Yearling or Weanling wanted

I am looking for a yearling or weanling foal, preferably a filly, that is born on March 12th, also one born on April 13th.

This is purely for sentimental reasons.

If anybody has one or two and would be interested in selling them, please let me know.

I have 4 mares currently overdue and was hoping that at least one of them would foal today, but, no such luck.


PS: The reason I’m not looking for older horses is because I want to be able to change their names.

Sorry Lewis, I’ve checked my yearlings and don’t have any born on either of those dates. No foals born today either.

I checked as well and I didn’t have any born on those dates.

If you don’t find anyone I’m happy to adjust a redeemed filly’s DOB manually if you want to go that route.

I dont have anything with those dates either.

Thanks for the offer, Shanthi. I’m trying to avoid that because I don’t want the filly to be Created.

It seems weird. I’ve looked through all of my horses, all ages, including Retired and Deceased. Out of 782 horses, not one was born on April 13th and only 1 was born on Mar 12th (in FF2016). I tried looking through the Posts for all stables Foals for 2023 and 2024 and of all the stables who reported Foals, not one of them reported one born on either date. It’s almost as if the code doesn’t recognize those dates for breeding.

There are apparently 45 fillies/mares who have Mar 12 birthdays. None under the age of 2 though (there was a stillborn last year).

2 yearlings with Apr 13 birthdays:

Pity that Hymettus couldn’t have waited two more days to give birth to Montaña de Oro.

Sorry Lewis don’t have anything :frowning_face:

I looked through all of mine as well. Lots of birthdays within a week of those dates, but none that match exactly, unfortunately. Of course, April births have yet to happen this year, so who knows?