Why isn't he gaining energy??

I have a 3yold colt that has been resting for about 2 weeks and has not gained any energy…he’s still at F energy.  His last race was 8/11.  I am wondering why he hasn’t gained any energy…or could he be a very slow recovering horse?

The question is, where is he resting? If it is at the track then he will be gaining 0 energy. Horses at the moment can only gain energy when resting at home, so if he is still at a track ship him home and you will see that energy slowly recover.

Shanthi has made several posts about implementing having ‘boarding’ stables near tracks to gain energy in the future instead of having to ship horses home, but for now have to send them back to the stable to rest :wink:


Actually, horses gain energy while at the track. :wink:  They just gain more if they’re at the farm.  (And obviously, if you’re making them train or something, then they won’t be gaining energy very fast, if at all, if they spend more working out than they gain by hanging out in the stall.)

The thing they never gain at the track (and always lose) is natural (mental) energy.  That’s only regained at a farm.

I was under the assumption that horses DO gain energy while at tracks just more slowly than if they were at home.  Now, Natual Energy can ONLY be gained while at a stable (i.e. anywhere NOT a track).  
Now a reason your horse may not be gaining energy very well while at a track could mean a few thing…either he could be very low on natural enery which makes energy for races regain slower, he could be over-the-hill which means he’s past his prime and gains energy very slowly, or he may just be a slow regainer.  
Either way look at how long it’s been since he’s been home because that may be a clue.
And just FYI-Natural Energy is a horses willingness to race, respond, “be good”…basically “mental energy”(Can Only Be Regained At Home/A Stable).  While Physical Energy is the energy a horse uses when he races(Can Be Regained While At The Track But Rate Of Regain Depends Upon How Much NE He Has Among Other Factors).

Lol…we posted at the same time Shanthi. :slight_smile: Oh well we didn’t post exactly the same thing.

Actually, natural energy and over-the-hill-ness don’t affect how fast a horse regains energy.  They do, however, affect how fast he loses it.  So while a 3yo in his prime (with lots of natural energy) might use 20% of his energy galloping 5 miles, a 5yo who was supposed to retire at age 3, or a horse with low natural energy, might use up 35% of his energy to gallop those same 5 miles.  The energy regain rate (fast or otherwise) stays the same regardless of natural energy/age.  (It just gets a slight boost when the horse is at a farm.)

ahhhh, that’s a little more specific"ness", :wink: I didn’t know.  Cool!

I think I asked any of my horses to gallop 5 miles they’d be a month in recovering :wink:.  It takes them a week to recover from a 1 mile gallop.

But yeah, if you want your horse to regain energy, be patient.  Better yet, ship them home and be patient.  That way you KNOW that they won’t sneak onto the race track and give themselves a 10 mile breeze in the middle of the night or something.  If the horse raced with low energy it’s entirely possible he’s dropped way into ‘negative’ energy and just takes a long time to recover.