How To Train

That they’re potentially not very ratable.  (i.e. if their natural inclination is to run like a sprinter, and in a race a jockey wants them to run from behind, they won’t be happy.)

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Are horses more likely to break a leg in training than in a race because I got one too…could the code be being harsh?

No, if anything, it’s more lenient for injuries than in races.

I ended up with a bunch of inuries too, but nothing more than swelling thanks the gods.  Maybe the horses, being fatigued from training, are becoming more prone to injuries?

Horses are more prone to injury if:

  • the track is bad
  • they are jumping
  • they are carrying too much weight (almost guaranteed not to happen, since the jockeys currently max out at 118lbs and horses can carry 115-140lbs)
  • they are immature/past their prime
  • they are low on energy and/or fitness

Beyond all that, it checks for what they’re doing.  So if all the horse is doing is walking for 3f, they’re much less likely to get injured than if they’re galloping for 5 miles.

Aah ok, so if your horse has F or D energy, you should limit exercise to a short walk or nothing at all.  That’s helpful

The workouts popup will now show (in red) if your horse has been injured.

Yet again, thanks for these cool new features!

So cool, great for us forgetful ones. :wink:

If you have a schedule set up for your horses to train on and you don’t train them on that day by going to the workouts page and actually finishing the track type/ jockey etc, does the computer do that for you at a set time? If yes, what is the time it does it at. If no, do they “obviously” miss a day of training?


If you have a schedule that includes some sort of activity on Wednesday (or any other day, but today’s Wednesday :wink:) and you don’t go in and do it manually, the computer will do it for you.  The computer picks a random jockey and a random track (it picks between dirt/turf; or jumps/no jumps depending on whether your horse is a steeplechaser or not).  (Obviously if your horse is walking 1 mile, jumps/no jumps makes no difference because they only jump the jumps if they’re going fast enough…i.e. galloping or breezing :wink:)

The computer automatically does training for the previous day at 12:04am PDT (3:04am EST).  (So for Wednesday training, the computer would auto-train on Thursday morning.)  This allows everyone a full 24hrs to train their horse before the computer steps in and does it for you.  (Note: that is also when the computer goes through and ranks all the horses who breezed, so you will not see a ranking on your horse’s workout page until the next day.)

Edit: If your horse does not have a schedule that includes something on Wednesday, the computer will ignore it and the horse will not train at all unless you train it yourself.

Curious and confused? Can someone tell me why this work is invalid?

Walk 2 furlongs  Jog 2 furlongs   
Melody Fink 100% Australia (Fast - Dirt) W
Jockey Comment Invalid Workout

Walk & Jog min distances are 1/2 mile (4 furlongs).

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Wow… I’m glad I found this post. I was so lost at first. I came back from vacation and saw all sorts of posts about training and I’m like… what did I miss?

I think this is a really cool feature, and adds even more realism to the game. Completely rockin’.  :smiley:

Just a question about horse injury recovery-

I had two horses get cuts during workouts on the 4th and 6th.  I started them walking at about a half mile at 20% yesterday, and did the same again today.  Is this too soon to start doing light “recovery” works such as walking, or can it be done earlier for a milder injury like a cut?  Also, is there any specific recommended time that we should wait to work a horse after say, swelling?  I was thinking start walking about 20 days after, trotting and cantering 25 days after, and then racing after about a month.  Is that long enough?  Again, I know it is all subjective to the horse, but i was just wondering about it.

Um…those sound good, I guess.  Injuries are treated in a very common-sense sort of manner.  i.e. what you would do with your horse (or yourself) is probably fine.  :wink:

Technical question: How do you delete or replace a personal training schedule for a horse?

Click the button that says “Delete _____'s schedule”