Black Storm 2027 Foals

GOLDEN TONGUE, 9.1h chestnut colt
GCh. Honeydukes x Ch. Spiritual - NCh. Aptitude
Second foal and colt for MSW/MSP dam. Spiritual will visit Hogwarts for 2028.

DEAD RINGER, 9.2h bay colt
GCh. Local Haunt x Ch. Lipstickandmalice - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
First foal for MSW and millionaire dam. Lipstickandmalice has been sent to High South for 2028.

DARK MIRAGE, 8.3h brown filly
Ch. Honeydukes x Darkfall (G) - Danzig (S)
Half to MSWs Ch. Downfall and Ch. Evocatation. Darkfall has been sent to Kemistree for 2028.

CARETTA, 9.2h black filly
GCh. Cool Crusader x Ch. Filly from Chile (G) - Bold Ruler (S)
Half to MSWs Ch. Color Run and Ch. Santa Rosa, and SW’s Ch. Samba and Ch. Caleuche. At age 20, Filly from Chile was retired after delivering Caretta. In all, Filly from Chile produced 15 foals, 10 to race, with 8 winners and 4 stakes winners.

107 Foals: 58 colts | 49 fillies | 5 Mare Deaths | 5 Mares Retired | 2 Stillborn


Colts, colts, colts.

INKBLOT, 9.1h dark grey colt
Ch. High South x Inkling - ICh. Chivalry
Surprised the name wasn’t taken. We actually bred the dam eons ago, so this was a bit of a nostalgic breeding. Very hopeful based on the hypo. Inkling was bred on a lease and returns to Kismet Thoroughbreds.

BAD BREAK UP, 10h black colt
GCh. Bells Beach x Ch. Matchmaker - ICh. V is for Victory
Purchased in foal. Dam is a MSP and I am curious to see how Bells Beach does as a sire. Matchmaker will visit Turnpike Wannabe next.

CHARLESTON AVE, 9.1h dark gray colt
GCh. High South x Ronara Prime - ICh. Spock (S)
High South’s half-brother, Beratis (at stud), is by Spock so hoping dipping that sireline back to Spock will produce another talented runner. Bred on a lease, Ronara Prime will return to Kismet Thoroughbreds.

POLICE ESCORT, 8.3h dark bay colt
NCh. Cop in Morgue x Pink Slew (G) - Tiznow (S)
Half to GCh. Diamond Rose and SW Ch. Feldspar. Pink Slew will visit Local Haunt for 2028.

111 Foals: 62 colts | 49 fillies | 5 Mare Deaths | 5 Mares Retired | 2 Stillborn
6 foals left!


NEVER ASK WHY, 9.1h dapple grey filly
GCh. Never Let Go x Ch. Somber Act - NCh. Lasting Spirit (S)
Dam is MSP and half to stallion NCh. Formal Occasion, MSP Ch. Legally Bay (dam of stallion NCh. Bells Beach), and MSW/millionaire NCh. Ilsaheri (dam of MSW GCh. Thom Browne). Very hopeful for Somber Act as a broodmare; she’s been sent to High South.

112 Foals: 62 colts | 50 fillies | 5 Mare Deaths | 5 Mares Retired | 2 Stillborn


FLOWER BRIDE, 9.3h black filly
GCh. Hollywood Knight x Blodeuwedd - NCh. Carrowmore
Half to SP’s Mabinogion and Gunningdownroses. Dam is half to deceased stallion ICh. What’s Your Point. Blodeuwedd will visit Fivel next.

Unfortunately we lost another gold mare. Poltergeist was on lease but unfortunately delivered a stillborn filly before being retired. She was dismal on the track, with 1 win from 11 tries. As a broodmare she produced 14 foals, with 7 winners from 11 runners including MSW’s GCh. Local Haunt (whom we are standing at stud) and GCh. Dior. In all she only produced two daughters–FF-owned Dior, and we own her 3yo Witch of Saratoga.

113 Foals: 62 colts | 51 fillies | 5 Mare Deaths | 6 Mares Retired | 2 Stillborn - 4 foals left


This has been a rough foaling season. Highland Flower, who retired young earlier this season, has died.

CLOVER CLUB, 9h dark bay filly
GCh. Local Haunt x GCh. Cabaret - NCh. Mr Prospective
Foaled several weeks late, this is the second foal and first filly for MSW dam. Cabaret will visit Nobly Regal next.

DEEP SOUTH, 10h blue roan colt
GCh. High South x Ch. Heavy Sugar - FFCh. Foolhardy
We were nervous when Heavy Sugar took an extra 20 days to foal, but being a maiden mare we were hoping it was just usual maiden mare things. Unfortunately, she died immediately after foaling. Heavy Sugar was a MSW homebred and this was her first foal. She was half to MSW Ch. Cherries Jubilee, who has produced MSW GCh. Hint of Cherry and SP 2yo Cherrybark. Having seen her half-sister’s success in the broodmare band, we were excited to see how Heavy Sugar would do. Unfortunately we lost her far too soon.

115 Foals: 63 colts | 52 fillies | 7 Mare Deaths | 5 Mares Retired | 2 Stillborn - 2 foals left


Sorry for your losses.

Lovely pair of foals.

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