What's your favourite horse name on FF?

I thought that FF is pretty much about names, especially of our homebred horses, and maybe we could make some kind of voting for our favourite horse name in the game? We could include the real-life stallions that are in the game.

From other people’s horses, I like Cry Me A River, Playing With Fire, Can’t Touch This, real-life Sunday Silence, and probably some more that I can’t remember now.

From my own horses, my favourites are Iyaiyai, Meva Nit d’Estiu, Por Amor Al Arte… and maybe El Padrino if he gets studified :wink:

Lordie so many to choose from! I’ll have a think and try to whittle my list down. :smiley:

We should do it based on how the name ties in to the Sire & Dams names. For example, when I was growing up in Jamaica, there was a horse by a stallion [color=blue]Mountain Music out of a mare [color=red]Julie Andrews. The foal was named Sound of Music.

I think this guy’s name ties quite well to both parents [color=blue]Gangsta’s Paradise and I love the song. Unfortunately he can’t run too well :confused: I have more I like just in general though

Your example is pretty much flawless though Lewis, that will be tough to beat…

That was only to use as an example of what I was suggesting. Sound of Music wouldn’t qualify anyway as it wasn’t an FF foal.

Yeah but it’s just perfect lol it’s hard to get names that relate to all parts of both parent’s names

This is best! I regret that Iyaiyai’s name doesn’t follow her damline (Always In Trouble / Always Be Mine) because I like those names too. But I just liked the word Iyaiyai so much. I even use it as my nickname here and there :wink:
Luckily, Always In Trouble is now owned by Shanthi so maybe she will come up with something related for her 2019 Sun King foal :smiley:

My favourites of other’s horses would have to be [color=green]GCh. Kickitupanotch and [color=red]Ch. Kiss My Grits

Of my own horses [color=red]Capture The Flag, [color=red]Pumped Up Kicks and [color=blue]Pretty Fly because he’s a white guy  :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looking at the entries for Dec 3rd, a couple that stood out were:-
Waiting for Lilly, by Worth The Wait out of Rogue’s Lilly
Return of the King, by Long Live The King out of Come Back Later

A couple of ours of note:-
wonziT, by Tiznow out of Backwards Image
The Voyage Home, by Spock out of The Orca Spirit
and a weanling
Grumpy Kitty, by Magic Cross out of Hello Kitty

I like [color=red]Chance of Rain by High Chances out of Singingintherain, [color=red]Toast of The Town (Take Me To Hollywood x Go For Glory) and Blackbird (The Black x Highland Raven).

From my own horses I like [color=red]Ringofbrightwater (Ring of Fire x Just Like Ice), [color=red]The Lost World (Dark Continent x Gilded Journey) and [color=red]FightFireWithFire (Ring of Fire x Secret Flame).

I do like names where the names are linked to sire and/or dam and my favourite example of this comes from RL stud Rainbow Quest. His name doesn’t link but his grandam was called Where You Lead and his dam was I Will Follow - I think that’s lovely. He was from a Juddmonte Farms family (breeders of Frankel) and their horses are often cleverly named via the female line.

And also his famous sire Blushing Groom out of Runaway Bride :slight_smile:

I got better at following damline theme with La Bella Durmiente (sleeping beauty) out of Dream Girl out of Dreams Never End.

Other nice damlines: Speechless out of Tonguetied out of Lymerick.

And Sassy Girl by Cigar out of Innocence out of Lady Be Good.

I think this is the better idea - maybe I’ll start a little poll some time soon.

One I am most proud of in regards to relating perfectly to pedigree names is Gonewiththewind, a filly by Gotta Go out of Playful Breeze (x I’m A Classic).  :slight_smile:

Oooh on my old (deleted) account here I was pretty good at tying together Sire and Dam names. I had Premonition (Sneak Peek x Dream Time), Ovid* (Silver Charm x Latin Memories), Obliviate** (Silver Wizard x Latin Memories), and Sandman (Nightfight x Dream Time).

*Ovid was a Roman poet from the Silver Age of Latin Literature
**Obliviate is the spell in Harry Potter that removes memories 

Nice names, Emily! Your new stable name is interesting too.

I believe it’s Welsh?

Yep, it’s Welsh. It means Spirit Mountain, which was my stable name when I played a few years ago. :slight_smile: