BC/BS Qualifier List

I know this list always comes later in the year. With August right around the corner (where did the year go?!), any chance of the BC/BS lists being updated to show full current rankings? Would be nice to start plotting and determining potential runners with a little over 2 months until the big days. :slight_smile:


Im doing the same thing, trying to figure out who to nominate for which races and schedules leading up to the BC races.


So they are up but they are funny. Most have 0-3 horses in the entire bit, which doesn’t seem correct. From past years I seem to recall that the only ones that don’t always fill are the SC because there is a much more narrow qualification pool. Is this perhaps a bug now?

Both of these should be updated.


Just checking, I get mixed up sometimes but my 2yo filly Mál af Hjarta has a first second and third in G1 turf stakes but is not in the list. Is it a bug or am I misunderstanding something?

I do think there’s something off, somewhere. I was looking at where Fendi ranked for a BC nomination, and she’s listed as Already Nominated for BC Dirt Mile, #6 of 159. But if I go straight to the BC Qualifier List she’s not even in the top 20.

I’m In the same boat, the ones that I have nominated aren’t showing on the lists either

OK, this should be updated. The points calculation between the nomination page and the qualifications page was off (again…:angry:), but this should now be consistent.

This will have affected the qualification lists, so if anyone did a supplemental nomination for 2024 based on now-invalid numbers (e.g. Fendi is now #28 or so, I think, not #6), send me a PM if you want the supplemental nomination cancelled/refunded.


We might be…closer? :sweat_smile: I just pm’d you nominations to remove and started rearranging my BC hopefuls, then realized Fendi on her nomination page is still listed as #15 for the Mile and F/M Sprint, but on the BC Qualifier List she’s still not in the top 20 for either.

(Mostly using Fendi as my go-to reference since she’s been 5: 2-2-1 this year, all stakes, so she stands out among my runners).

That should be fine - the qualificatier list only shows the horses currently eligible to run (e.g. in the top 20 and nominated). Her nomination page shows the predicted position if you were to supplementally nominate her for the Mile and the F&M Sprint.

Wow, I knew that. Good grief. :woman_facepalming:

Not to pile on but now the BS qualifier list is blank but I looked at it yesterday. Not urgent, just funky.



My filly Mal af Hjarta is showing at the top of BS ranking but not at all in BC rankings. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I do get muddled with these sometimes :blush:

Looks like she’s not nominated. You could supplementally nominate her for this year’s BC Juvenile Turf Fillies (where she’s projected to be #2 on the list).

So just a general question about the BC/BS stakes list. How are the points calculated for the 2 different series ? Ive seen a couple horses on the lists who have essentially the same record as far as stakes wins/places + Allow wins but have different number of points overall. Im genuinely curious how it all works!

The main difference is in the distances that get counted for each race.

Hey Shanthi, another question along these lines. My 2YO filly, Sunstep, just ran first in the G1 Matron Stakes. I was considering her for the BC, but she doesn’t show up on the qualifier list or the nomination list. Is there a way I can check where she stands in the rankings? Or do I just need to wait a while for the list to update?

We are just about a month away from the BC!! Im excited for this year, we have quite a few runners being pointed this year! With that being said, @Shanthi is there any chance of an updated Qualifier list so we can finalize plans? Thank you for all you do and continue to do !!!


As an aside to this, I have 2yos that have never run/won on Dirt that are listed in Juv dirt and Juv turf. It’s an honor but I can’t help but feel that they are keeping out other qualifiers. Almost all of my 2yo stakes horses are turf horses. For example I have 5 2yoC in the top 20 for Juv Dirt, but 4 of them are turf horses that have never touched a dirt track. The same goes for 2/3 of the fillies that are qualified under both dirt and turf.