Fun Features to Add?

Hey guys,

What fun/cool things would you like to see in FF? Already on the list (I may be forgetting some things, I know I have a really long to-do/wish list for FF stuff):

-Viewing races (in Flash) – Note: This will not happen for a LONG time, so don’t hold your breath :wink:
-User preferences (this is a long list, so I won’t list them, but eventually you’ll basically be able to customize FF/your stable however you like)

I was also thinking of incorporating an articles section, where members could post articles (that would probably need to be reviewed, only so that we don’t get random people wandering by and submitting stuff that’s inappropriate). Then FF could have its own “live” newsletter kinda thing. Any ideas/comments on that?

Any other cool ideas?

Newsletter sounds cool. My

brain isn’t working so I can’t think of anything else. Oh! A search for races feature. And

you have criteria so say search for a turf race at 10-12 furlongs GII. Sound good?

Yeah, but that’s not “fun.”

That’s “functional.” :stuck_out_tongue: I already have a list a mile long for functional stuff.

Yah an newsletter, thats a

good idea!


think everything about FF is F-U-N! :smiley: My bad…

Hmmm…I always thought

little match races between some of FF’s greats would be fun. Like horses that couldn’t

really race against each other when/if they did race. Like a sire race (Highland Rogue vs.

What’s It Worth) a broodmare race (Seeing Starz vs. That’s Debatable) and any other horses

that we’ve always been curious as to who would win (Highland Raven vs. ANYBODY-LETS SEE IF


Other than that a Newsletter would be awesome and even the

functional things are fun!

A betting page would also be

fun. Somehow, according to stats, the computer would generate odds and we could just go to

the page which has the final post parade listed and bet money. Quick, easy and fun!

Yeah I like the betting

thing. That sounds cool.

i think sumthin were we can

see all the stables and we can and descriptions and locations ect… not real fun but i

always wonder who is still playin…

Yeah, I’ve been toying with

the betting idea for a while, but haven’t really wanted to get into that, since I have a

feeling it wouldn’t really be able to be advertised as a “kid friendly” kinda game if

gambling were involved… :rolleyes:

Trevor, I’ve got the backend setup for a page

listing stables and such, I just haven’t gotten to setting up stuff where you can type in

your own stable description/website URL/etc. That’ll be part of the “user preferences”

stuff. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean but kid

games like Neopets ( ) have betting in them and they are specifically designed

for the very young. In neopets they have these little animals that race and you pick one

that you think will win and get money if they do and lose money if they don’t. They also

have all kinds of another gambling in that game like rolling the dice etc.

Just an FYI

ya i kinda like the betting

thing myself too… and kids are ALWAYS betting on something…this way as laest it

wouldnet be their lunch

Yeah, or you can put an age

restriction on the betting. Hehe, 18+! :stuck_out_tongue: I like Trev’s idea cool. And it should advertise

all the awards the stable has won, so I can try brag some more! :slight_smile: But yeah, the betting

thing could work somehow, though how would you work the odds out? It’d be cool too if on the

post parade there was a ‘form’ section showing the last 5 starts or 4 starts or something.

Like say… 1111 would be four last wins… 2172 would be a second, a first, a seventh and a

second… 0090 would be a tenth or worse, another one, a ninth and another tenth or worse

[now that’s a bad horse! :stuck_out_tongue:].

I was just thinking of some

stuff that would be fun to add to FF and was thinking of maybe having some way of “caring”

for our horses. Like being able to groom, feed, walk, and maybe even being able to buy them

supplements n’stuff. Like maybe instead of haveing a yearly stable matenance fee it would

be monthly or even weekly and we would have to buy the right amount of feed for that time

period. This would be more realistic since sometimes we don’t have the same amount of

horses in our stable at any one time.
And maybe to improve/irritate a horses mood we could

groom them, so we would have to experiment to find out what they like best and be able to

know them more. Oh, my!!! And then there could be a little dialoug to tell us how the horse

is feeling/acting after we “care” for them. :slight_smile: Just an idea. :smiley:

Hehe, I don’t know that

we’re likely to end up getting THAT detailed. But it would be neat if we had

“personalities” for the horses or you could play with them a bit more. Putting in a vet so

you can check on horse soundness and energy is on the to-do list, so maybe eventually

they’ll get personalities. Just a question of making them personalized enough so that

there’s a wide range of personalities. But it’s something fun to think about.

Yeah that’s what I thought.

:slight_smile: Maybe someday. :wink:

Oh, oh, oh, I have another

idea. How about after a horse races a new picture on the horses page shows up. For example

if they came out of the race clean and happy the horse will be clean and happy, if they were

hurt maybe the leg that they hurt will have a cut or bandage or may be lifting the leg up, or

if it was a muddy day and the horse is really tired he will have mud on him and his head will

be drooped a little bit. I think that would be really neat and then eventually it would be

cool to have buttons to click to choose to give them a bath (after a muddy race), put a

bandage on their leg (that they hurt in the race), or even litament after a hard day and

wraps overnight. Then the page would reload with a new picture of the horse happy and clean.

:slight_smile: And it would be cool if when the horse is sound again after he hurts himself if the

bandage magically disapears and he’s sound. So then we could check on our horses to see if

they are sound before we decide to race them agian. I thought this might be easier to do in

the mean time before we can talk to vets and trainer about their soundness. What do ya think

now??? :smiley: :rolleyes:

Yeah I think something with a

horses face showing whether it wants to race or is tired or something like that would be

kinda cool.

Pictures are much harder to

do than words, actually :wink:. I’ll make doing a vet-check thing a priority along w/ retyping

viewhorse while I’m home over break. I’m hoping to do a lotta real horse stuff, but we’ll

see how the weather cooperates and my mom swears she shouldn’t be on the computer since

she’s studying for her master gardener class :wink:.

I think if you do a betting

thing, the age limit should be lower :slight_smile: Since I’m 14…