1/1 Foals Unborn

Foals Born on 1/1 Remain Unborn

All Cricket Hill foals born on 1/1/2027 remain in an “unborn” status and do not appear as weanlings. Mares of these foals remain “bred.” Foals born on 1/2/2027 appear to have been born normally.

Affected Mares:
Chance of Rain
Cold Rain
Hack Time
Over the Rainbow
Sweetest Slew

I have the same problem with my 4 mares that foaled on the 1st.
The three that foaled on the 2nd are just fine

Same here with Canyonlands and Gunnedah Angel

Just found one of mine to add to the list - Cursed Treasure

I’m having problems with these mares:

Gladd Tidings
Optimal Journey
Pharoah’s Daughter

Seems I have 3 mares affected by this as well:

Joker’s Delight
Lingering Test