Afleet Alex just won the

Preakness stakes after a near fall at the top of the stretch. Giacomo was third and Scappy T

placed 2nd.

Oh my gosh! That was an

awesome race in the Preakness!! Afleet Alex showed some true heart after that stumble. I

can’t believe that horse bowed out like that,but i guess they are only 3. Wow, what a race

though. I think Alex shoulda won the derby too but that early speed was to much.

I just heard that Afleet

Alex actually went down to his knees in that race and STILL won. Talk about dedication


Congratulations all around.

I wonder how much money he

raised for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I truly believe that the spirit of Alex Scott kept him

from going down. Don’t you agree?

What a good race! Afleet

Alex is an amazing horse to be able to win after that near-fall! I was sort of going for

Giacomo, but he got 3rd and that’s good too!

I was definitely rooting for

Giacomo, but I have to admire Alex for his recovery and win. (I still, however, hold a deep

unadmiration for almost all of the people associated with him, except Alex Scott.)

Yeah, It was pretty amazing

watching Afleet Alex win. I am personally glad Bellamy Road wasn’t in the Preakness, (I have

a thing against Florida-breds :wink: )

Well, I think Alex Scott was

with him, ya know…

for anyone that wants to

watch the video clip here is a URL for it

<a href=‘http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7928696/


that is one horse with a lot of


Wow, that is pretty amazing.

How on earth that horse didn’t stack it I’ll never know…

I’m glad he got through the

race ok. But if he wins the Belmont and some stupid TV announcer starts yapping about how he

deserved to win the Derby, I’m going to hit something. :wink:

I didn’t get to see it, but

sounds like it was a good race (near-disaster aside).

Haha, Andrea, if he wins the

Belmont everyone will be saying he is the Triple Crown winner that never was… :stuck_out_tongue:


hey, the Preakness showed me something… American horses do have a

little bit of guts somewhere inside them… :wink:

Well seeing that the

world’s best stables shop at American yearling auctions on regular basis I would say they

have more than that. So many of Europe’s and Japan’s stars are American bred and I would

say there are quite a few of Aussie’s best from America too :wink:

We don’t have dirt racing

here though, and turf racing isn’t that big over there. I can’t say that I have actually

heard of Australian owners sourcing their horses from the great

United States of America.

It would seem that our breeding conditions here perfectly suit

the racing here. This is probably best shown by the fact that Godolphin has never won a

Melbourne Cup. The only other major world race they haven’t won is the Kentucky Derby so I

think that says a fair bit. And, we’re still waiting on an international to take home the

championship of Australiasia, the W.S. Cox Plate.

Also, Australia’s Elvestroem won the

Dubai Duty Free and Choisir trounced Europe’s best sprinters at Royal Ascot with Fastnet

Rock looking to do the same this year. It’s also interesting to note that many of Hong

Kong’s champion racers are Australian sourced, Silent Witness for example was bred here.

Sunline is another example of a world beater, she had some great runs in Hong Kong and Dubai

and still holds the record for highest earnings and most GI wins for a mare I

think in the world. Granted, she was New Zealand bred, but hey,

no one knows the difference anyway and anything good coming out of New Zealand is almost

always Australian owned and raced as there is no money in New Zealand racing. An Australian

horse, Mummify, recently won a GI in Singapore. Alinghi, one of Australia’s greatest fillies

also looks set to do great things over in the States.

So yeah, we hold our own against

the super-breeders over in the States… :wink:

My apoligies for the major rant and 'Aussie!

Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!’ post… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the opinon that Japan has a breeding problem. I believe

they’ve only had one of their horses go to the Olympics before and have you seen the ponies

over there? :blink: It’s horrible! Never fear, I have a dream that I will bring good

breeding to Japan one day!

But as American horses having guts… they do, they are just too

pampered. People these days are so scared of any tiny thing going wrong with their horses.

Can you blame them? These animals cost millions of dollars. I do think they go overboard. I

think that American bred horses are being made alot less tough with the specialized care. The

individual-only-sometimes turnout to make sure that they never compete. The specialized

scientificly researched rations. The climate controled stalls. I think letting these horses

be horses would give us tougher animals overall.