2015 CDS Stallion Roster and Reservations

[center]CDS is proud to offer to the public WCh. Nightfight, WCh. As You Wish (S) and ICh. Devil His Due.  See our signature for discounts.  Please specify when booking if you qualify for any specific discount.  Platinum and Gold ranked mares will be honored with NO BREEDING FEE this year.

For your consideration

Can I please reserve:

As You Wish Feb 2A spot for  [color=red]Promised Union
Nightfight Mar 1A spot for [color=red]Pennyisacutie

Railbird Racing

All set, thank you!

Hey everyone! I almost forgot about poor Carrowmore going to the breeding shed next year.  I have updated my stallion roster to include him!

Kentucky Gamble to Carrowmore for July 2A
Celtic Starz to Carrowmore for Feb 2A

Gotcha down! Thanks!

Can I please get July 1A for Carrowmore for Blue Moon?

Could I get the following, por favor?

March 2A: Nightfight with [color=red]Highland Sage
March 2B: Carrowmore with [color=red]Star of the Show

Could I reserve these two, please?
March 3 Carrowmore with Baltic Bird
March 3 Nightfight with Gonewiththeindians

Could I book March 2A for Devil His Due to Curtain Call, please?

id like to breed the following to NCh. Carrowmore, following are their due dates so i will let you give me a suggested date for breeding thanks,the combo numbers on these breedings are great. just need them to download , sucks they arent due til summer.

Danzinallnight 2006 Assault x Danzatore Broodmare 4 foals | Bronze (1.5) | In foal to Gunningdownromance, Due 06/06/15
Ch. Evening Haze 2007 Cigar x Evening Flame Broodmare 2 foals | In foal to Nightfight, Due 07/02/15
Magic Wand 2002 Bold Ruler x Foolish Question Broodmare 8 foals | Silver (4.3) | In foal to Call To War, Due 05/30/15

and of course there will be a few for my as you wish army , i just have to figure out who. lol

Looks good, everyone is set! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Carole, I put Magic Wand in the July 1 spot since her date was so late in May.  If she decided to go late just by a couple days you would need that July 1 spot.  But if she does go early or on time feel free to snag and earlier date. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I forgot about the month gap, so could you please move Curtain Call (Devil His Due) to April 1A? Thanks!

thanks Holly the girls will appreciate it, lol

Hey Holly. Can I please have French Kiss to As You Wish for please Feb 2B please? Thanks!

Hey Jason did you mean one of the Feb 1 spots?  Both Feb 2 spots are filled…we could do a March 1 if you need a bit later.

Feb 1 should be okay! Thanks Holly

Could I get the March 1 spot for Detour to As You Wish? And also March 2A for Secret on the Wind to As You Wish as well? And also the March 1A spot for Soft Whispers to Carrowmore?

Hi Holly!  Could I book the following please:

Nightfight - Rhapsody In Black for a July 2 booking (she is gold-ranked), and AffairsOfTheHeart for a May 2 booking
As You Wish - Rhiannon for a May 2 spot
Carrowmore - Aerials for an April 2 spot

~ Lindsay

Thanks guys! Everyone is all set! I haven’t updated the stallion pages but I have reserved the spots for you on their main pages. :slight_smile:
Saw you got in there to the Feb 2 spot.  Luckily i was able to move horses around so no big deal. :wink: