2016 RC Bee Foals

Odd. I never got any notification for this filly’s birth…so I miss out on nominating her to the BC,  :frowning:

[color=red]Thereandbackagain, br.f. by A.P. Indy-What’s Honor, by What’s Debatable. She’s a December 20th foal so she won’t be racing until she’s three. Her dam just loves foaling early, giving me a scare, and starting the farm’s foaling season off with a bang.

What’s Honor’s going back to Ring of Fire.

[color=blue]0 colts/[color=red]1 fillies/ 0 stillborn/ 11 foals left

Sorry to hear about the early birth, but I’m glad she’s healthy.

If it’s any consolation, I think you can BC nominate her.  The stud needs to be nominated by late January, and I think nominations for the BC stakes are due early in the year, too.

I thought you can only nominate…oh wait, her sire’s a FF stallion, and they’re never BC nominated as far as I can tell. The option would’ve never shown up anyway,  ::)

Well she’s a sprite young thing, very happy with the unusually warm weather here in SoCal, and I’m glad I finally got a filly out of her dam, so there’s that.

You’re right that FF studs aren’t BC nominated, but you can do a supplemental nomination if you really want to BC nominate her.

Ha ha that’s true. I’ll make the decision after taxes run, XD

Two mares decided to foal early and they’re both colts!

[color=blue]Southern Silk Road is a handsome black colt by Double Cross-Golden Silk. Golden Silk is a created mare with two wins to her name which is why I paired her with a proven sire in Double Cross. The Southern Silk Road is actually a tea trade route, in which Chinese tea bricks were exchanged for Tibetan horses.

Golden Silk will be bred back to Golden Text.

[color=blue]Indygo Symphony is a nice sturdy liver chestnut by the recently pensioned A.P. Indy-Sonatina, by Government Secret. I was hoping for a filly but with Indy gone I couldn’t pass up a chance to use the name I’d been saving for two years. Sonatina was one of my earliest claims and she’d been so good to me despite not being the most consistent of runners, and I expect a lot of good things from this boy.

Sonatina will be bred back to As You Wish.

[color=blue]2 colts/[color=red]1 fillies/0 stillborn/9 foals left

Nice foals

I like Southern Silk Road’s name and thereandbackagain

Read the hobbit by any chance?

I’m a lifelong Tolkien fan(atic), :smiley:

There And Back Again, A Hobbit’s Tale, by Bilbo Baggins.  :wink:

Early foal, but exactly the foal I want!

[color=red]Light Up The Sky is a gorgeous bay filly by High On Love-Light Up Your Life, by Cigar. She’s bred on similar lines as Spock and her great-granddam is the incredible Hollywood Queen. I bred her dam to High On Love hoping the foal would be a filly because then I could breed her to my stallion, who’s a What’s It Worth son. So excited to see how this girl will do on the track.

Light Up Your Life will be bred back to my stud Eighteen Karat.

[color=blue]2 colts/[color=red]2 fillies/0 stillborn/8 foals left

Cute. Good luck with her!

Nice name!

Love the name

News from the foaling barn that one of our overdue mares had her foal. Not the mare I was hoping, but we’re happy with all (late) healthy arrivals.

[color=red]Paradise Remains is a lovely and very sturdily built filly by the wonderful young stud Crystal Rainbow and out of the created mare Devil’s Test. Her sire is Silver-ranked and from the classy Rainbow Quest line, and her dam is one of my favorite runners. I’m hoping for good things from this girl.

Devil’s Test will be bred back to my home stallion Eighteen Karat.

[color=blue]2 colts/[color=red]2 fillies/0 stillborn/7 foals left

Love the name. :slight_smile:


She foaled! The Wish foal I’ve been waiting for for over a year is finally here!

[color=blue]Reichenbach Fall is Fairy Wish’s first live foal and by the well-bred Seattle Sorcerer. A handsome and very sweet dark bay colt with very nice lines. I hope he lives up to his pedigree.

Fairy Wish will be bred back to Call To War for a second try. Fingers crossed that it’s a live one, and a filly!

[color=blue]3 colts/[color=red]2 fillies/0 stillborn/6 foals left

Congrats nice colt!

Thanks! Finally my mares are popping out their babies like they’re supposed to, lol

Congrats on a healthy baby. :slight_smile: