mariah’s Storm (thus the basis of the movie Dreamer)
FF: Fleeting Dreams broke her leg in June of 08 and raced (badly) in October of 08.  I believe every other horse that has broken its leg has been retired or is still healing.

if a jockey comments that the horse refused to rate what does that mean?