Bragging time..

Despite having more horses than we know what to do with, Stillwater Farms couldn’t resist buying a few more in the Select Auction.

Eleanor Rigby has a cool name. 8) She also happens to have a cool family to match, being 3/4 MSW/multi-millionaire Belmont winner Stressed. We’re quite curious about Government Secret as a sire, as well, so she seemed a good match.

Paris of Troy (previously named “Originality”) we bought for similar reasons…he’s actually almost genetically identical to Eleanor Rigby, being a 1/2 brother to Goverment Secret and by Man O’War. (Eleanor’s dam is a Man O’War daughter.) What can I say? I like Man O’War and Secretariat. :wink: We weren’t going to buy any colts, but we changed our minds. :slight_smile:

Spyder, I’ll admit, was purchased for his name. 8) However, he is 1/2 brother to MSW Sunbird, so he’s got very nice bloodlines. I’ve never been a huge fan of Point Given, but I can’t sneeze at 47.6% stakes-level foals. :slight_smile:

We were interested in Indy’s Lady, as we have very little Indy bloodlines in our barn, but have dropped out on her…maybe next year. :slight_smile:

What’d everyone else get?

Having corrupted Shanthi into buying horses, I suppose I should admit that I did too :wink:

First pick was Ch. Ante Up a nice big broodmare by Flash’s Image out of Lady Gambler. Neither line is overly impressive, both sire and dam have only one other stakes placed foal a piece and Ante Up’s 2yo 1/2 sib is a winner so far. Ante Up went no worse than 3rd her 3yo year in 7 starts and hit the board twice out of 3 starts as a 2yo. I bought her because Flash’s Image is my mom’s Arab so I need his lines in my stable. She’s in foal to Bold Ruler, so that should be a nice foal.

Clear As Crystal was our other broodmare buy. Her record is pretty enh but she’s 1/2 to MSW Get the Point and SW Celtic Mist. Her 3yo colt by Unbridled is a MSW and she’s in foal to Easy Goer (who I’m not addicted to, but I haven’t got anything against).

We also brought home two baby girls to help out with our 20/28 bias towards colts (meaning I have a whopping 8 homebred weanling fillies).

LA Confidential (formerly Eveineden) is by Government Secret (hey, I’m smart enough to follow Shanthi’s hunches :wink:) and by Happy Holidays. She’s half to MSW Evergreen and SP A.P. Slew and B.B. Cheer.

Penny Lane ended our buying streak (Sorry Cat). By Lit de Justice and out of Social Climber (a Pardon Me Mister mare). She’s 1/2 to SW Whistler’s Point and SP A.P. Pardon.

I almost bought Bonfire until her price skyrocketted. Hopefully I won’t regret that too much.

Nice choice of name for LA Confidential. :slight_smile:

Well I wasn’t going to buy any horses either but after looking over all of the horses available in the Select Auction I kind of changed my mind and went after a few that interested me. Still am after 2 more, but these are the ones I have purchased so far:

My first choice in the auction and one horse I was thinking would get more attention put on him was Peacock, but it appears I was the only bidder really wanting him. I don’t think his dam needs any introduction being the undefeated WCh. Highland Raven. He is 1/2 to MSW Slew O’Scots, Blackbird, and to SW Highland Lady and Priceless. With Rainbow Quest being his sire and mixing Rogue and Quest bloodlines together I’m drooling over 2010 when this foal will race. :smiley:

Next up was GCh. Clear Effect one of the two dirt colts that FF owned that I was really hoping would be in the auction. :wink: He is the first foal of Clear As Crystal, but is already a MSW and that is why I wanted to buy him in the first place. I’m not really much of an Unbridled fan, but I did breed Foolish Question to him as a experiment to see what would happen.

I also purchased Ch. Bright Gold as another dirt prospect because I have so many 3yo turf horses at the moment. Again Bright Gold is the first foal of his dam, Question Authority, to be a MSW. I’m not really sure about Black Gold as a sire, but Bright Gold appears to be a good enough racer to me :wink:

The other two horses I’m fighting to get are Bonfire and Gold Ingot. I also can’t believe I’m buying four colts… lol


Aw, ya gotta feel the Unbridled love, Lindsay. :slight_smile:

Yay to the Unbridled love, but I think Jade is trying to make me pay an arm and a leg for Bonfire, and I might just try for Smilin’ Irish again instead at this rate… geesh…

Might be time to sell an expensive horse or two after this one is through :wink:


All I can say about this years select auction is WOW!! Some incredible horses going this year and I feel I got some of the steals so yay for that. :smiley: I really didn’t need any horses either but of course after seeing those offered how could you not buy anything? So far here is who I managed to snag up.

[color=red]Secretz (Secretariat X FFCh. Starz Afire) -
OMG, this was the main filly i wanted and was so surprised I got her for only $500,000. I love Secretariat as a sire and how could you not love a filly out of the only FF champ? Very pretty filly.

[color=red]Vibrant (A.P. Indy X Rise and Shine) -
She was also a filly I really wanted after ISI dispersed her stable and was happy to see her weanlings go to the select auction. Vibrant is half sister to MSW and standing stallion Worth The Wait, and MSW Rising Storm. Very happy to have this beautiful filly. :slight_smile:

[color=red]Because I Said (A.P. Indy X Why Not) formerly known as Molto Dolce.
Very promising looking yearling filly who is half to MSW producing broodmare Dixie Chick, SP Sunset March, and MSW Dare To Question. The foals Dixie Chick has gone on to produce were MSW No Comment and MSW Dixie Double. These were nice lines all around and for a good price at that. :slight_smile:

I am still after two more and have obviously dropped out of the runnings for Bonfire since her auction bidding has soared into the multi millions. I’m greatful to hear that Stillwater has decided to have mercy on my soul or maybe i’m just willing to pay more for [color=red]Indy’s Lady than shes worth…lol. Either way I hope she’ll end up happily grazing with my broodmare band. Even though I just realized that over half of my purchases are by A.P. Indy and fillies/mares. I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, though.:slight_smile: The other I just recently put a bid on was [color=red]Alaskan Wildcat. I like this mare and thought I’d like to finish out racing her this year and then breed her next year. So Yay again for the select auction!

Managed to snatch Ch. High Flight for $50,500. He is five and has yet to win this year but we’ll see what we can do. He is one nice horse, can’t go wrong with the Highland Rogue babies.

Kermit and I take great offense to that! :stuck_out_tongue: Granted, he won’t be giving birth to any foals, barring some strange disease/miracle…but still, he holds his title very near to his heart…he worked hard for it! :wink:

We only got two, and I’ll try my best to pretend to be grumpy with Andrea for thieving Penny Lane (actually, I was concentrating on getting Fear Factor and didn’t want to have to worry about fighting off the Storybrook Crew for possibly two horses).

Class Clown is the full brother to HOTY I’m A Classic and half brother to stakes winning On The Run and War Monger. He was kind of an impulse buy after the said drama of losing Penny Lane, but I honestly can’t complain. He’s a 2yo so we don’t have to wait years for the fun to begin. Tally ho!

Fear Factor–the last foal of dark grey mare Vanity Fair, dam of Worth My While and Simply Spectacular, this yearling colt was our number one desire and to our shock and awe–he’s coming home with us (how often does that happen?) I"m unfamiliar with the Danzig line, but something about him “spoke” to me, in the only way the cute ganglyness of a studly colt can to an addled mind. While not a big fan of the TV show that might be his name sake, we’re rather disinclined to change his name (shock!awe!). Plus, he’d probably end up with something horrid like Ziptadeedooda or Zigzagaziggazag, and the poor bugger would be traumatized.

So, despite our disappointment on not stealing Penny Lane for the clutches of Storybrook farms, we know that we’ll somehow be able to maybe try and steal one of her future foals.

I feel like such a Rumplestiltzken! Andrea, are you sure you don’t need straw spun into gold anytime in the near future?

Yay for not changing Fear Factor’s name…he’s rather attached to it, y’know. :slight_smile:

OH man! Lol…i knew I was forgetting something! :astonished: Oh Kermit I’m sorry…:astonished:ffers him a fiji apple and baby carrots: Sorry to Shanthi too!..:astonished:ffers her a peppermint: ( I’m in avery weird mood.) :lol:

Holly, you forgot that Dixie Chick also produced Chicken. You KNOW he’s going to be mad good. Why not admit it now? :wink:

Oh poor Chicken. :slight_smile: I think I can rumage around for another fiji apple and baby carrots. :finds some and hands them to Cat: Tell him they are from me okay?! We can’t have family feeling left out ya know?! :lol:

I assume you mean fiji apples, Holly. :wink: Kermit says thanks, by the way. And the peppermint will come in handy with Emma, though I’m not sure that I want her having any sugar, to be honest…she was definitely looking forward to galloping away with me on Saturday (thankfully she didn’t fulfill her dreams).

ah, correctomundo Shanthi. :slight_smile: I will edit my post immediately. Though, do expect many more spelling errors from me since college has now officially fried my brain.

But now back to the subject matter…so how did everyone else fair in the auction??

(I did have to spell check this in word first ya know? :lol: )

Hey, it passed spell check and that’s all I care about at this point. :wink: Never really liked english either…neither…whatever. :wink: Thank you for extending my knowledge, though.

I’m sure we can work out another evil plan, Cat. I felt bad outbidding you, but well, my colts were starting to complain about the odds of scoring a date out their in the weanling field :wink:

Awww, I’m touched, Andrea! I always figured you’d be one to laugh manically while pressing the “bid” button. How wrong I was!

I guess I’ll be the only one laugh as I try to out run those cute dogs you have hanging around the barn, they only barely caught me last time. :wink:

Well I spent WAY more then I planned on! hehe ok heres who i got

All For You - 1999 broodmare, has produced SW All For Slew and SP All Too Cross. Not sure what it was about this mare that i liked… just had a feeling. She’s in foal to ManO’ war for next year.

I also snatched Candyland. 1/2 to stakes winners Spice it Up and Crimson Twist. Has a great GOT, good breeding lines. I look forward to her first race.

Last but not least, i got Flawless. 1/2 to SW Go Overboard and SP Filly From Chile. She has great bloodlines and should make a great broodmare in the future.