What's Up!?

Hey, what’s up everyone! i just joined the game, waiting to get in. anything i should know?

The short answer is: a whole lot. 

If I left it at that, that’d be a tad snarky, wouldn’t it?  And it’s not my intent to be snarky in the least. 
So, I’ll give you the long answer that I’ve been copying and pasting left and right around here.  Though, I worry, this might be getting a tad repetitive.  This sort of repetitive, formulaic response should give you a head’s up that there are a lot of new folks around here asking a lot of the same questions, so it’s in your best interest to poke around, search the forum before asking.  Not because members tend to be snarky, but because on the 100th time the temptation is definitely there. 

Do the leg work before you start. I’m serious.  What else are you going to do while waiting?  Find out where it’d be best to locate your stable, as it will have an effect in terms of shipping fees.  Look for horses you might want to make offers on once you join (hint: lower level allowance geldings 3-4 years with some earnings within the last couple starts might be the way to go for a beginner’s budget with the promise of some return on the investment).  Read up on natural energy, training, jockeys and what not.  If it’s not stickied, search for these posts.  Thus, when you start, you won’t be as overwhelmed by all the options available to you when you’re training and entering your horses.  Furthermore, I know that I’m more inclined to help a newbie who knows the rules than one who clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing.  I don’t imagine I’m alone in this respect.

Good luck.  Happy reading.  And if there’s any info you aren’t sure on, feel free to ask, but ideally only after you’ve double checked the reading material (forum, FAQ, newbie guide, etc). 

ok, um i’ve got a problem. i want to breed a mare the game gave me, and i read faq and it says to click the “breed this mare” button on it’s page. well, i went there but it didn’t have the button. how do i breed my mare?!

How to breed a mare:

  1. Login
  2. Go to your broodmare’s page

  1. The page that will appear will have a couple drop down menus.  Select based on when a stud is available (these are divided up by months) or whether or not a stud requires approval.
  2. Select stud, click through picking the dates, etc.
  3. SHIP your mare to the farm where she will be bred (you will have to pay for this in addition to the stud fee).
  4. After your mare arrives at the farm, you click “Breed this Mare” again, and there should be a button on the page that comes up that says breed this mare.  Click this,
    8) Ship the mare home. (Again, you have to pay for this).