Clover Springs' Stables 2014 Foals!

We also had the privilege of our very first foal being born on New Years Day!  1 down and only 50 more to go!   :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=blue]Bear Witness
ICh. Witness x Ch. Dreamweaver
7.3h grey colt
Born: January 1, 2014

I’m really looking forward to see what kind of foals Dreamweaver can produce because the colt’s grand-dam, Sweet Dreams, is gold-ranked with several stakes winning foals.  

Here is to an amazing foaling season with healthy foals for everyone!   ;D  (can I finally get a set of twins this year too, Santa?) lol

~ Lindsay

Cute colt! Congrats!

Foal number two arrived early this morning…

[color=red]Digital Skye
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Aerials
9.0hh black filly
Born: January 4, 2010

This is Aerials first foal after being retired at the beginning of 2013.  The filly’s grand-dam (Gold-ranked & Reine-de-Course (I/C) Patriot Games) had produced several MSWs including Six String, Void (at stud), Long Shot, Rogue et Blanc, and Athens.  Sadly, Patriot Games passed away back in December of 2013 so her spirit will live on with her foals and grand babies.

2 foaled ([color=blue]1 colt, [color=red]1 filly), 49 foals left for 2014

Even more foals have arrived since the last post.  I find myself like a kid in a candy store checking every morning to see if new foals have arrived :wink:

[color=red]She’s No Bull
Holy Bull x Lady In Residence (G)
black 8.3hh filly
Born: January 8, 2014

Love this name for her!  1/2 sibling to MSW Heiress and Pleasant Lady (nice that both siblings are fillies :wink: and from FF stallions)  Lady is being sent to Nightfight for a 2015 foal.

[color=red]Heavenly Orbit
Rock of Gibraltar x Almost Heaven
dark bay 9.2hh filly
Born: January 8, 2014

She is Almost There’s first foal after being retired early last year.  I decided to try and match her with an FF stallion for the first year, and not quite sure who I’ll send her to this year.  I’m really excited to see what type of foals Rock of Gilbraltar will produce.

ICh. Chivalry x El Nino
black 8.2hh filly
Born: January 9, 2014

Another maiden broodmare who produced a beautiful little filly!  I also can’t wait to see how Chivalry’s foals will do in a couple of years.

[color=red]Love Vigilante
GCh. Steal Your Heart x Chicago
chestnut 9.3hh filly
Born: January 10, 2014

Another maiden broodmare and beautiful filly (seems to be a trend :wink: I’m looking forward to watching Steal Your Heart’s first large foal crop of 2yo’s hit the track this year to see how they race.

[color=blue]Billy Flynn
WCh. All Jazzed Up x NCh. Atlantis §
bay 9.0hh colt
Born: January 10, 2014

Named after the character in Chicago of the same name :wink:  I really love having Atlantis in the barn and especially the thought of racing her babies in a couple of years.  Mixing Jazz It Up and Planet Hollywood bloodlines together is just always a nice idea :wink:  Atlantis is booked to see Highland Bandit for her 2015 foal.

7 foals ([color=blue]2 colts, [color=red]5 fillies), 44 foals left for 2014

Congrats! I love the name Bear Witness and Alongthewatchtower

Another colt arrived at the stable yesterday morning :slight_smile:

[color=blue]Hotel California
FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (B) x WCh. Oscuro Arco Iris
black 7.3hh colt
Born: January 14, 2014

I couldn’t resist the name and was surprised no one has used it yet!  Lovely bloodlines on this boy with a lot of gold-ranked stallions and mares.  Oscuro will be seeing Stressed for her 2015 foal :slight_smile:

8 foals ([color=blue]3 colts, [color=red]5 fillies), 43 foals left for 2014

Love the name. :slight_smile:

Thanks!  :slight_smile:  We had another new filly arrive yesterday…

WCh. Gotta Go x NCh. Always A Princess
bay 7.2hh filly
Born: January 17, 2014

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately… mostly vampire related books as you can tell by her name :wink:  She is the second foal by her dam and Gotta Go’s first foal crop will start racing in 2015.

9 foals ([color=blue]3 colts, [color=red]6 fillies), 42 foals left for 2014

Such beautiful foals.  If any happen to go missing one evening… It wasn’t me.  shifty eyes

Then you shouldn’t have said anything, Cat!  :smiley:

We have added another colt (yay!) to this year’s crop:

[color=blue]Rolling Blackout
ICh. Dark Continent x NCh. Fingerprints
7.3hh black colt
Born: January 19, 2014

I needed a few days to think of a name for this gorgeous boy and it finally came to me last night.  He is the first foal by Fingerprints and she has visited Highland Wizard for her 2015 foal.

10 foals ([color=blue]4 colts, [color=red]6 fillies), 41 foals left for 2014

Oh, this one I HAVE to steal.  :wink:  What a pretty boy.  I am sure he’ll do his sire proud.  =)

I’m getting all excited about the Olympics being in Vancouver this year, and although I won’t be attending (I’m envious of my uncle who lives in Vancouver and will be) I decided to name a horse in its honor:

FFCh. Foolhardy (S) x Ch. Five Rings (B)
bay 8.3hh filly
Born: January 29, 2014

Everyone has really been getting into the Olympic spirit around here and we had the torch pass through our town last week, so I decided to use that as inspiration for a foal name this week :slight_smile:  I really love the bloodlines on this filly (grand-dam is gold-ranked Reine-de-Course (I/C) Patriot Games) and can’t wait to see how she’ll do on the track!

11 foals ([color=blue]4 colts, [color=red]7 fillies), 40 foals left for 2014

Love the name. :slight_smile:

More new foals have arrived at Clover Springs the past couple of days…

[color=red]Princess Buttercup
WCh. As You Wish x Ch. Wild Streak
9.3hh black filly
Born: January 30, 2014

Just couldn’t resist the Princess Bride reference and the name really seemed to stick with this filly.  I’m really looking forward to April for the 2yo’s to hit the track and see how his first crops do.

[color=blue]Fading Star
ICh. Prince Of Wonder x Star Radiance
9.1hh liver chestnut colt
Born: January 30, 2014

13 foals ([color=blue]5 colts, [color=red]8 fillies), 38 foals left for 2014

Love those names! Especially the filly’s!!  :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:  I also have another filly to report:

WCh. Strider x ICh. Clendon Park
8.3hh strawberry roan filly
Born: February 2, 2014

She borrowed her father’s coloring and the inspiration for her name from the LOTR :wink:  Several meanings for her name, but I thought it fit nicely with her :slight_smile:  Clendon Park will be visiting Starz ‘n’ Stripes for her 2015 foal.

14 foals ([color=blue]5 colts, [color=red]9 fillies), 37 foals left for 2014

We seem to have an evasion of the fillies this year at our farm…

[color=red]Teardrop Pearl
NCh. Bellagio x GCh. Charming Dance (B)
8.3hh dark grey filly
Born: February 3, 2014

Teardrop is Charming Dance’s sixth foal, and all of her racing foals are winners thus far.  She will be seeing All Jazzed Up for her 2015 foal.

[color=red]Whispering Orchid
WCh. Strider x Knight’s Princess
9.1hh strawberry roan filly
Born: February 3, 2014

I am in love with Strider foals, especially when they keep popping out as strawberry roans like their daddy :wink:  Orchid is the fourth foal for Knight’s Princess, and she will be visiting Foolhardy for her 2015 foal.

[color=blue]Sparkling Edward
WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S) x WCh. Dreamboat
8.3hh dark bay colt
Born: February 3, 2014

Hehe… how could I not resist this name (especially when he’s a bay like his eyes/hair) and it fits him so perfectly  ;D  I’m really drooling over Dreamboat’s foals, and I’m sending her to Australia to see Strike It Rich for her 2015 baby.

14 foals ([color=blue]6 colts, [color=red]11 fillies), 34 foals left for 2014

We had another filly born this morning… and a 2:1 ratio of fillies to colts now :wink:

[color=red]Magic Feather
GCh. Must Be Magic (S) x ICh. Long Shot
8.2hh black filly
Born: February 4, 2014

Long Shot is another mare I really adore because of her racing history and for Patriot Games being in her bloodlines.  I really love Must Be Magic as a sire as well (not just because he’s a dark grey but that might have something to do with it :wink: )  Long Shot will be visiting TakeMeToHollywood for her 2015 foal.

15 foals ([color=blue]6 colts, [color=red]12 fillies), 33 foals left for 2014

Love it!! He sure has a drool-worthy pedigree…I hope he lives up to his namesake!  :slight_smile:

We sadly lost our first foal of the season on Friday morning; a little filly by No Duplicate and out of Filly from Chile.  :frowning:  Chile has been bred to Silver Charm for her 2015 foal and hopefully her foal will be okay next spring.

We also had two healthy foals arrive at the barn:

[color=blue]Jazz Fusion
WCh. All Jazzed Up x GCh. Dark Princess (B)
9.2hh bay colt
Born: February 8, 2014

Not quite sure whom I’ll be sending Dark Princess to yet for her 2015 foal, but I’ll take another healthy colt to try and even out my numbers :wink:

[color=red]Tragic Kingdom
FFCh. Foolhardy (S) x Ch. Youwouldntbelievit (S)
8.3hh black filly
Born: February 8, 2014

I’ve been listening to No Doubt tonight after starting to read a book on the band, so this was just natural inspiration for the filly’s name :wink:  I’m also not sure at this point whom Youwouldntbelievit will visit for her 2015 foal.

21 foals ([color=blue]7 colts, [color=red]13 fillies, [color=orange]1 deceased), 30 foals left for 2014