Cricket Hill Foals: 2016 Edition

These last couple nights, I’ve been way too anxious.

We had three arrive today.

[color=blue]Levinas (ICh. Take Me Away x GCh. Go For Glory §)
9.3hh Bay Colt

A highly anticipated foal.  Thankfully, both dam and colt are healthy. Go For Glory has had a stellar career in the broodmare shed–100% of her foals to race are MSW.  This bugger’s 1/2 to ICh. Demand the Best (just retired to stud), NCh. Toast of the Town, and Ch. Initforthelonghaul. Levinas is named after the French philosopher Emanuel Levinas, whose theories I’m using for my MA thesis. Go For Glory will be shipped to Australia for a date with I’m No Fool when he retires.

[color=red]Tahrir Square (GCh. Akhetnaten (S) x Dark Miss (S))
9.2hh Bay Filly
Another highly anticipated filly. This is Dark Miss’s first foal since 2013, so we’re glad that she was able to foal safely.  Tahrir Square is 1/2 to MSW NCh. Carrowmore, Ch. Camden Park and Ch. Across Enemy Lines.  Dark Miss will be bred to Dark Continent.

[color=red]Debutante (ICh. Long Live the King x Premiere)
8.2hh Grey Filly
Debutante is actually from the 2nd crop of both Premiere and King, so we won’t know for at least a year what to expect from her. Premiere didn’t quite distinguish herself on the track, but she is by Lonesome Glory, whom we love as a broodmare sire. Premiere has been sent to Australia for a date with Dr. Evil.

3 foals, [color=red]2 fillies, [color=blue]1 colt

Nice Babies…

Nice foals!

Nice foals, all look like they’ll be great on the track

Two more boys tonight.

[color=blue]Eulogy (ICh. Unabridged x Ch. Notanotherhighland)
9.0hh Dark Grey Colt

1/2 to Ch. Timbuktu, Notanotherhighland’s only foal to race.  I’m not sold on the name, but I recently read a book that referred to the untimely death of a character as “An Abridged Life.” That seemed like bad luck, but I stuck with the theme. Notanotherhighland’s headed to see Blue Smoke.  It’s hard finding a non-Worth/Rogue boy at stud!

[color=blue]Niger Delta (ICh. Dark Continent (S) x Broken-Down Nag)
8.1hh Bay Colt

First foal of dam, a hard-knocking multi-winner. Just read in the news about a spill in the Niger that Shell is refusing to clean up because it’s “not their oil.” First thing that leaped to my mind when I thought “Broken System.” It may change, but it goes with the African theme DC has been inspiring.  Broken-Down Nag has been sent to Dark Demand.

I like the names. :slight_smile:

So do I, they suit them

You could go with Unbound (eulogy) or unbind my heart

Congrats on the Unabridged baby! Best of luck with him!

Thanks! I’m excited to see how his foals turn out.

Just one today.

[color=red]Earthly City (ICh. Witness (B) x NCh. Sacred Hill)
9.2hh Chestnut Filly
Sacred Hill did really well on the track. Her only foal to raise, Forbidden City, was a multi-winner as a 2yo.  Sacred Hill has been bred to Long Live the King.

Four over the weekend.

[color=red]Foolish Woman (FFCh. Foolhardy (S) x NCh. Sultry Woman)
9.0hh Dark Grey Filly
This is Sultry’s 2nd foal.  She was the 2012 Steeplechase Mare. She was a bit of a late bloomer, so we’re not expecting her foals to really shine until 4yos.  She has been sent to HC for a 2017 foal.

[color=blue]Joe Christmas  (FFCh. High Chances (S) x Ch. Molly is a Mule)
9.1hh Grey Colt
This is Molly’s 2nd foal. We figured that we should continue with the Faulkner-inspired names (her first foal was Dilsey, from The Sound and the Fury). Joe Christmas is the main character from Light in August. Molly has been sent to Candidate for a 2017 foal.

[color=red]Princess and the P (ICh. Long Live the King x GCh. Daddys Pride)
8.3hh Bay Filly
Princess is 1/2 to Ch. Point of Pride (SP), who is Daddys’ first foal to race. Definitely excited to see how this one does. Daddys Pride has been sent to Gilded Saint.

[color=blue]Yes Man (ICh. Ring of Fire (S) x NCh. Buy an Angel)
9.1hh Black Colt
First foal out of MSW mare. Dam was an extremely late bloomer (5yo), so I’m definitely going to have to keep that in mind with this bugger.  Buy an Angel has been bred to Demand the Best.

As usual, love the names. :slight_smile:

Ohhhh, Foolish Woman, is super cute. :slight_smile: Congrats on some awesome babies!

Well, we lost one today.

Lonely River had trouble foaling and we ended up losing a handsome colt by Dark Continent. The mare, thankfully, is doing okay.  This was her 2nd foal. She has been bred to Demand the Best for a 3x3 to Lonesome Glory.

On a happier note, we had one live birth over the night.

[color=blue]Don’t Pass Go (ICh. V is for Victory x Ch. Passin’ Sandy)
9.0hh Brown Colt
Passin’ Sandy was undefeated as a 3yo and even one the BC Mile against the boys. She was the 2011 Turf Filly and 3yo Filly of the Year. She has been sent to ICh. Unabridged for a killer miler.

Sorry about your colt. :frowning:

Love the name Don’t Pass Go, though. :slight_smile:

Sorry for your loss :frowning: glad the mare is ok and congratulations on a healthy colt.

Thanks guys.

You know what’s the worst part of having a broodmare by the name of Unnamed? Every time I lose a foal, my first reaction is “Oh shoot, I lost my Second Chance mare!”  That’ll teach me to be “cute” with naming. Figures that this would back to bite me in the butt, Shanthi. :wink:

Sorry to hear you lost one , but congrats on the other and always love the names you come up with.

Sorry about your mare, but I love the colt