Black Storm 2027 Foals

We had 5 foals in the night, with colts immediately taking the lead, and not one of them were actually due the 1st. Go figure.

Note: if anyone sent a breeding request to one of my boys and was denied, it’s because I hadn’t arranged my mares yet and I wish FF had a feature of sending back a new suggested date instead of outright denying. All my boys are now arranged, so please feel free to re-submit! After last year’s bug of mares being kicked out of their booked slots, I’m keeping my boys private so no one loses their slot this year.

NAUGHTY NUN, 7.1h grey filly
Ch. Dark Ages x Bespeckled - NCh. Lord Nelson
First foal for her dam and from Dark Ages first crop. While we didn’t breed Bespeckled, we do own her dam and have bred other half-sibs, including MSW Ch. Midnight Hour. Bespeckled will visit Honeydukes for 2028.

RAVENSTONE, 8.2h bay colt
GCh. Local Haunt x GCh. Cuckoo - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
Dam is a MSW half-sister to stallions NCh. Slew O’Scots and ICh. Starling, as well as 2 other MSW’s. A ravenstone is a place of execution, such as the gallows, and I liked the play on words with the sire/dam names. Cuckoo will visit Space Chips for 2027.

BORETH, 8.3h dark bay colt
Ch. Beratis x Ch. Diamond Rose - NCh. Eighteen Karat
Following his sire’s Star Trek name, Boreth is a planet from the Klingon Empire. First foal for his MSW dam, and from Beratis’ first crop. Diamond Rose will visit Honeydukes next.

SNOW ADVISORY, 9.1h black colt
Thunder Snow x Madison Square - Created
Purchased in-foal. Oldest half-sib is now a 3yo and was multi-placed at 2. Madison Square will visit Nobly Regal next.

LUCKY STARS, 8.2h chestnut colt
NCh. Lucky Streak (S) x Swanheart - NCh. French Ruby
Dam is half to MSW Ch. High Treason. We plan on selling Swanheart once she actually lets her colt go.

5 Foals: 4 colts | 1 filly


Lovely colts.

Lovely Colts.

Mares must have been drinking the colt water these last few months.

TALOS IV, 8.1h dark grey colt
Ch. Honeydukes x Ch. Bolarus IX - Giant’s Causeway (S)
First foal for MSP dam. Both Bolarus IX and Talos IV are planets from the Star Trek universe. Bolarus will visit Turnpike Wannabe next.

SCION OF FLAMES, 7.3h bay colt
GCh. Local Haunt x Ch. Flaming Key - ICh. Sleipnir
Unfortunately this boy isn’t bred for height - his sire is 15.2 and mom is 15. But both parents were MSW monsters at 3 over classic dirt, so hoping he’ll be the same. Flaming Key will visit Honeydukes for 2028.

CALAMITY, 8.3h bay colt
GCh. Venture His Due (B) x Ch. Jinx - Giant’s Causeway (S)
First foal for MSP dam, who is half to MSW Ch. It’s Not You. Jinx is for sale.

YELLOWJACKET, 8.3h bay colt
NCh. Straticus (B) x WASP - NCh. Lord Nelson
Very excited for this boy. Both were MSWs on the turf, with the dam being the later bloomer. Hoping the two even each other out with Yellowjacket. WASP will visit High South for 2028.

9 Foals: 8 colts | 1 filly


Lovely colts Love the names.

Colts continue to dominate, but I’m happy to see some fillies!

WOLF IN THE FOLD, 9.3h dark grey colt
Ch. Beratis x Ch. Crown of Oak - NCh. Changeling
First foal for MSW dam. “Wolf in the Fold” is the name of a Star Trek episode featuring the character Beratis. Crown of Oak will visit High South for 2028.

CHILL IN THE AIR, 9.2h dark bay filly
NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Ch. First Snow - Monarchos
Really curious to see how Monarchos does as a damsire, and Nobly Regal had a great last year with foals. Hoping for a solid runner. First Snow will visit Fivel next.

GREAT WHITE, 9.2h flea-bitten grey colt
Ch. Beratis x Ch. Grey Pearl - Created
Kept trying to think of something white/gray and oceanic, and surprised the name wasn’t taken. Not sure how he’ll run. Grey Pearl will visit Nobly Regal next.

ANNA VALENTINE, 8.3h dark bay filly
Cop in Morgue x Ch. Proenza Schouler - FFCh. I’m No Fool
Very excited for this girl! Named for a luxury brand, following the theme of her dam. Both parents are MSW millionaires over dirt, but Proenza Schoulder ran well into her 5yo year, so I’m hoping she’ll add longevity to Cop in Morgue’s side. Mare will visit All That Appeal next.

13 Foals: 10 colts | 3 fillies


Lovely foals!! Congrats on the safe arrival of the Cop filly!

THE DEVIL’S RIDE, 8.2h dark bay colt
GCh. Venture His Due (B) x Ch. Altuzarra - FFCh. I’m No Fool
Third foal for his dam. Altuzarra will visit All That Appeal next.

MOUSETRAP, 9.3h dapple grey colt
GCh. Fivel x Ch. Awwshescute - Animal Kingdom
Fingers crossed he develops into a dirt sprint monster! This is his dam’s first foal and I have very high hopes. Awwshescute has been sent to Local Haunt.

NEGLIGEE, 9h black filly
NCh. Straticus (B) x GCh. Lingerie - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
First foal for my MSW homebred, Lingerie. We actually own her granddam, too. The fact Negligee is from Straticus’ final crop makes it extra bittersweet. Fingers crossed she lives up to her pedigree. Lingerie will be bred to Local Haunt next.

Colts continue to overwhelm the barn.

16 Foals: 12 colts | 4 fillies


So happy to see fillies!

CROWN JEWEL, 8.2h dark bay filly
GCh. Venture His Due (B) x GCh. Highland Crown - WCh. Express Yourself
Shocked the name wasn’t taken. Unsure how she’ll run; her dam is MSW but her two older siblings didn’t race until age 4 and one is owned by FF. From the same family as platinum-ranked GCh. Firefoot. Highland Crown will visit Local Haunt for 2028.

LOST IN CORFU, 8.3h black filly
GCh. Fivel x Lostintranslation - ICh. Candidate (G)
Drew name inspiration from the show Durrels in Corfu, which I loved. Dam is half to 2 MSWs. She will visit Dark Ages for 2028.

18 Foals: 12 colts | 6 fillies


I keep hoping for a big filly night, but so far I’m just happy when I get even one filly.

DUKE OF MARMALADE, 9.1h dark bay colt
Ch. Honeydukes x Deadly Devotion - NCh. Golden Text
Dam peaked at 2 and was all over the place in terms of surface, and Honeydukes is a SW on dirt/turf/SC so hoping this boy can do SOMETHING. Deadly Devotion will visit All That Appeal next.

LUSTROUS, 9h dark bay filly
GCh. Local Haunt x GCh. Loewe - FFCh. I’m No Fool
Very excited for Loewe to deliver a filly as her first foal! Loewe earned over $4M on the track and won 7 stakes, racing for 6 years. Hoping for just a monster classic distance runner. Loewe will visit Quirky Scent for 2028.

20 Foals: 13 colts | 7 fillies


ISATIS, 9.2h flea-bitten grey colt
Talismanic x Iberis - ICh. Belanso
First foal for his dam. Iberis and Isatis are both flowering plants of the same Brassicaceae family. Iberis will visit Fivel for 2028.

FIRST OF SPRING, 8.2h black filly
GCh. Bells Beach x Sunny Wine - GCh. Beau Esprit
Very curious to see how Bells Beach does at stud. SW/SP Sunny Wine is for sale.

22 Foals: 14 colts | 8 fillies


Oh look. More colts.

FIREBOLT, 8.2h dark bay colt
GCh. Venture His Due (B) x RoomOfRequirement - ICh. Magic Glory (S)
First foal for MSW dam. Shocked the name wasn’t taken with all the Harry Potter horses running around. Dam is half to 4 MSWs and will visit Local Haunt for 2028.

HONEYMOON SUITE, 8.2h black colt
Ch. Honeydukes x Tinseltown (B) - FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (S)
Half to MSW GCh. Tinseltownthrodown, and 2 other winners. Hoping to send Tinseltown to Quintet for a full sibling to Tinseltownthrodown.

22 Foals: 15 colts | 7 fillies


Love the names! Congrats on a healthy Venture colt!

HIS EMINENCE, 7.2h dark bay colt
NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Ch. Mantle of Honor - GCh. Mantle of Power
This little colt did NOT want to wait – he wasn’t due until February 6th. His dam continues to only give me colts. Mantle of Honor is half to 6 MSWs including stallion NCh. Ancient Magic, as well as GCh. Ancient Warrior, GCh. Glory Honor&Praise, and GCh. Ancient Fire. Mantle of Honor will visit Dark Ages for 2028.

We did lose Cool Your Jets in the night after enjoying 7 years of retirement. She won a handful of races and produced 100% winners from 5 foals. Her most successful foal, MSW GCh. WASP, just delivered her first foal for us this season.

23 Foals: 16 colts | 7 fillies


So Sorry you lost such a Great Mare!!! At least she will have grand-foals That will carry her legacy.

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Another February baby arrived.

MARGRAVINE, 8.3h dark bay filly
NCh. Secret Handshake x Ch. Marchioness - WCh. I’m Your Angel (B)
Dam won over $3M on the track, and both parents were turf monsters. She will likely be a late bloomer at age 3/4. Marchioness will visit All That Appeal next.

24 Foals: 16 colts | 8 fillies


sorry to hear the loss of a great mare!

January foals are like nope, February can go first.

HESPEROS, 8.1h dark bay colt
NCh. Straticus (B) x Wanderlust (G) - Created
Half to MSW GCh. Itinerant. Wanderlust will visit All That Appeal next.

25 Foals: 17 colts | 8 fillies


Love the name Hesperos!

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HMS TOWNSEND, 7.2h bay colt
GCh. Local Haunt x Golden Indy (G) - A.P. Indy (S)
Wasn’t due for another month. Not sure if he’s tiny because of that, or because both parents are tiny. Probably both! Half to MSWs Ch. Smokin Indeed, Ch. Fedora, and Ch. Sun Chariot. Golden Indy will visit All That Appeal for 2018.

SUNLIGHT, 8h chestnut filly
NCh. Straticus (B) x Light Up Your Life (G) - Cigar (S)
It is with much sadness we announce the sudden passing of Light Up Your Life after delivering her 11th foal. A multi-winner on the track, she produced MSWs GCh. Amatus (whom we own) and Ch. Light Bringer, as well as SW Ch. Light of Eärendil from 7 winners. We also own her 3yo, her 2yo, and her yearling.

27 Foals: 18 colts | 9 fillies