Workout Times?

Are workout times pretty accurate in the game?  Cuz I’m thinking my horses are snails.  A horse should easily breeze a furlong in 12-14 seconds.  When I breeze my 2yos (they’ve had a couple now), they’re clocking in at 22 seconds per furlong.  It doesn’t exactly make me feel confident about their upcoming debuts.

Also, why can’t I see the workouts of horses that I don’t own?  I would think it would be helpful for handicappers if workout times were posted on each horse’s page.  Or am I missing something?

I went to check out the competition for my horse’s race, and couldn’t find the workout times of any of the other horses. 

Not sure about accuracy but to see other horses workouts go to Racing Links->View Workouts->Chose a date and ‘‘All workouts’’ and then you’ll get the results of any horses that have breezed on the particular date.

Hope that helps.

No, they’re not. I’m hoping to maybe fix this in the rewrite, but I’m not sure why the times are so variable, so who knows how successful I’ll be.

No, it’s setup to only be viewable by the owner. I’ll consider changing this in the rewrite.

Yeah, the workouts under the racing tab doesn’t really help me.  Shanti, it would be epic if the workouts were viewable on all horse’s pages.

Oh and my 2yo’s last breeze (just looked was 19 seconds for 6 furlongs) 
Uh… that’s awesome and all, but just as bad (as far as realism) as 39 seconds for 2 furlongs.

I believe in you, Shanti!  Please fix.

Well take this into consideration.  I have an unbeaten 2yo who averages 13-18sec/furlong.  I think, for now, the times are just suppose to give you an idea…not be exact.  It’s not an issue that messes with the rest of the game so I wouldn’t get too concerned with it having to be fixed.  The bug page is also a better place to report things like this so Shanthi can file and look into things as needed.

In this case it’s a (long-time) known bug, so even if it were reported there I wouldn’t do anything about it. :wink: As I said, when I get to that part of the code in the rewrite, I’ll try and see if there are obvious fixes.

If this goes ahead, I would like a setting to keep my workouts private please.


Aw, you’re no fun.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too

How come you want out?  Just curious.

Because what goes on in my stable is private, just like in reality.

What about those that are trying to learn the ropes?  I think seeing established trainer’s workout times might help a new trainer figure things out and earn a little money for themselves.

Workouts are part of the strategy of the game. It’s something you do have to figure out on your own by trial and error. The biggest thing, however, is just to make sure that your pony is fit come race day while still maintaining good NE and energy.

Furthermore, there is no “right” way to train. You need to figure out what works well for you.

On a real track trainers do lots of things to keep their workouts private.

There are people here who take the game very seriously…  :wink:  ::)

There’s a lot to be learned without having to look at workout times, you just have to ask the right questions. For instance, you can learn about your horses individually by looking at their Dosage Information and by tracking their actual heights versus their projected heights at maturity (to give you a vague idea of when they’re at their peak, performance-wise). Other than that, start throwing them into various kinds of races at Maiden level. If they make money in a race, throw them into another Maiden or an NW1 at approximately the same distance and on the same surface. See if you can make money twice! If you don’t, it might be that your horse simply isn’t very consistent, or that they’re not mature enough yet. Race horses that make money more, and horses that don’t make money less. Don’t feel that you have to have horses out on the track every race day: it pays off to be picky when you’re still learning about your horses and learning to manage your budget!

I just want to make sure my 2yos are on the same page as everyone elses :-\
are they fast?  slow?  middle of the road?  If I had something to compare it to, that would be super helpful.  Hence my original suggestion.

I find entering them in races helps me see if they are fast, slow or middle of the road.

Personally I don’t even look at the times, I just exercise to keep my horses fitness levels up.  I agree with Jason that races are my best indicators of what my horses like/hate and go from there.

Workout wise it doesn’t bother me if someone else can see the times because at a real track anyone can be there watching the horses and taking splits. Public at tracks for times and private at the farm seems the closest to real-life.

Well, you can’t do workouts at the farm, so by that logic, all workouts would be public. :wink:

I haven’t gotten to that part of the code yet, but when I do, if I add in a public viewing option, I’ll make it preference-based.

And, FYI, for breezes, horses do get ranked (across everyone who breezed) by time. So you can look at your horse’s rank if you breeze horses.