Beta Site

The site for beta testing is here:

I haven’t updated the data there yet, so it’s a couple of weeks old. You should be able to see horses and stables, though.

Everyone has a randomly assigned password, so you’ll need to go to and click on the forgot password link. It should e-mail you with a link to change your password. You’ll need to enter your username (same as the forum) to set a new password.

If you have problems with this, please PM me.

It looks spiffy! Very slick.

I like the 1/2 sibs in the right sidebar. It’s also really nice to see the horse’s age in their stats, rather than having to calculate it in my head. My breeding stock is a lot older that I imagined it to be.

I’m excited about all the options that are still greyed out. It looks like you’ve got a lot in store for us.

About how long do you anticipate the beta testing stage to last?

I know the data’s old, but what if the data is plain wrong? Is it worth telling you at this moment? (Here? In a different thread? Bug report?) Dark Continent’s points and number of stakes races he’s started in are just plain wrong.

Beta vs. Live version

Thanks. Other than the basic layout (which is free courtesy of Twitter) I haven’t really focused on styling yet.

Yeah, I got lazy doing all the math. :wink:

Hope so. :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions for other information, though, shout.

No idea. Getting to this point has taken about 6 months of steady coding, but a lot of that was wrangling with/updating data. Now that that’s finishing up, I’m hoping the display/functionality won’t take as long.

Bug report would be good - please mark it as version 2.0 rather than 1.0.

Feature requests also in the bug report?

If they merit discussion, maybe a thread here first. Otherwise, sure. My to-do list is pretty long, may as well add to it. :wink:

Just as an FYI, the bug report needs to offer a 2.0 option.

It’s under “product version”.

I plan to make a custom bug system for the beta site at some point, though.

And FYI, this is a lie right now. :frowning: I updated code/database today at work, and then forgot to copy it over. So your username/e-mail will be the ones you originally signed up with for the game, which may not be the same as the forum. I’ll fix this tomorrow when I’m at work.

The one right above summary/description, right? It still only gives me the 1.0 option.

That’s it. I updated the settings - see if they behave better now.

Yep. Thanks. =)

I hit the join now button and it came back with an error message saying there was a problem,and it wont let me sign on with my reg info and won’t let me join with my reg name either.

Now it’s telling me invalid credentials

Invalid credentials is the error message you get when the username doesn’t match the e-mail address.

Usernames were altered slightly in the data import - spaces were removed, as well as these characters: / . - , _ * < > [ ] ` ~

Your reset password link is valid for up to 2 hours (and after that, you can always request a new one), so try multiple options. (If I could’ve migrated passwords over, I would have, but they’re encrypted in the database.)

I like it, especially the siblings bit. Looks like it’ll be straightforward to navigate as well.

Also, I love the fact that foals that I have bred come up even if I don’t currently own them. At first I was a little confused, I don’t have foals with those names in my stable :slight_smile:

It is nice to not have to remember who has the foals. If this is an option in the current version I haven’t found it and it is a wonderful addition:)

(I cleaned this thread up a bit - please post new threads with questions/feature requests, as appropriate. Thanks!)

Well, I’ll check it out…once I get the email.  But I’m excited!

Finally managed to reset my password (requested it twice before I finally got an email.  :stuck_out_tongue: ) and can I just say, I love love love how you can go through the horses you’ve bred.  Love it!  :smiley:  I haven’t had the chance to play much yet, but I found that feature and got all excited.  XD

This may be me being stupid (won’t be the first time!) but is there a way of logging in to the beta site without going through the “request a new password” page? if I try to log in there it says “invalid log in” but if i access the page shown here “” i just gat a page saying “this is the home page for Final Furlong” and nothing else. it is a pain to have to do a password re set each time i want to see anything so if i am missing something along the way I’d be very grateful to know what it is!
many thanks