What's Your Point - Retired

It is with shock and sadness that Gold Rated Stallion What’s Your Point has been retired at the age of 12. With only 3 generations of foals running, and already achieving gold status, this boy had it all. His lineage will live on through NCh. Run Jenny Run, who will likely retire to stud next season.
What’s Your Point will live out the rest of his days grazing and living the life! My apologies to those who have booked their mares with him.


Sorry to hear that, hope he has a long and happy retirement.

Sorry to hear that! I hope the rest of his foals continue his impressive stud performance, and he has a nice long retirement.

Cruddy day for horses - I had Cough Syrup die at 7 today - only had one live foal, second was stillborn…of course. Atleast Benedryl is a filly…

Sad day indead… At least both have foals who can (hopefully) pass on the good lineage

Yes, hopefully. She is out of platinum Cherry Flavored, so it was a huge blow for me. I’m glad I have at least one colt of WYP’s too.

That just plain sucks Kim

Oh dear, what a bummer, Kim! I was wondering why one of my mare got unbred.

I’m so glad I managed to breed 3 foals by him (and two as fillies!). Here’s to hoping Run Jenny Run can fill his father’s big shoes later.

I am so sorry for your loss - 12 seems way, way too young.

This makes Zadar’s campaign this year even more crucial - I hope I can steer him towards studhood so WYP can live on through yet another bloodline.  He’s fairly close…  WYP had become one of the great sires of the game, in my opinion.

Awwww, so sorry :frowning:
I have a filly and 2 colts by him  I hope they follow in his hoof prints

Yeah, 12 is too young, makes me nervous about I’m Your Angel who is 13 this year. At least he produced some amazing foals in his short stud career

Good luck with Zadar!

I’m sorry for your loss, Kim!

And I’m even happier about having Zadar’s sister :wink: