Year End Summary - 2019

This has been an unbelievably remarkable year for us. We ended up with 504 winners, including 272 SW, and over $110m in earnings.

While we had a lot of success with home-bred horses, some of our best results were with horses we had leased from other Stables:-
I.Ch. Sionnach (h)(Leased from Generous Bloodstock)  13-8-3-1-1-0  $7,173,000  416pts  8SW-5G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Turf
N.Ch. Fool’s Kiss (f)  13-7-1-3-1-1  $3,803,000  352pts  7SW-5G1W 
N.Ch. Bear Witness (h)(Leased from Ivy Creek)  13-5-4-1-1-2  $2,420,500  265pts  3SW-1G1W 
I.Ch. Calle d’Oro ©  15-4-3-4-2-2  $2,212,800  271pts  4SW-1G1W 
N.Ch. Marilyn’s Secret (m)  13-7-3-0-2-1  $2,122,500  371pts  7SW-2G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Distaff
G.Ch. Gang of Thieves ©  13-4-3-2-2-2  $2,075,400  258pts  3SW-2G1W 
G.Ch. Sunset Flight ©  14-3-4-3-2-2  $1,625,000  173pts  2SW-1G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Sprint
G.Ch. Back St. Flight (f)  12-3-2-2-0-5  $1,440,000  188pts  3SW-1G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup SC Sprint
G.Ch. Franco Classico ©(Leased from Ivy Creek)  13-7-3-1-1-1  $6,710,000  374pts  *7SW-5G1W  - won Canadian Triple Crown & Breeders’ Cup Classic
G.Ch. Devil’s Heir ©  15-4-5-3-3-0  $3,213,500  317pts  4SW-3G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile
G.Ch. Making A Statement (f)  13-5-4-1-1-2  $2,681,000  311pts  5SW-3G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf
G.Ch. White Hart Lane (f)  13-5-6-0-0-2  $2,564,000  322pts  5SW-3G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint
G.Ch. Ancient Magic ©  15-7-3-4-0-1  $2,435,000  397pts  7SW-6G1W  - won Irish Triple Crown
G.Ch. Back St. Warrior (f)  13-5-1-2-3-2  $2,257,000  272pts  5SW-3G1W 
G.Ch. Foolin’ No One (f)  13-7-1-2-1-2  $2,143,000  310pts  6SW-1G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Mile
Ch. Spirit in the Sky ©  6-6-0-0-0-0  $1,758,000  188pts  4SW-4G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Juvenile
Ch. Spock’s Gold (f)  10-5-0-2-3-0  $1,504,900  134pts  2SW-1G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Fillies
Ch. Explosive Motif ©  7-4-2-0-0-1  $1,471,000  164pts  3SW-1G1W  - won Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf
Ch. Whiskey Night ©  9-5-4-0-0-0  $1,066,000  262pts  4SW-2G1W 

NB: The above stats are for 2019 only.

I can’t believe how many Breeders’ Cup races you won! :astonished:

Wow Lewis, you’re the Final Furlong’s Sheikh Mohammed! :smiley:

I had the worst year regarding OTB percentage (46%), but not so bad in earnings. Maybe because half of the racers were 2yo’s. I have retired only one mare at the end of 2019, but she ran only a few races for us.

Amazing effort!


Amazing year Lewis!

We did not have that big a year and raced less then we normally do simply because work got in the way… It was easier to manage my stable when I was in school not working full time! With that said we are SUPER happy with our results:

Number of Races: 470
Wins - 165 (35%)
Places - 110 (23%)
Shows - 55 (12%)
Fourths - 36 (8%)
OTB - 70%

The OTB percentage is what I am happiest about. It is the highest we have ever been beating our previous record by 13%! It was a really great year and I look forward to this one!