Worth My While - Pensioned

It is with sad news that Clover Springs announces the retirement of stallion Worth My While. Late Saturday night, farm owner Lindsay discovered that Worth was not himself. It was discovered at Clover Springs in Ontario, Canada that Worth had suffered a slight stroke.

I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to a 2016 foal by him and still in shock he was forced to retire at the young age of 14. I guess he wanted to retire early and enjoy some leisure time  :wink:

~ Lindsay

Oh geeze, I’m so sorry. 

Really sorry to hear that, really young for retirement.

Damn, I was looking forward to more babies by him. :frowning: Here’s hoping he enjoys his retirement.

(FWIW, though, it’s middle-aged for studs retiring. Stallions will be forced to retire at some point from age 10 to 20.)

Aaaw, man! I had just booked a mare to him, too  :-\

Hope he enjoys long days getting fat in the pasture. He was one of my favorites.

That’s sad news… I know how it feels having to retire Turn n’Burn last fall… Hope he enjoys his retirement…

Wow sorry for your loss Lindsay - he is a FANTASTIC stallion and I’m sure his progeny will carry his legacy!

I’m sorry to hear that. Here’s to the 76 foals that will carry on his legacy!


hugs her While babies close to her chest
Drat.  Should have bred even MORE mares to him…  I’m rea.ly sorry to hear about that - no matter when it had to happen, that one was bound to hurt.  He’s proving to be so consistant as a sire!!

Lindsay I logged on last night after work and saw the two mares I booked to him up on my “to Breed” list.  I was like oh, no what’s happened…I looked at all my other broodmares and everyone seemed fine, then I was like, oh no he couldn’t have been retired…I checked him out and sure enough…retired stallion…it made me so sad!  Since my girls are already at your stable I will probably choose one of your other pretty boys. 
So sorry to hear about the retirement. :hugs:

So glad I got a mare to him last year. has to wait until July

Wishing him a happy retirement.