Winner But Showing as Maiden


Go Like The Wind won a race on 5/15, but it doesn’t show up in his record here:

But it does show up in his record here:

This is somehow causing issues with the races he is eligible to auto enter as both Maidens and NW!s are still showing up. I only noticed this as I had somehow tried to auto-enter him as a NW1 but the auto-entry said he didn’t qualify. So that part is working, but it’s just not registering in the auto entry options as I can schedule him in those races and for the races open now I can get to the secondary entry page on races he shouldn’t be qualified for.

Seems to be a problem to do with this particular race, it doesn’t show up in Material Joke’s overall record either. Doesn’t cause the same problems because he obviously didn’t break his maiden here, lol.

I think this was the day that races had to be reset halfway through or something?