2015 Foals

[font=arial][/font]We had two New Year’s surprises. Sadly one didn’t make it :frowning:

After two healthy foals, Bellicose gave birth to a very small underdeveloped colt. He sadly never drew a breath. She’ll most likely be sent back to Simply Heroic, hopefully for a healthy 2016 foal.

Secret Song on the other hand gave birth to a big healthy colt.

[color=blue]Secret Scrawl
Doodles x Secret Song (Secretariat)
2015 Colt
10 Hands
Liver Chestnut
He’s the very first colt by Doodles. Looks like he is going to be big since both his parents are 17 + hands.

Sorry for your loss, but congrats on the healthy colt!

Sorry for your loss. Hope it goes better for her next time.

Sorry about the stillborn colt. :frowning: Secret Scrawl looks cute, though!

Thanks guys. I was sad to loose the colt but at least it wasn’t one of my older mares.

So sorry for your loss, always terrible to find out they didn’t make it. I’m always holding my breath when I see the new foal announcement.

Sorry for your loss. :frowning: Secret Scrawl is a cutie though- I also have a Doodles foal due this year- so congrats!

[font=arial]Our second foal was born early this morning. We wanted to say thank you to Battle Hill Farm for leasing us Power Play and we’re very excited to own her first foal.

[color=blue]Read The Riot Act
Go For Dash x Power Play (High Demand)
2015 Colt
8.2 Hands[/font]

Cute name.

Still waiting on our first filly!

Highway Bandit (S) x Hey Toots (S)
2015 Colt
8.1 hands
Dark Bay

We decided to go with a bandit themed name for this little guy. A rapparee is an Irish highwayman/bandit and we liked the sound of it. We’re excited to see how he does on the track. Now we just need to decide where to send Hey Toots for her 2016 foalie.

Cute name! :slight_smile: Good luck with the Bandit baby.

Nice colt! I like Hey Toots - I have two of her daughters Reveille and Dancing Girl. Both were reasonable runners so hoping they throw some nice foals!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Good luck with your Hey Toots fillies Jason. It’s too bad there’s no Man O’ War sons standing at stud she or her daughters can be bred to since that is who she crossed best with.

actually there is 1 Man O’War son standing [color=blue]NCh. Call To War owned by FF…

That’d be 1/2 brother to 1/2 sister Dawn! :-\

hmmm well I’d try it once… but I’m a rebel… :wink:

Well, so far this is a boys only party, but it would be so much funner with some girls  :stuck_out_tongue: 

[color=blue]Pharaoh’s Curse
Akhetnaten (S) x Mystic Song
2015 Colt
8.2 hands

This little guy is pretty cute. I’m a sucker for bays with stripes or blazes. He’s my first Akhetnaten baby, and I’m pretty high on this stallion right now, so can’t wait for this colt to get to the track!

Cute baby. :slight_smile:

We finally got our first filly of the year and she’s darling!

[color=red]Page Six
Rumor Has It x Rosie Riveter
2015 Filly
8.3 Hands

She is our second Rumor Has It foal. We named her after the gossip column in the New York Post.

Haha…cute name and congrats on a filly. :slight_smile: