When naming horses...

…please do a search for the parts of the name first.

I’m going through and altering names slightly so that the beta database (which is more strict about names) won’t complain.

i.e. a foal named Foolproof. Yes, the current site will allow it, but if you do a search for “fool proof” you see there’s another horse with that name already. (Or you could search for “fool” or “proof”, etc.)


Do you consider “New Year’s Baby” and “New Years Eve Baby” to be too close together, or are they both acceptable?

If they’re close in age, then yes. Basically, my goal with names is to avoid confusion as to which horse is which. It’s one thing if it’s a 10yo broodmare compared to a yearling colt, but another thing if it’s 1 letter difference in the name, or the same age and/or gender.

New Year’s Baby is a 2YO colt, born Jan 1st, 2015.

New Years Eve Baby is a yearling filly, born Dec 31st, 2016.

Are they OK or would you like me to change one of the names?

I’d rather they be changed, to be honest.

No problem. As I can’t change the name of the 2YO, I’ll think about a different name for the weanling.

When I was deciding on the name, I had done a search for a name with “Eve” in it but should have expanded my search a bit more. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Foolproof is my colt.  I noticed that other colt about a month ago, and could have sworn I changed his name then.  I’m sorry.  If I think of something else here soon, could I PM you to get it changed?  (As it no longer gives me the option)

I named him within the week or two that he was born, and announced him as such.  I could have sworn I did a search for similar names at that time, as that’s what I typically do, but perhaps I missed that one.  Does the database show which name came first (i.e. when they were changed last)?

Either way, I don’t think anyone wants their ponies getting confused for another, either in the database or by the general population of FF.  I think the title to this thread is a bit misleading, as it is not just an issue with weanlings - anyone who purchases a yearling and renames it should also do a search.

Yep, no problem. I didn’t meant to call you out specifically, that just happened to be the horse (about the dozenth) that I had to rename due to the beta database complaining.

Fool Proof got named Feb 2, 2014. You named your colt June 6, 2015.

Fair point, I’ve renamed the thread. :slight_smile: On the plus side, the beta should be much better about warning you if your name is too similar. (Though it won’t catch Lewis’ names above of New Year’s Baby and New Years Eve Baby.)

Also, just to reiterate, what you (Ivy Creek) may have done is search for the name you wanted (Foolproof). That didn’t come up, because the other horse was “Fool Proof”, so I’m suggesting searching for the individual words and/or letters in your chosen name instead.

(If it had been the opposite, and you wanted to name a baby Fool Proof and Foolproof existed, searching for “fool proof” would bring up the Foolproof horse, so it’s a pretty safe way to go. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about that!  I never mind being called out, for the future.  And I appreciate you looking into it - I knew mine would be the one to be renamed, as the other had already raced…but it does make me feel better about it knowing that I was the one at fault.  ::)

I will be more specific when searching names for sure.

(Also, you didn’t say whether he could still be renamed, since Fool Proof and Foolproof II are still similar.  I don’t mind either way, especially if renaming is difficult/impossible now that they’ve turned two, though he hasn’t raced yet.  I will assume the answer is ‘no, he cannot be renamed’ for now.)

Yes, I did. :wink: I said “Yep, no problem.” Just PM me with his new name if/when you decide on it.

I need to not log in in the middle of the night, apparently.  ::)

I’ve renamed the new foal. I thought about ‘One Day Too Soon’ but as we already have a foal (now 2YO) ‘Born Too Soon’, I decided on ‘One Day Early’.