Work Outs

As I quietly walked

into the barn at 3:15 a.m. the horses knew I was there. They all gave their morning welcomes

with the question on their faces, “Where is my breakfast?” I feed them and turned out all

geldings into a 4 acre feild so they could work off some of they energy from staying in the

night before. Olivia arrived and helped me turn out the only mare I have into the small

paddock. Next came Gina and Erika pulling up in their Lions Journey Stables pick-up trucks.

Every one grabbed a colt and put them into their individual paddocks. We have six colts and

one stallion. At 3:50 a.m. the grooms, Nick and Channing, pulled up ready to work.

We started early today, at 4 a.m. with the lights around the track turned on. We cought the

first set of horses and started. Up first was my MSW,

Victoryonmymind and a 2 y.o. [b]Ballroom

Champ[/b]. Victory’s workout included doing a 2 mile jog and then breeze 3/4 of

a mile. I was riding Victory and Gina was on Champ. Champ jogged with us for 1/4 mile

because he ran a great race yesterday. After they worked out Gina and I walked them back

into the barn and gave the horses to Nick and Channing, our grooms. Next, we got on

Northern Barbarian and [b]Mistico

Cigano[/b]. They both were schuled to do a 1 mile jog and then gallop for 3/4 of

a mile. We are taking it easy on these guys because one is a 2 y.o. and the other is coming

back from an injury. After that Gina and I took a break and gave Erika a leg up on

Wildcat and Olivia got a leg up on

Guacho (a promising 2 y.o). Wildcat and Guacho were supposed to

take it easy today but they got a little out of hand and ended up running off with Erika and

Olivia for a 1/2 mile. But they looked fine when they got them back under control and were

walking them back to the barn. The next horses out were [b]In

General[/b] and Loot and Plunder, a 2 y.o. In

General is showing Loot and Plunder the ropes of being a successful racehorse. Erika gave In

General the signal to go and Olivia and Lootie followd happily. They jogged 3 miles and then

were asked to gallop for 1/4 mile, they got an impressive time of 25 seconds w/o going full

As, you can tell by now Erika and Olivia we exhused, so Gina and Nicole got

back on the next two sets. First up were Simply Spectacular and

Killer Instinct. Spectacular was supposed to jog for 1/2 mile,

gallop for 1/2 mile and then canter over 2 miles of steeplechase jumps. Since Killer just

raced he got to take it easy today with a 1/2 mile jog. Everything went great and they both

came back quite tired. Next up were my two 2 y.o’s, [b]Townsend

Secret[/b] and Iglesias. They we supposed to do a 1

mile jog and Secret was supposed to breeze 3/4 of a mile. Secret did a great job and pulled

off a time of 1 minute and 10 seconds, an incredibily quick time! Gina and Nicole took care

of this set themselves and Erika and Olivia we given leg ups onto

Waccamaw and Possibly Perfect, two

steeplechasing veterans. The were just supposed to do a 1/2 mile jog and they did so

After all the racehorses were taken out and given some work we decided

to ride our stallion, Distinct Possibility. He behaved like a

gentleman and jogged 2 miles to try and get some fat off his ribs. We finished up around 12

noon. After all the horses had their baths they got banaged up and were set for the night,

after they got their lunch.

Hope you liked my story!!!