2009 Handicapping Competition

Hi guys,

So, I haven’t had time to automate this yet, but hopefully that’ll happen semi-soon. But for now, here’s the deal:

Anyone is welcome to do picks, though obviously you need to be in the game to receive money/prizes for picking the right horses.

FF will pay people based on their picks:
Win - if you correctly pick the winning horse, you will receive $250
Place - if you correctly pick the placing horse, you will receive $100
Show - if you correctly pick the showing horse, you will receive $50
Quinella - if you correctly pick the 1-2 horses in the correct order, you will receive $500
Trifecta - if you correctly pick the 1-2-3 horses in the correct order, you will receive $1,000

Note: Quinella & Trifecta bets are “stand-alone”, as in – if you succeed at the Quinella, you only get the money for the Quinella, not the Win/Place bets as well.

So if you pick the right horse to win, but miss out on 2nd/3rd, you get $250. If you pick the right horse to win and place (in the right order), but miss out on 3rd, you get $500. And so on.

Races must have at least 3 horses to place bets, and must have at least 6 to place quinella/trifecta bets.

Picks must be posted to the forum by midnight EST on racing day (so Tuesday/Friday nights).

Until I automate this, you will be responsible for keeping track of your own standings.

FF will pay on a monthly basis.

Note: There may be end-of-year prizes for people who do very well and do handicapping for a lot (i.e. 50% or more) of the racing days.

Any questions?

Oh, and you can only pick 1

horse for each win/place/show bet, and 1 Quinella/Trifecta bet. So for each race, you may

place a maximum of 5 bets.

Odds will not be a factor for a long while, so betting/picking

horses will not cost anything at this time.

oh wow this is fun. So we

don’t really have to “BET” yet to place a bet. We just handicapp the race day and if we win

we get the money?? Either way this is going to be AWESOME and really nice for newbies. :slight_smile:

Yeah, for now, you’ll just

post with your picks, and then keep track of how much $ FF owes you. :slight_smile: Once I

automate it, you’ll just click buttons on the post parade, or something.

got a stupid


what if the horse you picked say for second and third were reversed, do you

get anything for those?
or one chosen to place shows intstead? or any of that

combination? thanks, Grace

Right now, you must pick the

correct horse in the correct placing/order for all bets (including quinella/trifecta) to get


got another silly one

if you pick the 2 and 3 horse but miss the winner do you get anything special or just

place and show money. it had not occured to me untill it happened last weekend.
i dont seem

to remember any special thing for it but thought id ask .

thanks , carole grace

You just get place/show

money. In order to get quinella you have to pick 1 and 2, and trifecta you need to pick 1,

2, and 3.

when we total up the winnings

do we just post it on our picks or do we pm u with them??

You’ll notice there are

threads that include peoples’ monthly totals. Please post yours there.

Why did I not discover this thread sooner? lol This is why people put down their picks. So we can just jump in at any time right?

Yep…you just have to have them in by midnight the day before the races. Last month I earned about $9,000 and was one of the least effective handicappers. It’s free money!

Can anyone please explain the “show” part? Im confused now that Im tallying up scores from wed.

Win = 1st place
Place = 2nd place
Show = 3rd place

If you pick a horse for show and it comes in second do you get show money.

No. The horse must come in the exact position you pick for it to finish. So, if you picked a horse to show(3rd) and it placed(2nd), you do not receive any winnings.


Thanks Tom.That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure.

Once I get “real” betting setup (sometime in 2010, hopefully), you’ll get money for bets that aren’t exact (i.e. show bets where the horse wins, etc).

That will be great Shanthi! When I go tally things up after the races I often see that at least one of the horses that I chose to be the top 3 makes it but not in the place I put it in and Im always kicking myself.

How do we let Shanthi know what our winnings are?