Black Storm 2018 Crop

2018 Black Storm Crop
Updated April 25, 2019.

[color=blue]Dark Ages (Changeling) - 8.1hh dark gray colt
[color=blue]Iron Door (Changeling) - 8.1hh dark gray colt
[color=blue]Napoleon (French Ruby) - 10.0hh blood bay colt
[color=blue]Nexus (High Chances) - 10.1hh bay colt
[color=blue]Owl Hunt (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.2hh dark gray colt
[color=blue]Phoenix Cure (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.0hh dark bay colt
[color=blue]Raven Mocker (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.3hh flea-bitten gray colt
[color=blue]Shipwrecked (In the Navy) - 9.0hh black colt
[color=blue]St. James (French Ruby) - 9.1hh chestnut colt
[color=blue]Throne (French Ruby) - 8.1hh dark bay colt
[color=blue]Tonight We Burn (French Ruby) - 9.3hh dapple gray colt
[color=blue]Toujours (French Ruby) - 8.2hh flea-bitten gray colt
[color=blue]Wayfaring Power (Mantle of Power) - 8.0hh liver chestnut colt
[color=blue]Wraith (Devil His Due) - 8.1hh dark bay colt

[color=red]Autumn Red (What’s Your Point) - 9.1hh liver chestnut filly
[color=red]Bride to Be (Formal Occasion) - 9.0hh gray filly
[color=red]Cherries Jubilee (Take Me Away) - 9.0hh strawberry roan filly
[color=red]Dream Awake (Galaxy’s Zodiac) - 8.3hh dapple gray filly
[color=red]Find Your Story (Doodles) - 8.3hh dark bay filly
[color=red]Force Within (Slew O’Scots) - 8.3hh black filly
[color=red]London Symphony (Drum Major) - 8.2hh chestnut filly
[color=red]Marseillaise (Oscillations) - 8.2hh liver chestnut filly
[color=red]Penny Dreadful (Nightfight) - 9.1hh black filly

Love the name.

Sorry for your lost foal.

Commiserations on your loss but congratulations on the healthy baby.

Condolences for your loss and congratulations on the healthy foal. Beautiful name.

Love the name Dark Ages, sorry about your stillborn.

Thanks everyone! I now have 2 mares overdue and our second foal for the year popped out a week early but she’s healthy, and highly anticipated!

[color=red]Autumn Red, 9.1hh liver chestnut filly
ICh. What’s Your Point (G) – GCh. Walk the Line, by Cross Roads (S)
This little girl packs quite a pedigree, and we’re very happy that Walk the Line gave us a filly! Walk the Line is out of A Fine Red Line (G), dam of GCH. Classic Red Line, Ch. Red Smoke, and Ch. Rebeldeen. Autumn Red is also bred on the same Sire/BM Sire cross as Ch. Burn it Down. Walk the Line will visit Golden Text.

2 Foals | [color=blue]1 Colt | [color=red]1 Filly | [color=green]1 Stillborn

Excited to see this little filly run! Beautiful lineage

That is a beautiful girl with a beautiful name. Wow I’m jealous, xD

Unfortunately, bad luck seems to be hovering around the farm for 2018. Final Point had kept her legs crossed an extra 4 days only to deliver a stillborn Sleipnir filly. She’ll be sent back to try again for next year.

We’re now looking at our one overdue mare with some trepidation.

2 Foals | [color=blue]1 Colt | [color=red]1 Filly | [color=green]2 Stillborn

What a bummer. Sorry for your loss.

Sorry about your foal. :frowning: I hope the retry works better.

[color=blue]Shipwrecked, 9.0hh black colt
NCh. In the Navy x Ch. Passing Fancy, by Whirlaway (B)
Name pending. From In the Navy’s first crop, this is Passing Fancy’s second foal. She was stakes-placed at 4 and 7, and is a half-sister to NCH. Cross My Heart (dam of As You Wish), GCh. Miss Lonelyhearts, Ch. Hollywood’s Lover (S), Ch. Heartache (S), Ch. Heartstring (B), and a full-sister to Ch. Hearts Awhirl. Passing Fancy will visit French Ruby.

[color=blue]Toujours, 8.2hh flea-bitten gray colt
NCh. Joyeux Oiseau x Ch. Forever Halo
I vaguely remember Forever Halo doing this to me last year with foaling late! Although 8 days overdue, Forever Halo delivered a healthy Joy son early in the night. He has his daddy’s face but a lot more bling with two hind stockings and a front sock. The mating is a slight gamble with both being creates, but both were MSW’s going long. Joy’s first crop debuts this year, and Forever Halo’s only race-age foal has made just 2 starts so only time will tell. Forever Halo has been offered for public lease.

4 Foals | [color=blue]3 Colts | [color=red]1 Filly | [color=green]2 Stillborn

No new foals expected until the 29th!

Apparently I’m a liar because we have two new foals!

[color=red]Prowess, 8.0hh strawberry roan filly
WCh. Strider (G) x Quiet Silhouette (G)
I was more than a little freaked when Quiet Silhouette decided to foal nearly 3 weeks early but this girl arrived happy and safe! One of my anticipated foals, given her parents. She’s a half-sibling to SW/MSP Ch. Unsung Hero and SP Shadow Man; all her racing half-sibs have won. Quiet Silhouette has been sent to Dr. Evil.

[color=blue]Wayfaring Power, 8.0hh liver chestnut colt
GCh. Mantle of Power x Ch. Kilburn Kate
Two weeks early, from Mantle of Power’s second crop, Wayfaring Power is the first colt out of MSP Ch. Kilburn Kate. Kilburn Kate was a lease and will return to her now-owner FF.

6 Foals | [color=blue]4 Colts | [color=red]2 Fillies | [color=green]2 Stillborn

Love the name Shipwrecked.

[color=blue]For Glory, 8.0hh dapple gray colt
NCh. Call to War x Ch. Cool Your Jets
This girl decided that, since two of our mares decided not to foal on their due date, she’d fill the gap and drop her kid exactly 1 week early. For Glory is Cool Your Jets’ third foal, first colt, and she’s given us all dappled grays so far! Cool Your Jets will be offered for lease.

7 Foals | [color=blue]5 Colts | [color=red]2 Fillies | [color=green]2 Stillborn

[color=blue]Owl Hunt, 8.2hh dark gray colt
NCh.  Joyeux Oiseau x Midnight Return, by Ch. Magic Cross (S)
We were hoping this one would cook at least until his due date, given how shrimpy his dad is, but we wanted to be a few days early! Owl Hunt is the second foal out of SP Midnight Return. Midnight Return is a half-sibling to MSW GCh. Jack O’Lantern, SW Ch. Marilyn Monroe, and SW Ch. Trick or Treat. Midnight Wink will visit Witness next.

[color=red]Secret Senora, 8.2hh gray filly
GCh. Secretsarebound (B) x Easy Senora (S), by Easy Goer (S)
Born right on schedule, Secret Senora is a full-sister to SP Trinary Star. Name might change due to utter lack of its creativity yet I somehow like it, haha. Easy Senora has been sent to Joyeux Oiseau.

To avoid more “hunt” names, Hunter’s Moon (Strider x Quiet Silhouette) has been renamed [color=red]Stalking.

9 Foals | [color=blue]6 Colts | [color=red]3 Fillies | [color=green]2 Stillborn | 20 due

Lovely names :slight_smile:

[color=red]Marseillaise, 8.2hh liver chestnut filly
Oscillation (b) x French Resistance, by Man O’War (S)
She finally foaled! A week late, French Resistance delivered a healthy girl! Marseillaise is the name of the French national anthem (La Marseillaise is the full name, but I already own a La Infernale), and this girl is nearly a carbon copy of her mom. French Resistance has been leased to Fox Run.

2 girls still overdue. Sigh.

10 Foals | [color=blue]6 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | [color=green]2 Stillborn | 19 due

One mare continues to cook overdue.

[color=blue]Raven Mocker, 8.3hh flea-bitten gray colt
NCh. Joyeux Oiseau x Nightfall, by Planet Hollywood (B)
Foaled right on time, this is Nightfall’s second foal. A Raven Mocker is an evil spirit from Cherokee myth that steals the souls of the old, sick, and dying, usually doing so by taking the form of a shadowy bird. Nightfall has been sent back to Joy.

11 Foals | [color=blue]7 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | [color=green]2 Stillborn | 18 due

[color=red]Night Trials, 9.1hh black filly
WCh. Nightfight (G) x Von Hollywood (B), by Planet Hollywood (B)
It’s a girl! Von Hollywood delivered the nearly-black daughter of Nightfight two days early. Night Trials has the same sire/BM sire cross as Ch. Clarity of Night, Ch. Hopes Flight, and stakes-placed Stagelight. Von Hollywood had been listed for sale, price negotiable.

12 Foals | [color=blue]7 Colts | [color=red]5 Fillies | [color=green]2 Stillborn | 17 due