Who Bred My Horse?

I had to laugh when I typed in my real horses sire and dam, and see that he is due to be bred in 2011!  Bucky Raj X Tala

Go figger. 

Are you from Cal? if so I sent in a bunch of foals from Cal Stallions… more than likely it twas me who sent in his pedigree… Hope you don’t mind?  :-\

Yes, California, and no, I don’t really mind,  I got a real kick out of it.  And actually, when I looked closer, the “colt” is Mr Isadore, who I didn’t even know existed in real life, and after a check with the Club, he is a full brother to Taloberto.  So, what will I have to do to get rights to Taloberto when he rolls around hehehe?

well if you have enough activity points (300 to be exact you can request him from Shanthi) or request he be put in the Annual Yearling/Weanling Auction in Dec… and take your chances on bidding on him that way…

and he is already here Taloberto

WOW that’s so kewl.  I want E-Taloberto!