First steps

Hi at all, i’m new in the game, can you give me some help on how to get started?
Training, workout tips ecc…

how can I scratch my horses from the race?

Method 1:
Click on the line in your stable overview that says that you have x horses entered to race on day y. There are buttons there to scratch.

Method 2:
Click on the race entries page and go to the race you want to scratch from. Next to your horse there will be a button to scratch.

You will get your entry fee refunded unless entries have closed for the race day.


Thanks for your help, another question please, have I created a training schedules, but I have no information on the workout page why?

It depends on which workouts page you’re viewing. will allow you to work your horses out for today, and will show any scheduled activities for today based on the training schedule you’ve set. (So if you set your horse to canter 1 mile on Mondays, that will be pre-selected for them.) will show you any workouts previously done by your horses (and it will probably be blank as you’re new).

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Cicco! Welcome to the game. It’s a lot of fun if you stick with it!

Things have changed quite a bit from when I started (it used to be a $50k budget and two horses), but here are some quick bits of advice. Some is personal experience, but some was handed down from more experienced players when I was new.

Training is pretty essential. Everyone has a different method/schedule, and there isn’t one schedule works 100% of the time for every single horse in my experience. If you have time to monitor how your horse responds (increase in fitness + energy recovery after) and customize the training, great! Personally, I use the training mostly to get to know the horse. The more a jockey rides the same horse, the better he/she gets to know that horse (and the more you can trust his/her comments). The lowest risk of error in jockey comments comes after the jockey states that he/she “knows X like the back of my hand”. Once they can be trusted, you can learn valuable info about your horse (running style, if they like the equipment, how well they get along with the jockey, if they need a rest at the farm, etc.)

Racing can be a bit tricky. Personally, I try to only run my horses when they are at A/A for energy/fitness. You typically get easier competition at the lower levels…except at the most popular tracks, these races can fill up. I tend to have better luck in, say, a NW3 race with only 4 entrants (Final Furlong will fill it up to 6 as a minimum) than a maiden with 13 other runners. Tracks that are farther away are sometimes worth the shipping charge because of less overall competition, too.

I hope this helps a bit! I really relied on advice from others when I started.

Thanks for your great advice ivycreekfarm, I hope to slowly understand the dynamics of the game. If I have any doubts can I bother you with a PM?
Good day

Thanks Shanthi you are very kindly.
Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

No worries. :slight_smile: Ask any questions you like - we’re a friendly bunch.

in FAQ section there is this explanation of speed figure:

|Claiming|High 40s - Mid 50s|
|Maiden|High 60s - Mid 70s|
|GIII|High 70s - Mid 80s|
|GII/Allowance|High 70s - Mid 80s|
|GI|High 100s - Mid 110s|
|Ungraded Stakes|High 80s - Mid 90s|
|Grade 3 Stakes|High 90s - Mid 100s|
|Grade 2 Stakes|High 100s - Mid 110s|
|Grade 1 Stakes|High 110s - Mid 120s|

but in the results the SF value of some horses is much higher (170-250 for example) how can I interpret this?

The FAQ definitely needs some updating. :wink: Speed figures are dynamic (based on the average finish time for races), so as horses get faster (through successive generations of breeding), the speed figures will go up naturally.


@Cicco76 Of course you may! Though public forum might get you more varied responses (as mine might not always be the best method). We’re all just doing the best we can. Shanthi has done a great job keeping this game a bit of a guessing game - just like in real life!

For example, a horse that isn’t running well could be any number of reasons why:
-she might be physically capable but just refuses (hates running, hasn’t hit her prime yet or is past it, or just doesn’t like the track conditions/jockey/equipment/etc.) - but may go on to pass those physically fit genes if bred later
-she might not be physically able to run well (and thus shouldn’t be bred as you wouldn’t want those genetics passed on) regardless of pedigree

In the end, there’s no way to know for certain. You try to determine peak age (based on estimated height range, when mom/dad/siblings ran best, etc), try different surfaces, tracks, jockeys, equipment, etc. until you have success (or don’t). Then you guess which mares might be worth breeding upon retirement. Even a stakes winning mare can fail to pass on her winning streak. Sometimes the best broodmares are ones that never raced at all or didn’t do very well. Nothing is certain. That mystery is what keeps it exciting.



Hi guys, I have two problems, the first is that I can’t understand why not all my horses do their training, I set the same training program for everyone, only for some I have the relationship for the others not. Second problem, this horse:
has a scheduled race, this:
22/05/23 Belmont # 21: 7f Compensation for 3yo + (Dirt) - B F8
but even if it is already in Belmont, it is not inserted because “the horse is not on the track”.
You can help me understand this, thank you very much.

Horses should train if they have a schedule and are at the track. They won’t train if they are at your farm, a boarding farm or in transit.

I’m not sure about your second issue, sorry.

Thanks for the reply, I have a horse that is not entered for the scheduled race because it is not on the track, but he was sent and is present on the track, as I do to register him for the race…
Sorry for my english :cold_sweat:

Hi Cicco,

I just looked at your racehorses to see what’s going on. I can’t view your training schedule or workouts to make sure there’s something scheduled, but here’s what I saw:

Buttero shipped to Calder on 5/13, but won’t arrive 'til 5/18 (and can’t train until then)
Caccoletta arrived at the track on 5/15, so today should be her first day available to train
Lord Somerled arrives at the track today (5/16), so should be able to train starting tomorrow
The Pale Rider is still at your farm and won’t be able to train until he arrives at a track
Wary Hope is the only one that has been at a track continuously (since 1/11) and would have been able to train any time

Automated entries run on the first day a race opens for entries, so for Lord Somerled’s 5/22 race, entries would have run on 5/14. It looks like that is the first day he started his shipment. I’m not super familiar with auto-entries (it’s a recently added thing), but I haven’t had great luck. I’ve been shipping the horses immediately so they will already be at the track before automated entries run in order to guarantee a slot (and recover energy from shipment in advance of the race, if necessary). I believe the auto-entries are tried again just as the races close (before filler Final Furlong horses are entered) - I think 5/21 in this case so long as it still shows on your Future Entries page.

When doing auto-entries, I’ve had the best luck doing this:

  • Changing the Shipping date to tomorrow’s date
  • Unchecking the box for “Ship only if horse is entered in the race.”
  • Leave box for “Auto-enter this horse when entries open” checked

Even then, I still go back every once in a while and check the Future Entries page to make sure they’re all at or in-transit to their race location. If they aren’t, I manually ship them way ahead of the race to guarantee entry.

Hi ivycreekfarm,
Thanks for your very detailed answer, having a couple of horses for now I think I should send them manually so you don’t have any problems. in the training program I left three days dedicated to the walk / rest, the other days varied between breeze and gallop, is it correct?