2016 Color War Teams

Announcing the 2016 Color War Teams:

Current team list:
New team list

Original team list:
Red Team
Nanners101 of Nanners Acres (Captain)
Juli of Oakwood Farms (Captain)
DukeItOut of Marshall Creek Ranch
Robert Ottenbreit of Pruchna
Steve of Lochiedo Stables
Emma of Generous Bloodstock
Shirozora of RC Bee
Final Furlongfan29 of 2nd Chance Stables

Green Team
Gwen of Rebellious Racers (Captain)
Hilda of Clicker Lab (Captain)
Miss Arsenic of Bentley Acres
Steve of Red Hot Stables
Smartaform of Viscount Lodge
Final FurlongIs Awsome29 of Veterans Day Stables
Bezzie of Unbound Stables
Dawn of Battle Hill Farm

Blue Team
Carole of Iron Spur Stables (Captain)
Samantha of Kona Star Ranch (Captain)
Ray of Stallion Stables
Faedar of Sakura Springs
Edana of Himmel Stables
Lopsided of Faithlighte Farm
Foreverhorses91 of HorseRock Stables
Steph of WildOracle Farm

Purple Team
Lindsay of Clover Springs Stables (Captain)
FeFeCat5020 of LaDaDaDeDe Stables (Captain)
Ashlee of Misty Lodge
Jay of Turner Thoroughbreds
Traci of Vimes Racing
Stephanie of Far Away Racing
Mark of Markos
HotStuff15 of LaLaLopsy Stables

Indigo Team
Starfish of Starfish Stables (Captain)
Amanda of Blackmoor Stables (Captain)
Joe Cockerton of Littlefield
Gwen Kitching of Darkwood Stables
Ghostbuster29 of Short Thoroughbreds
Eva of Heritage Farms
Sora of Sorrelleaf Stables

Orange Team
RC of Godolphin Stables (Captain)
Lilly of Rainee Thoroughbreds (Captain)
Argus Sheldrake of Sheldrake Racing
Beth of Cherokee Ranch
Kris White of Kris White Racing
Mayfair Thoroughbreds of Mayfair
Stan of Happy Syables

White Team
Shelly of Bearly Manor (Captain)
Alyssa of Ivy Creek Farm (Captain)
Killashandra of Fire Grass Farm
Emily of Knight Arrow Farm
Elyssa of Mahogany Grove
JasonCameron of Vaucluse Farms
Shelbie of Black Storm West

Black Team
Zurg of Pick Up The Pace (Captain)
Kayleigh of Candi Cane Racing (Captain)
Katie of New Beginning Stable
Brandi of End Of Time Stables
Freedom of Freedom Acres
Grace of Hello Starling Farms
Katie of Winning Move Stables

Yellow Team
Ferretlover29 of LuckyStone Stables (Captain)
ThoroughbredLover of ThoroughbredLover (Captain)
BrilenRacingStable of BrilenRacingStable
Ghostbuster15 of Wren Stables
Arab Lady of Southern Cross TC
Myles Mintzler of The Grey Stable
Milly of MillyThoroughbreds

Pink Panthers - Belmont (Pink Team)
Diana of Coleman Branch (Captain)
Kim of Semiahmoo Stables (Captain)
Paul of Windward Farm
Mercedes of Superduty Racing
SomedayFarm of Someday Farm
Fish of Flying
Brenda Martenia of Triple M Racing

First challenge is to come up with a team name and a team location.

Both decisions must be unanimous and all team members must vote.

No team may be at the same location, so there’s incentive to decide quickly so your ideal location doesn’t get taken.

The Pink Team has completed task 1! Here is our results

Team Name: Pink Panthers
Team Location: Belmont


Darn it! You took our pick , we are missing a player. :frowning:
We had everyone in agreement last week, except the missing person.

Grace, What are you complaining about? 3 out of the 7 Indigo Team members have not voted as of this moment, including the other co-captain. I have emailed and PM’d them all and still haven’t heard from any of them. In fact, one of them hasn’t signed on to FF since the end of January.

At this rate, probably the best myself and the other 3 Indigo team who have voted can hope for is that Shanthi reshuffles some of the teams when she returns from Rome and we get assigned to other teams (maybe she can put me on your team in place of the person who hasn’t voted yet - I promise I’ll vote frequently and often - LOL)

Lol you are more than welcome to join us :slight_smile: ! Our missing member hasn’t signed in since Jan either. That sucks that so many signed in but didn’t bother to show up.Yeah both of us have tried to contact her too with no luck, except we didn’t have email.

That’s my plan.

We too have 3 inactive members so reshuffling is quite possible :wink:

Still two missing players in the Purple camp as well, but nothing to be done about it unless they login until a reshuffle.

We have inactive players too.  I have tried messaging them, but nobody has responded.

As does the orange team. Giving them until tomorrow. So if you’re reading this & on the orange team please go to the team discussion board :slight_smile:

Maybe next year Shanthi might want to reduce the sign-up window and make it only a week, running from Feb 9th to 15th. That way, teams that are most currently active will sign-up and there will be less of the “sign-up-then-go-inactive” teams. I know she wanted to give everybody a chance to sign-up but maybe we should concentrate on “Quality” (those teams that are always on) rather than “Quantity”.

As a previous Team Captain, it is frustrating trying to chase up your teammates to get them to vote and not getting replies from half of them.

I also haven’t heard from my Co captain even though he has logged on the 19th of February this year. I’m giving him a little time but hope he logs on soon  :frowning:

We do have one inactive member, but after contacting them several times and the fact that they have NEVER raced any of their horses, I pmed Shanti and assumed it was OK to post our selections because teams will be being reshuffled.

Shanti, if we cannot make selections until the teams are shuffled, then our selections don’t count as we do have on inactive member :slight_smile:

We had all decided on ours last week by Wednesday too but due to the missing, we have not posted.  Blah, why do some people commit to something and then not follow through? I can understand if life happens, just let someone know, dont just disappear or ignore something. That’s just disrespect to the other party/parties, and makes more work for Shanthi.

Yes, sorry, I do want all decisions to be unanimous, so if teams have inactive members they’ll have to wait until Thursday when I can shuffle teams around.


How about opening a new Forum topic for active teams to re-register for the Color War and give us until Sunday to register? We would just need to post that we wanted to take part and whether we were interested in being a Team Captain or not. Then you can redo the Color War teams based on who has posted in that topic.

I suggested this way figuring you would not have time to redo the link you had originally setup on our Stable page for us to register.

White Team has reached a unanimous decision today:

Name: Ghostriders
Location: Gulfstream

Finally heard from our inactive member, who was just sick & having a long week at work.  Hopefully a few other members are able to chime in to their teams as well!

Lewis, I don’t plan to redo the link, I’ll just shuffle the teams around by hand once I have time. I setup the link from the stable page so that the forum wasn’t involved (because then it couldn’t be automated, which is the only way I can handle the Color War these days).

So, judging by the reports of inactivity, of the 74 CW members, 18 are inactive. That includes quite a few captains.

So I think I’m going to scrap one of the teams entirely and shuffle everyone else around, so that we don’t run out of captains/members. I’ll post once I’ve got it figured out.