Black Storm 2019 Foals

2019 Black Storm Crop

[color=blue]Arc de Triomphe (French Ruby) - 8.1hh bay colt
[color=blue]Bird Napper (Joyeux Oiseau) - 9.2hh liver chestnut colt
[color=blue]Brigantine (Long Live the King) - 8.0hh bay colt
[color=blue]Caleuche (Animal Kingdom) - 8.3hh bay colt
[color=blue]Caradhras (Daredevil Dan) - 8.3hh bay colt
[color=blue]Cracked Ruby (French Ruby) - 10.0hh liver chestnut colt
[color=blue]Eburnean (Drum Major) - 8.3hh gray colt
[color=blue]French Mark (French Ruby) - 9.3hh chestnut colt
[color=blue]Ghoulsbane (Ghostzapper) - 8.1hh bay colt
[color=blue]Glint (Gilded Saint) - 8.3hh dark bay colt
[color=blue]Honeydukes (Witness) - 9.2hh chestnut colt
[color=blue]Lioncourt (French Ruby) - 9.0hh bay colt
[color=blue]Siege (In the Navy) - 10hh dark bay colt
[color=blue]Skellig (Lord Nelson) - 9.1hh dark bay colt
[color=blue]Roman Crow (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.0hh black colt
[color=blue]Spinning Wheel (Golden Text) - 9hh liver chestnut colt
[color=blue]Zombie Train (Dr. Evil) - 9.2hh flea-bitten gray colt

[color=red]Eikestad (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.0hh flea-bitten gray filly
[color=red]Hard Candy (Worthy Victor) - 9.0hh black filly
[color=red]Harken (Worth the Wait) - 10.0hh bay filly
[color=red]Haven (I’m Your Angel) - 8.3hh dark bay filly
[color=red]Lingerie (Joyeux Oiseau) - 9.1hh flea-bitten gray filly
[color=red]Ne Pleure Pas (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.2hh dark gray filly
[color=red]Ouevre (French Ruby) - 10hh bay filly
[color=red]Twitch (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.2hh brown filly
[color=red]Versailles (French Ruby) - 9.3hh chestnut filly
[color=red]Widow Maker (Major’s Flight) - 7.3hh black filly

I can’t believe another season of foaling is already upon us! And of course we begin with an early foal and several late ladies, but we won’t complain over a healthy newborn to start the year.

[color=blue]Arc de Triomphe, 8.1hh bay colt
NCh. French Ruby x Ch. Passing Fancy (Whirlaway)
Third foal and colt out of multiple stakes-placed Passing Fancy, a half-sister to GCh. Miss Lonelyhearts. Passing Fancy will be send to Golden Text for 2020.

[color=blue]1 Colt | [color=red]0 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 27 due

Love the name. :slight_smile:

Great name.

[color=red]Ouevre, 10hh bay filly
NCh. French Ruby x Ch. Opera Diva (Sunday Silence)
A BIG first foal out of stakes-placed Opera Diva. She will visit Black Cherry next.

[color=red]Pink Champagne, 9.1hh flea-bitten gray filly
NCh. Joyeuex Oiseau x GCh. Hot Nurse (Lonesome Glory)
Probably the highest anticipated foal for me, Pink Champagne is the first foal out of Hot Nurse. Hot Nurse won over $1.7 million, two G1 races, and her granddam is a half-sister to NCh. Hope to Succeed. She will visit TakeMeToHollywood next.

[color=blue]1 Colt | [color=red]2 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 25 due

[color=blue]Spinning Wheel, 9hh liver chestnut colt
NCh. Golden Text x GCh. Walk the Line (Cross Roads)
Third foal for Walk the Line, a MSW half-sister to NCh. Classic Red Line, Ch. Red Smoke, and Ch. Rebeldeen. She wasn’t due for several days though! She’ll visit Edinburgh next.

[color=blue]2 Colts | [color=red]2 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 24 due

I somehow have 4 overdue foals already.

Nice colt. Good luck with him.

Nice colt. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I somehow missed a kid.

[color=blue]Bird Napper, 9.2hh liver chestnut colt
NCh. Joyeux Oiseau x Art of Life (Secretariat)
Art of Life set a speed record going long on the turf, Joyeux Oiseau’s specialty distance/surface. Art of Life is a half-sister to Ch. Witching Hour; this is her third foal. Bred on a lease, she will return to RC Bee.

5 Foals: [color=blue]3 Colts | [color=red]2 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 23 due

Nice colt!


Two more! Though I am becoming increasingly nervous over one mare who foaled a late stillborn last year and this year she’s almost a week late.

[color=red]Eikestad, 8.0hh flea-bitten gray filly
NCh. Joyeux Oiseau x Ch. Ekosian (Spectacular Bid)
Her name means “city of oaks.” First foal for SP Ekosian, who will visit One Lucky Soul next.

[color=blue]Skellig, 9.1hh dark bay colt
NCh. Lord Nelson x Ch. Magickal Rites (Irish River)
First foal for SW Magickal Rites, who will now visit Major’s Flight Last for More.

7 Foals: [color=blue]4 Colts | [color=red]3 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 21 due

I must say your foals have such fantastic names!

Timing of birth has nothing to do with live/death, they’re two separate pieces of the code. (One to do the chance for regular foal/stillborn foal/twins/mare death, and a separate section to figure out how long the mare gestates.) Hope that eases your mind a bit. :slight_smile:

Lovely filly, and congrats on the Nelson colt! Love the name.

It does, but silly SIM concerns. I don’t care how late the foal is as long as it’s healthy!

Love all your Fuzzies and such great names! GratZ on all the babies.

[color=red]Versailles, 9.3hh chestnut filly
NCh. French Ruby x Anne Boleyn (Affirmed)
We’re so happy to welcome this girl to the barn! Anne Boleyn’s first breeding yielded a stillborn last year so we tried the pairing again. A week past the due date and those legs finally uncrossed. Anne is a half-sister to MSW Ch. Save Our Souls and set a speed record going 10.5f turf. Anne’s dam is half to NCh. Nation’s Colors, GCh. Highland Limits, NCh. National Post, and GCh. Africa. She’ll visit I’m Your Angel next.

8 Foals: [color=blue]4 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 20 due

Lovely filly. Great name.

Love the name. :slight_smile: Congrats on a healthy baby this time!

[color=blue]Roman Crow, 8.0hh black colt
NCh. Joyeux Oiseau x Nightfall (Planet Hollywood)
This girl did NOT want to be pregnant a day longer and decided to foal 3 weeks early! Luckily both mom and foal are doing fine, though this guy is a wee thing. Nightfall set 2 speed records during her racing career and is a half-sister to MSW’s Ch. Actor’s Strike and Ch. Magic Spitfire. She’ll visit Eighteen Karat next.

9 Foals: [color=blue]5 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 19 due

[color=red]Cowl, 7.3hh black filly
GCh. Major’s Flight x Ch. Keep Quiet (What’s Debatable)
Two weeks early and on the small side, we’re nevertheless really excited to receive this Major’s Flight daughter so soon after his retirement. Keep Quiet is half to MSW’s Ch. Steal My Heart, Ch. Not for Love, and Ch. Sailor’s Magic. She is up for lease.
Lost for a name.

[color=blue]Cracked Ruby, 10.0hh liver chestnut colt
NCh. French Ruby x Ch. Crack the Bell (Dark Continent)
This boy needed a few extra days of cooking, and we can see why! Crack the Bell is a G1W of 500k; this is her second foal. Crack the Bell will visit Bernardini next.

11 Foals: [color=blue]6 Colts | [color=red]5 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 17 due