Horse pictures

The horse page looks great, so clean!
But I hope that a picture of the horse will be there somewhere in front, too :slight_smile:
And I’d love to offer you help with those pics if you need any.

I’m planning to completely revamp/add to the horse pictures, don’t worry. :slight_smile: They’re a low priority because I suck at drawing (by hand or digitally), so I focus on the data part which I’m better at. :wink: Help would be appreciated, though, if your talents lie in a more artsy way than mine (not that hard).

Sure, I’d love to help with that :slight_smile:

The drawings I sent you from Germany , I redid a couple if you want them re-sent just let me know. I made the body longer more like a TB less like a QH. :slight_smile:

Oh and a foal and yrlg too!

As before, all my Ivy Creek pony drawings are available for use, and I’d be happy to modify them/make more if necessary.  :slight_smile:  I’d only need the photo of the desired horse (correct body type & stance) to make an exact copy.  It’s super easy, and I’d love to be of some assistance.  :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys. Carole, I’m hoping to go a bit fancier for the images, so don’t think I can use your drawings.

I’m (probably) not going to go quite this fancy, but this is my inspiration - … 724?q=&qo=

Nice tutorial! I’m definetely going to try this, now I just have to force myself to do some work first :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t really like the horse pic :wink: but the technique could be useful when you have multiple images that should have some consistency. Still the dapple greys and roans and flea-bittens are going to be most difficult :wink:

Indeed. That’s why they look so bad on this version. :wink:

Well I only did line drawings that time. Lol I do shade and make them look real. Or I would not have a box of ribbons from competitions. Anyhow the offer stands. :slight_smile:

Okay, this is my first attempt - I really like the ideas from this tutorial, although I’m not perfectly happy with my result :slight_smile: looks a little bit too “real” and I have never seen a true red chestnut (probably, or I didn’t know) so I’m not sure how they look like.
But this is how my created colt [color=blue]Click and Play would be (and of course I forgot about the front head…):

Maybe he should be a little bit more red… so maybe this one is a light chestnut? And the grass looks too much like a green cloud or something :wink:

That looks way better than anything I’ve come up with. :wink:

FWIW, this is what I picture when I think of a red chestnut - … hpn_ph.jpg - the copper penny sort of tone, and very shiny. So yeah, I’d probably count yours as light chestnut. :slight_smile:

Oops - realised I posted the wrong tutorial. :wink: This one’s what I meant to post, though like I said, it’s a bit overboard on the fancy-factor. … 2#/d4aoz27

Oh wow.
That’s a million times better than my simple paint photos.  :slight_smile:
Hilda wins this one.  By a huge margin.
That photo looks fabulous!

I’ve used Escy’s tutorials and they’re awesome.  Here’s some of the artwork I’ve done following their guidelines. 

not that it helps us at all.  I’m still learning… but I do have access to a wacom tablet daily

My son owns a tablet and my daughter uses the deviant art site, and with PSP it’s easy to do lots of effects. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it! So I’ll finish some details and I can email you the grayscale psd file (and I can send it to anyone else who wants to try some colouring! Just PM me your emails). I also thought that it would be nice to make a different one for a mare, as they do have some different details (not only the obvious, but also a slightly “lighter” head, softer look in general, not so boned).
And then a foal and a yearling… :wink:

This is a great idea! I loved your art, great job!

Yeah, that was kind of my plan. :wink: Though I’d rather use a different greyscale, to be honest - that one looks a bit QH-y rather than TB-y…very big butt and short front cannons.

And, of course, then the tricky part is making all the options for the game :wink: need all the various colours, markings, etc, in combine-able files so that images can be created for horses dynamically.

Love the second one. :slight_smile: